Tips to make pre flying less stressful

Male Airport, Maldives How exciting, the day of your trip has arrived and you are ready to board that plane and fly to your next destination. Is everything arranged? Did you finish packing your hand luggage? Do you have your passport? Did you do your online check-in? Are you sure […]

Packing for a diving trip

Since I became a diver and started taking diving trips, many things have changed. For example, packing for a diving trip is not the same as packing for a normal one. Apart from clothing, electronics and personal items, comes the heavy equipment with its weight and volume. With the limited […]

12 things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been on my bucket list forever, even before I visited Stockholm back in 2011. I was always enchanted by the beautiful colourful buildings of the city, and curious to see what Kobenhavn – its name in Danish – has to offer. After a few attempts, this year I […]

What is in your hand luggage?

I have to confess: I love packing. What I don’t like is unpacking. Probably because going on a trip is much more exciting than returning from one. In any case, packing is an important step to start your trip with the right foot. There is no coming back if you […]

11 things to do in Fortaleza

Here am I writing again about the city I will always call home, Fortaleza. As I have already introduced the city to you, I now want to give you some very cool choices of fun and delicious things to do in this coastal Brazilian town. While I was there last […]

Choosing your Honeymoon Destination

Your honeymoon trip is probably the one you most waited for, and the one you will plan the most. It might be that you have always known where you would spend these romantic days, but it might also be that you are stuck among many wonderful options and you just […]

9 places you should visit when in Rome

Ahhh Rome… the eternal city! The city of love and romance, of art, literature, architecture, monuments, history, food, gelato and wine. An ancient and authentic place, where you constantly step on history, a city on everyone’s bucketlist – if not, it should be. Rome is one of the major tourist […]