2016 travel moments and a survey

Plitvice Lakes with dog

It feels like it was yesterday when I was writing the best moments of 2015. Now 2017 is about to start, and together with it a whole year of travel adventures. 2016 was a wonderful year of travels for us, of achievements for the blog, as well as of lots of work. Being a travel blogger isn’t an easy job (if you want to get paid), but I can’t complain, because despite of never having a day off or a real vacation, I love what I do.

In 2016 we traveled to, so far, 9 different countries, and I say so far because tomorrow (yup, December 29th) we are heading to country #10 this year, Cuba! Of the 10 countries, 3 we visited for the first time, Greece, Morocco and now Cuba. We also enjoyed the year to explore more of Germany, which included Dresden, Berlin and many day trips from Munich, like Chiemsee.

Before walking you through our 2016 travel moments, we want to thank all of you, readers, blogger friends, and partners, for being an important part of our achievements and unforgettable moments. Being able to share our travel moments with you is always exciting and worth it, that’s why big plans are coming up for 2017, for this reason, at the end of this post there is a short survey that we would love everyone of you to take part. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes, it will mean the world to us, and will help us know you a little bit more! Now, our 2016 travel moments:


Diving in Hamata, Egypt

The year began in Egypt for us, more precisely in Hamata, where we went on another amazing diving trip in the Red Sea. This time we also enjoyed to visit Luxor together with Memphis Tours, and it was certainly one of the highlights of our year.


Nymphenburg, Munich

February was a cold month here in Munich, but it was perfect to get some work done and some snow pictures of the city too. It was also the only month we spent entirely at home, getting ready for the next trips!


Dresden, Germany

I finally made it to Dresden. It was also the first time for W., even though the city is only 3 hours away from Munich. This trip made me realize how Germans don’t really travel within their own country, and how many don’t even consider it a real trip. It was also a trip that made me see how Germany changes in only a few kilometers. While in Dresden we also had the chance to visit the breathtaking Bastei Bridge.


Astypalea, Greece

It was Greece’s turn, one of the countries I most wanted and waited to visit in my life. For the past years we had be planning a trip there, but each year something would come up and we didn’t make it there. Finally, at the end of April we made it and of course, we fell completely in love with the country, where we got to experience the Greek Orthodox Easter on Astypalea island.


Athens, Greece

Our trip to Greece lasted still another week in May. Our Greece itinerary included Mykonos, Astypalea and Paros islands, and Athens, where I spent my birthday. There were 12 days of amazing food, lots of food, new friends, turquoise water, Greek mythology and history, culture and the certainty that the country is among our favorites in the whole world!


Berlin, Germany

In June we visited Berlin for the second time just to see Coldplay live once again, at the Olympic Stadium. Our first visit was in November 2011, when we didn’t spend much time in the city. This time we got to do many things we didn’t in the first visit, and had a different experience of the German’s capital. One of the highlights was our visit to the parliament building, the Reichstag.


Nico Rosberg Hockenheim 2016

Right after W’s birthday we went to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Hockenheim, a first for the both of us. As huge Formula 1 fans, of course, we had a wonderful time at the circuit, which was incredibly organized and exciting, and it was the last time we would see Nico Rosberg race right in front of us (of course, back then we didn’t know). It was also when I got the chance to get his autograph on my yellow lucky cap. Next year there will be another Formula 1 Grand Prix to add to out list, soon enough you will know which!


Brac island, Croatia

Mid August we headed to our most relaxing trip of the year, a wonderful itinerary between Slovenia and Croatia. Our first stop was Bela krajina, a beautiful off the beaten path Slovenian region where we got to experience glamping for the first time with the wonderful people of BIG BERRY. Then we headed to Croatia, where we visited Zagreb, the Plitvice Lakes, Brac Island, Hvar Island and Zadar. Yup, we had an amazing time, and so did our traveling dog, Enzzo.


Marrakesh, Morocco

At the beginning of September, we still were in Croatia swimming and sailing on the Mediterranean. A couple of weeks later we were in the most exotic country we ever visited in our lives so far, Morocco. We got to spend 2 weeks in the country, and our Morocco itinerary included Marrakesh, Casablanca, Tanger, Chefchaouen, Fez, the Sahara Desert and the High Atlas Mountains. The trip wasn’t easy, with lots of things we loved and hated, but it certainly was an unforgettable and enriching experience in our lives.


Chefchaouen, Morocco

Most of October we still were in Morocco, drinking mint tea, eating tagine, facing sand storms and rain in the desert, and getting an overdose of the blue color in Chefchaouen!


Big Ben, London

In November I attended for the second time the World Travel Market, in London, where I got to meet lots of other travel bloggers, new and old friends, and future business partners!


Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

As the holiday season began, we enjoyed to visit the Christmas Markets in Munich, and to have some of our favorite glühwein. We got to spend a weekend in the beautiful Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, together with Révelton Suites, and tomorrow we are heading to one of our biggest adventures yet, Cuba! We will be there for 2 weeks, where we will visit Havana, Playa Girón, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Cayo las Bujas, Varadero and more. As you may imagine, our internet access won’t be the best, but stay tuned on our social media channels, we will try to say hello as much as we can!

Get ready for the survey!

We would love to learn more about you and your travel plans for 2017, this way we can be inspired by you and be able to keep inspiring you! Ready? Let’s go.


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