It’s been a while

Wow. As I begin to write this post I must confess that nostalgia and an overwhelming mix of feelings are taking over me. This blog means a lot to me, and even though I haven’t published anything since August 2019, there wasn’t one single day since then that I haven’t […]

The blog’s future

I must confess that a just a few weeks ago I didn’t imagine myself writing this post anytime soon. However, I also didn’t imagine I would receive so many amazing messages and your incredible support in regards to my previous post Farewell my Traveling Dog, in which I poured my […]

The 2017 highlights on Packing my Suitcase

Since I started the blog back in April 2014, this year was the most different and challenging of all. Maybe because I have the feeling I was pregnant during the entire year, well, almost, from January to September that is, and together with it, tired, very very tired! Our year […]

Baby M: our new member has arrived

I know, it’s been a while since my last post. Since I started the blog back in April 2014 I never spent longer than 2 weeks to post something new, but it’s for a good cause! Baby M, our new member has arrived (which by the way is a girl, […]

What’s up in September!

The month of September promises to be busy around here, apart from the new look of the blog, this month I have a few trips planned. Some of you might have noticed the countdowns on my side bar for a while, some probably didn’t, in any case here is my […]