Top places to propose in and around Munich

Nymphenburg Palace

Unless it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s not hard to fall in love with Munich, and even so, rain it’s supposed to be romantic isn’t it? Anyways, the point is that Munich is a lovely city, to visit and to live in (by now many of you know my reasons to love living here) and it also makes up for a great place to pop the question. Yup, that question!

Munich has some magical places, some of them even impress the locals when they see it for the first time, and they can be the perfect scenario for a romantic proposal. Whether you are a local or just visiting the city with your loved one, here are the top places to propose in and around Munich, plus some insider tips to make sure you won’t have any more excuses to take the next important step in your lives:

The Olympic Tower

Olympic Park, Munich

With a great view over town, especially at night, the Olympic Tower offers two great spots for your proposal: at the rotating Restaurant 181 or at a quieter place above the restaurant, at the terrace.


– The best time: at night and during the week. It’s more quiet and the view is amazing at night:

View from the Olympic Tower, Munich

– For the restaurant make sure to book in advance. If you need any help, ask them, they will be happy to assist you;
– It costs 7€ to go up the tower;
– Take into account that up in the terrace since there is no glass protection, it’s very windy most of the time;
– For more information about the Olympic Tower click here.

Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten, Munich

The Monopteros

This amazing park is the most popular one in Munich, and it offers great spots to pop the question. That being by the water canals, the lake surrounded by swans or at the beautiful Monopteros, which offers a beautiful view over the park and city.


– Check in advance if the Monopteros is under construction/restoration;
– Early in the morning would be an ideal time to avoid the crowds, especially if it’s during the summer time.

St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter's Church, Munich

It might not be so pleasant to get up there climbing the old stairwell, especially if one of you is afraid of heights like me. Though, the view over the old town and especially of the Marienplatz is worth the while.


– The price to go up the church is 3€ per person
– Arrive early because it can get pretty crowded up there!
– Address: Petersplatz 1, 80331 München


Olympic Park, Munich

In the middle of the Olympic Park and across the Olympic Tower, there is a small hill called Olympiaberg, or “Olympic Mountain”. This place has a beautiful view over the park and the city, especially at sunset.

Olympic Park, Munich


– It’s very easy to get up there walking;
– Early in the morning is quieter, while depending on the day it can be crowded for sunset. Though, there is still lots of places around the hill where you may find some privacy.

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace

No matter the season, this place is romantic throughout the entire year. Whether covered with snow or filled with flowers during the summer, the Nymphenburg Palace and its park are stunning for proposing to your lover. You can pop the question at the palace’s stairs on the outside, by the lake, on a gondola ride, at the Monopteros, or on a walk around the park.


– Get there early to avoid the crowd of tourists;
– Entrance to the park is free;
– It is possible to rent a gondola only for the two of you for 65€, or you can get a special package for 130€, which includes music, roses and Prosecco. You can make the reservation with the Gondolier;
– Gondola working times: from 11:00 to 18:00 (check if it’s working during winter).


Hofgarten, Munich

This small but beautiful and romantic park is located between the old town and the Englischer Garten. It’s a very photogenic and beloved place by tourists and locals alike. It is beautiful throughout the entire year, especially summer when it’s filled with flowers.


Since it’s always open, try to get there early to avoid the busy times.


Different ideas

At the Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena, Munich

If the both of you are huge fans of football, why not? Just make sure you get the tickets and you’re ready to go!

Season: from August to May

By the Isar river

Isar river, Munich

The Isar, river that crosses Munich, has many beautiful spots to make a different and yet romantic proposal, especially at sunset. Spots like near the Reichenbachbrücke, at the Praterinsel or at the bridge Kabelsteg/Mariannenbrücke are probably good options.



Near Munich

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Even though it’s 2 hours away from Munich, I had to include this one on the list, it’s nothing less than one of the top attractions in Germany, and one of the most romantic castles in the world. You may decide whether you want to propose by the castle, at the Hohenschwangau Castle, which offers a beautiful view to the Neuschwanstein, or even at the pretty lake nearby.

Neuschwanstein Castle

View from the Hohenschwangau Castle


– For practical tips to visit the castle, check my post about the Neuschwanstein;
– You can take a day trip from Munich or choose to sleep in one of the pretty hotels/guesthouses of Schwangau.



This enormous lake located around 1 hour away from Munich, it’s a beautiful place where you can visit 2 pretty islands, Fraueninsel and Herreninsel, “Women’s island” and “Men’s island” respectively. One of them being where the famous Herrenchiemsee Palace is located (built by Ludwig II, the same who built the Neuschwanstein Castle). No doubt a stunning place for a romantic proposal.


– You can check my post A day trip to Chiemsee from Munich for more tips;
– I would avoid the cold and very hot days.

Starnberger See

Starnberger See

A few kilometers away from Munich, the Starnberger See is one of the prettiest lakes around the city. In a day with clear blue skies you can see the Alps from there. You may propose at a wooden bridge by the harbor, at the gazebo by the lake, or even rent a boat.


– If you don’t have a car, getting there is very easy with the S6, stop Starnberg;
– Other amazing lakes around Munich: Walchensee and Ammersee.

I hope you have found the ideal place to propose in or around Munich. I have done my part, now it’s with you!


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Proposing in Munich

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