European Winter Packing Essentials

There is something about the European winter, and the weather in general, you must know from the start, it’s not constant, it is unpredictable, and you need to be prepared for it to enjoy your trip, and at the same time, save space in your luggage if you intend on […]

Summer road trip essentials

After 2 years, I’m packing my suitcase once again to visit one of my favorite countries ever, Croatia, but not before making a stop in pretty Slovenia. As my previous visits, this time will also be a road trip, which means, my traveling dog is coming along. Oh well, if […]

Packing for a diving trip

Since I became a diver and started taking diving trips, many things have changed. For example, packing for a diving trip is not the same as packing for a normal one. Apart from clothing, electronics and personal items, comes the heavy equipment with its weight and volume. With the limited […]

What is in your hand luggage?

I have to confess: I love packing. What I don’t like is unpacking. Probably because going on a trip is much more exciting than returning from one. In any case, packing is an important step to start your trip with the right foot. There is no coming back if you […]