Final Monday Escapes with Allane and Ting

It has been a long journey. A fun, interesting and enriching journey. When Ting and I started Monday Escapes in May 2015, we never imagined how far we would go, and how many wonderful people and blogs we would meet and discover. It has been a wonderful journey. Along the […]

Monday Escapes #42

Welcome to one more Monday Escapes, it’s incredible how far we’ve come with the link up, 42 editions to be precise. 42 posts that brought us together, where we and read each other’s travel stories, and made new friends in the blogging world. We hope that throughout Monday Escapes’ journey, […]

Monday Escapes #41

After a wonderful warm and sunny weekend here in Munich, we still have a Monday to enjoy as it’s a bank holiday around here. Of course, today is also time for MondayEscapes #41. You can all head over to My Travel Monkey and get linking, and if you still haven’t […]

Monday Escapes #40

It’s Monday Escapes #40! Wow, where did the time go? One thing I’m sure, we have been definitely doing something nice with all this time, traveling! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend wherever you were, I, being a huge Formula 1 fan since I was a kid, […]

Monday Escapes #39

Happy Monday everyone! Whether your day is just beginning or nearing the end, we would like to wish you all a wonderful week filled with wanderlust and travel inspiration. This week you can link up over at My Travel Monkey and here are our favorites from Monday Escapes #38: Posts […]

Monday Escapes #38

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that wherever you are, you get to enjoy a beautiful summer day. Last week W, Enzzo and I spent a few days in Berlin and got to enjoy an amazing weather, let’s hope this week here in Munich will be just the same! Before we head to […]

Monday Escapes #37

After spending the entire weekend in bed, sick, well, I still am unfortunately, I am happy to bring some travel inspiration to you with Monday Escapes #37. This week the link up will be over at My Travel Monkey. If you are new and have no idea how a link […]

Monday Escapes #36

After a Monday Escapes #35 filled with great posts and also new people (welcome 🙂 ), before we begin linking once again (this week is over here on Packing my Suitcase), Ting and I would like to remind everyone to include the badges and that only one post per person […]

Monday Escapes #35

After a wonderful sunny weekend here in Munich, this Monday all looks grey again and the rain is about to return! What to do? get some travel inspiration and wanderlust with you. So let’s get linking, today is over at My Travel Monkey! We hope you all had a fantastic […]

Monday Escapes #34

It’s time for another Monday Escapes, it’s time for more travel inspiration! We hope you all had a fab weekend wherever you were! I was in Athens after spending a week on the greek islands (so much to share with you on the upcoming weeks) and where I also spent […]