The 2017 highlights on Packing my Suitcase

Since I started the blog back in April 2014, this year was the most different and challenging of all. Maybe because I have the feeling I was pregnant during the entire year, well, almost, from January to September that is, and together with it, tired, very very tired!

Our year began in Cuba, more precisely in Havana, drinking rum because we forgot our fancy champagne for New Year’s Eve in the bus that took us from Varadero to Havana. We spent half of the month in one of the craziest trips we ever made so far, in the lands of Fidel Castro.

Havana, Cuba

From half January to April, I was a useless person, buried on my couch with what seemed like a never ending nausea and morning sickness. When the worst was over, I felt ready to travel again and we took a short road trip to the beautiful French region, Alsace, during the Easter break. It was also when the blog turned 3 years old and we announced our pregnancy.

Colmar, France

Still in April I went on a press trip following the Liberation Route across Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, which was an incredible experience for learning more about one of the subjects that most interests me, the World War II.

Liberation Route

In May we continued our tradition of each year going to a Formula 1 Grand Prix, this time we went to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. It was a hell of a race, and the circuit is so far one of our favorites. We also enjoyed the time to get around Barcelona and meet with some local friends.

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Barcelona 2017

Still in May, we went to Vienna for a city break to visit some friends who live in town. It was then that I realized that I couldn’t go on traveling until my baby was born. I was just too tired to keep going, and so I spent the summer at home, in Munich, taking yoga classes, getting ready for birth and surviving the incredibly hot European summer.

Opera House Vienna

In September, our daughter, Baby M (mind you, we didn’t know the baby’s gender until she was born) came into the world on the same day as Enzzo, our furry friend. It didn’t take long until I felt a little bit more like myself and started to get things done on the blog (even if slower), and to start planning our first adventure with our new family member.

newborn and dog Christmas

And so, our last adventure of the year, was a whole wonderful week on the Maldives, the same destination where W. and I spent our honeymoon back in 2013. It was amazing to be back on those islands, even more because we got to take our little one along. It wasn’t the easiest trip we ever made, but it surely taught us a lot as a family… and as travelers.


2017 was indeed a crazy year for us, challenging and at the same time unforgettable. Unfortunately, I had to take it easy and not be as much present on social media and on the blog, but 2018 is coming up and we’re already full of plans and changes (great changes) for the new year! In the meantime, here are a few highlights of our travels in 2017:

The funniest moment

When we realized our rental car in Cuba was falling into pieces.


The saddest moment

When we found this little dog in Havana with a plate hanging on his neck that said: “I’m Cortico, I’m a mascot of the Plaza de Armas. Don’t hurt me.” It broke my heart. I just wanted to cry, but at the same time, how thoughtful of them to hand these plates on the dogs. Dog in Cuba

The happiest moment

Taking our little one to swim the ocean for the first time, in the Maldives.

mother and daughter Maldivesmother and daughter Maldives

The most beautiful place we visited

Cayo Levisa in Cuba.

Cayo Levisa, Cuba

And to finish the last post of the year, a quick question for you: which European city would you like to see us visiting in 2018? It may be one that we already visited (you check here where we’ve been). Leave your suggestion on the comments below.


We wish you a Happy 2018 and a year full of wonderful travels.

Allane, W., Baby M and Enzzo.

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A Brazilian living in Germany. Married to Wolfi, mommy to Madu and Fitz, our Golden Retriever. Traveler, writer, photographer, diver, wine appreciator, dog Formula 1 fan. City girl, nature lover, believer of a better world one little change at a time.