Baby M: our new member has arrived

Baby feet

I know, it’s been a while since my last post. Since I started the blog back in April 2014 I never spent longer than 2 weeks to post something new, but it’s for a good cause! Baby M, our new member has arrived (which by the way is a girl, in case you missed the announcement on social media) and we’ve been pretty busy with the whole parenthood thing.

Baby M arrived one day after her due date, which coincidently or not, was on Enzzo’s birthday, September 19th! So you might image how crazy we thought it was to have both our dog and our daughter to share the same birth date, 10 years apart! We will now have one more reason to celebrate the day.

As for the blog, well, I would say I’m back. I will still be taking it slowly as time has become even more precious since Baby M arrived. I will do my best to keep up with social media, and to start writing some more blog posts in between my little one’s feeds. I still have so much to write about our trip to Cuba, which I didn’t manage during the pregnancy because I just couldn’t think of it without feeling nausea (and you might remember how sick I felt in the beginning of my pregnancy).

Who knew you can also feel sick with a place during your pregnancy. Unfortunately, it’s possible, and that’s the reason why so far you can only find one post about Cuba here on the blog. I have a lot to share and hope to do so in the next months. I also plan on sharing my experience about being pregnant and having a baby in Germany (for my expat readers), and of course, I will keep writing about my future travels and providing you tips as I always do.

I hope you all forgive my silence throughout the year, being pregnant really slowed me down, and even though now I’ve been busy taking care of Baby M and planning our next trip, I feel energized and ready to start writing and photographing again.

In case you’re wondering, Baby M has filled our hearts with love, including Enzzo’s. He has proven to be the cutest and understanding big brother to his little sister. She has already shown how curious she is, so I have no doubt she will also be a traveler at heart just like the rest of the family. Now let’s see how it will be to raise a bilingual kid!

Baby girl and dog

We can’t wait to start our adventures together, and that brings us to our big news: we are going to the Maldives in December! W. and I thought it would be the best place for our first trip together, which is where we spent our honeymoon. She will be a bit younger than 3 months then, and we will still be very unexperienced with the whole traveling-with-a-baby thing. So if you have any tips for flying, packing essentials, and anything related to going to the beach with a little one, send them over to us, we will be very pleased with any tips!

Baby feet

In the meantime, stay tuned because there might be some new posts and news coming up here on the blog, as well as on social media.

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