Monday Escapes #23

It’s Monday again, but this one isn’t not even a usual Monday, it’s time for another Monday Escapes! For all of you part of this link up for a while now, thank you so for your support, Ting and I are honored to have you with us. For all of […]

Monday Escapes #22

For all of you wondering, yes, Ting and I met in person, finally! And what I lovely women she is, it is definitely something special to meet in person someone you have been in contact for such a long time only online. It was hugs after hugs and we just […]

Monday Escapes #21

Monday Escapes #21 is now on, and you can get linking now over at My Travel Monkey! Do you want to know something cool? Ting and myself don’t really know each other in person, but guess what? This week we will change that and finally meet in London. I will […]

Monday Escapes #20

Monday Escapes #20 is on and we are very excited about reading your adventures and picking our favourites once again. At the moment I’m in Brazil and Ting is in Spain, but the link up is ready for one more week! Here is a little bit of Brazil for you… […]

Monday Escapes #19

After having some quality time to read all your posts, Monday Escapes is back and it’s #19 already! We hope that you all had fun reading each other’s posts, and that we had positive feedback regarding our decision on doing the link up fortnightly. Get ready to get linking again, […]

Monday Escapes #18

Ting and I can’t believe we’re 18 weeks into Monday Escapes and how popular it’s become with all of you wonderful travel bloggers. To say we’ve been overwhelmed is an understatement. We set up this linky because we felt there was something a little lacking in the travel community that welcomed […]

Monday Escapes #17

 “Everyday is a second chance”, so let’s all use our time wisely and remember to love ourselves so we can also love the others around us. I hope you all had a great weekend and are now ready to begin one more wonderful Monday! This week the link up is […]

Monday Escapes #16

It’s Monday but it’s ok, because Monday Escapes #16 is on! So grab your coffee, tea or whatever warm you like to drink and let’s get started, the link up is over here this week. From last week there are our favourites, this week there will be much more traveling […]

Monday Escapes #15

A new week has begun and exciting news comes with it: last week Monday Escapes reached over 80 links! It was a record so far, and we have all of you to thank for that. This week the link up will be hosted by My Travel Monkey, so go ahead […]

Monday Escapes #14

Last week you all had the pleasure of linking up your posts over at Mummy Travels, and I am sure she was a lovely host. So, let’s start by thanking Cathy for hosting Monday Escapes #13 over at her blog. This week, the link up is being hosted here on […]