Summer road trip essentials

summer road trip essentials

After 2 years, I’m packing my suitcase once again to visit one of my favorite countries ever, Croatia, but not before making a stop in pretty Slovenia. As my previous visits, this time will also be a road trip, which means, my traveling dog is coming along. Oh well, if Enzzo could speak, I’m sure he would say Croatia is his favorite country in the whole world. I mean, there is water, lots of water, and after food, that’s all he can think about.

It will be a two-week trip, which will include the Kolpa river in Slovenia, Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes, Brac Island, Hvar, Split, Zadar in Croatia, and everything in between. It will also include 2 adults and a fluffy big dog, which means we I need to plan well what to pack. That takes us to my summer road trip essentials, the things I just can’t leave the house without, the things that will make any summer road trip rock. So if you also happen to be packing for a summer road trip, take a minute to check the list below. Aren’t you forgetting something?

For the road

Because if you’re not one of those people who falls asleep immediately after the car starts to move and only wakes up once you arrive at your destination, you will need some of these to keep you sane during the hours on the road:

Snacks: fruits and nuts are the healthiest, but don’t worry, you’re on vacation, so junk food is allowed.
Water: of course.
Juice and/or soft drinks
Small money: you might need to use the bathroom on the way, and at least here in Europe, most are paid.
A playlist: yes, please!
Book(s): or something to read. Here are some of my recommendations.

To wear

Feel free to pack as many as you want, after all, you don’t need to worry about paying extra weight for your luggage. Ahhh, the freedom of road trips!

Flip flops

Toiletries + Accessories + Etc.

The basic, but still, the essential:

Post sun
Shampoo and conditioner
Soap/body wash
Body lotion
Hair bands
Comb and brush
Mini hairdryer
Make up
Cosmetic bag
Other personal hygiene items

Electronics and Gadgets

I confess that this section might be a bit too much for most of you, but I’m a travel blogger, so I can’t travel without them all:

D-SLR Camera + accessories
Go Pro + accessories
Memory cards
Chargers and cables
Power banks
Adaptor (if it’s the case)

For your comfort

Beach Blanket: whether you will use on the beach, by the lake or anywhere else, they are a must!
Cooler Box: useful for the road, as well as for the beach, lake, park and so on. I recently got an electric cooler box, which is awesome and something to consider if you like to keep your drinks cold longer.
Games: board games, balls, cards, etc.

Have a safe summer trip and don’t forget money and documents!


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summer road trip essentials

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