Paris with a Baby: what you need to know

Our four-day stay in Paris couldn’t have been better, if it wasn’t for the bad weather, we could have considered it a complete success. It was our first city trip with Baby M, she was six months old, an age a lot easier to travel than two months old, the age she was when we […]

10 Must do’s in Havana

Havana is everything I thought it would be, and more. When I heard that there is plenty to do in the Cuban capital, I decided that our visit should be of at least 5 days, but if you remember my 14-day itinerary around Cuba, you know we ended up staying longer. It’s no wonder, Havana […]

11 truths about traveling with a newborn

I will begin this post by saying: let me tell you the truth. When we were on our first flight with Baby M, from Munich to Abu Dhabi (a 6-hour journey) I couldn’t help but wonder if taking this trip with a 2 and a half months old baby was a good idea. And this […]

A 14-day itinerary around Cuba

That I am a crazy planner and big fan of creating itineraries is no secret, but when I got the task of planning our so awaited trip to Cuba, I found myself in the nightmare of any planner: lack of information. It’s true, there are travel guides about the country (not really up to date, […]

12 books to read on your travels in 2018

This is the third year that I dedicate a special post in January to recommend 12 books to read on your travels throughout the 12 months of the year. I’m always searching for book recommendations, that being from friends or from Goodreads, where I love to browse good rated books on my favourite genres: young […]

The 2017 highlights on Packing my Suitcase

Since I started the blog back in April 2014, this year was the most different and challenging of all. Maybe because I have the feeling I was pregnant during the entire year, well, almost, from January to September that is, and together with it, tired, very very tired! Our year began in Cuba, more precisely […]

Baby M: our new member has arrived

I know, it’s been a while since my last post. Since I started the blog back in April 2014 I never spent longer than 2 weeks to post something new, but it’s for a good cause! Baby M, our new member has arrived (which by the way is a girl, in case you missed the […]

10 tips for taking a successful city trip while pregnant

I only discovered I was expecting when I came back from Cuba, in mid January. Until then, I’m afraid I did many things you aren’t supposed to while you’re pregnant, but well, early stages, so I forgave myself. On our flight back to Germany I was already sure I was going to surprise W. with […]