Saving Money on your London trip

It is no secret that London is one of the most expensive European cities to travel to, side by side with others like Paris. The Pounds currency is not the only problem; the reality is that the town is expensive by itself, in every way. However, it is possible to avoid spending a fortune on […]

A walking tour in Notting Hill

It was a Saturday rainy morning, and the first time I ever visited Notting Hill, even though it was my 3rd time in London. I know, right? How have I missed it all my life? Watching the movie more times than I can count wasn’t enough for me, so now I wanted to make sure […]

The Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

My last night in London was more than I expected it to be, and all I needed after a long week of work and being sick of my stomach. It was a highlight of my trip, that’s why in this month’s review I tell you all about my remarkable stay at the Blakemore Hyde Park […]

Survival tips for tourists in London

London is awesome isn’t it? It can be even better if you arrive well prepared and informed. Which side of the street to look at? How to pay for the public transportation? Does it really rain a lot in London? Simple questions, but nonetheless important ones, with answers that will certainly help you make the […]

My London findings

It was interesting to return to London after 9 years. As if the fact of already visiting London isn’t enough, I had the extra excitement of seeing what has changed and what hasn’t. I certainly saw and experienced the city differently, 9 years ago I had other worries and plans, this time I went on […]