10 must do’s in Berlin

I confess. When I went to Berlin for the first time, back in October 2011, my conclusion after a weekend in town was: “nope. Not my type of city”. It might have been because of the weather, or due to my expectations, or even because it was a short stay. Now, on our recent road […]

A day trip to Chiemsee from Munich

Chiemsee is a freshwater lake located around 110Km from Munich. It was formed about 10,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. It is also called the Bavarian Sea, because seriously, it is huge. When driving past the lake you would think it is the sea, especially during summer when it’s packed […]

Visiting the Bastei Bridge

The Bastei Bridge is a very famous landmark in Germany, if you like Pinterest you probably have seen a picture of it somewhere. The bridge is located in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxon Switzerland National Park, around 42 Km away from Dresden. The bridge has been on my list of places to visit in […]