10 romantic two-week European Itineraries

Paros, Greece

I love making up itineraries around Europe, this continent offers so many incredible options, especially if it involves romance. Whether you are traveling by train, bus, plane or road tripping, there are so many ideas that it won’t be easy to pick one.

A few months ago I shared with you 10 one-week romantic European itineraries, and since I can’t help myself with playing around with routes around the Old Continent, I have now put together 10 romantic two-weeks European itineraries for you. Only to make your choice even harder to make.

My previous suggestions didn’t involve flights between the destinations, this time some of them will require flying, others might be better to rent a car, while some can easily be done by train or bus. I hope you find one that will make the two of you happy, and if you ever do it, let me know, I would love to hear how it went!

So, if you’re still wondering what you will do with two weeks in Europe, here are some ideas:



France + Belgium + Netherlands

Paris + Bruges + Brussels + Amsterdam

Romantic itineraries around Europe

You can start your trip either in Paris or Amsterdam, you may choose to return to your starting point or just end it on your last destination. This is an itinerary that can easily be done by train, some of the routes will actually be faster with it than by car.

Recommended days in each city

Paris: 5
Bruges: 2
Brussels: 2
Amsterdam: 5

Transportation suggestion

Car or train

Total travel time

Between 9hrs 50min and 12hrs 30min

Paris to Bruges: 3hrs 30min by train / 3 hours by car
Bruges to Brussels: 1 hour or so by train or car
Brussels to Amsterdam: 3 hours by train / 2hrs 30min by car
Amsterdam to Paris: 3hrs 20min by train / 5 hours by car

Tip: I don’t think taking a bus in this case will be worth it, as it takes way longer and costs basically the same as by train in most cases.

Best time to go

April to October to avoid colder temperatures
April to see the tulips in Amsterdam
December for Christmas Markets and New Year’s Eve
Don’t go in July and August if you want to avoid the crowds

See travel tips for: Paris



England + France

London + Paris + Loire Valley 

Romantic itineraries around Europe

Start your trip in London and finish it in Paris and take a plane back home from there. While in Paris, take a train to Tours, the capital of the Loire Valley and explore the region for a few days, there are many stunning castles to visit.

Recommended days in each city

London: 5
Tours, Loire Valley: 4
Paris: 5

Transportation suggestion


Total travel time

Between 3hrs 15min and 10 hours

London to Paris: 2hrs 20min by train / 5 hours by car / 1hrs 15min with direct flight
Paris to Tours: 1 hours by train / 2hrs 30min by car (one-way)

Tip: the best way to get from one city to the other is by train, though not the cheapest in most cases.

Best time to go

From May to October to see the Castles’ gardens
Don’t go in July and August if you wish to avoid the crowds

See travel tips for: London and Paris




Athens + Paros + Astypalea + Santorini

Romantic itineraries around Europe

My advice is to always begin with the city, then head to the islands. Begin your trip in Athens and take a ferry to Paros, this island is surprisingly beautiful and worth the visit, and it also offers connections to many other islands. From there, go first to Astypalea, this off the beaten path island is romantic and ideal to experience an authentic Greek island. Return to Paros or Naxos to take another ferry to Santorini. From there you can either take the ferry back to Athens or take a flight back home.

Recommended days in each city

Athens: 2
Paros: 3
Astypalea: 4
Santorini: 4
Allow 1 day for travels

Transportation suggestion

Ferry and/or plane

Total travel time

Between 15hrs 10min and 20 hours

Athens to Paros: 5 hours with the ferry
Paros to Astypalea: 4hrs 30min with the ferry
Astypalea to Santorini: 5 to 6 hours with the ferry (stop in Naxos/Paros)
Santorini to Athens: 4hrs 30min with a high speed ferry / 50min with direct flight

Tip: I always recommend taking a ferry in Greece because I find it much more fun and cheaper than by plane in most cases.

Best time to go

Don’t go in July and August if you wish to avoid the crowds
From October to April is cold
For warmer water temperatures: July to September

See travels tips for: Greece



Slovenia + Croatia

Ljubljana + Lake Bled + Krk Island + Cres Island

Romantic itineraries around Europe

Ljubljana is becoming a hot spot for romantic travelers in Europe, and can be combined with a day trip to the stunning Lake Bled. From Slovenia, head to Krk Island and then Cres Island, which are located side by side. Each island has many town, it’s worth taking the car and visit them, not to mention the beaches.

Recommended days in each city

Ljubljana: 2
Lake Bled: 1
Krk Island: 5
Cres Island: 5
Allow 1 day for travels

Transportation suggestion

This itinerary can only be successful with a car, and it’s actually the best way to explore Croatia.

Total travel time

7 to 8 hours

Ljubljana to Krk Island: 3 hours by car
Krk Island to Cres Island: 1 hours or so by car taking a ferry
Cres Island to Ljubljana: 3hrs 30min by car taking a ferry

Best time to go

From mid June to September for warmer water temperatures

See travel tips for: Slovenia and Croatia



France + Italy

Paris + Rome + Amalfi Coast

Romantic itineraries around Europe

Begin your trip in Paris, where you will spend more time, then take a flight to Rome. After exploring the Italian capital for a few days, visit the beautiful Amalfi Coast, stopping in Positano, Praiano, Sorrento, Amalfi and more.

Recommended days in each city

Paris: 5
Rome: 4
Amalfi Coast: 4
Allow 1 day for travels

Transportation suggestion


Total travel time

Between 5hrs 30min and 6 hours

Paris to Rome: 2 hours with direct flight
Rome to Amalfi Coast: 4 hours by train / 3hrs 30min by car

Best time to go

From May to October for warmer weather in the Amalfi Coast

See travel tips for: Paris and Rome



Italy + Croatia

Rome + Venice + Rovinj + Florence

Romantic itineraries around Europe

You can start and finish your trip in Rome, but another option would be to finish it in Florence. This itinerary can be done with a car, but it’s also easily done by train. From Rome, head to Venice and from there you can take a ferry to Rovinj, Croatia, then back to Venice from where you can take a train to Florence. 2 days are enough for Florence itself, so enjoy the remaining time to take day tours around the Tuscan region. Cities like San Gimignano, Siena, Greve in Chianti are highly recommended and are just a few kilometers away.

Recommended days in each city

Rome: 4
Venice: 2
Rovinj: 3
Florence: 4
Allow 1 day for travels

Transportation suggestion


Total travel time

Between 12hrs 40min and 20hrs 30min

Rome to Venice: 4 hours by train / 6 hours by car
Venice to Rovinj: 4 hours by ferry
Rovinj to Florence: 4 hours by ferry to Venice then 2 – 3 hours by train or 3 hours by car
Florence to Rome: 1hrs 40min by train / 3hrs 30min by car

Best time to go

From May to September for warmer temperatures
To avoid the crowd don’t go in July and August

See travel tips for: Rome


Germany + Czech Republic + Austria + Hungary

Munich + Regensburg + Prague + Vienna + Budapest

Romantic itineraries around Europe

Begin your trip in Munich, and while in town try to take a day to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle. From Munich make a stop in Regensburg on your way to Prague, this medieval town founded by the Romans is totally worth the visit. From there go to Prague, and on your way to Budapest stop in Vienna for a few days. You can either finish your trip in Budapest or return to Munich.

Recommended days in each city

Munich: 3
Regensburg: 1
Prague: 3
Vienna: 3
Budapest: 3

Allow 1 day for travels

Transportation suggestion


Total travel time

Between 17hrs 45min and 21hrs 30min

Munich to Regensburg: 1hrs 10min by car/ 1hrs 30min by train / 1hrs 40min by bus
Regensburg to Prague: 3 hours by car / 4hrs 20min by train or by bus
Prague to Vienna: 4 hours by car or bus / 4hrs 10min by train
Vienna to Budapest: 3hrs 40min by car or bus / 2hrs 25min by train
Budapest to Munich: 7hrs 30min by car / 7hrs 10min or more by train

Best time to go

March to October to avoid the cold months
December for the Christmas Markets

See travel tips for: Munich, Prague and Budapest


Netherlands + Germany + Denmark + Sweden

Amsterdam + Hamburg + Copenhagen + Stockholm

Romantic itineraries around Europe

This is a very different itinerary, but includes 4 beautiful cities in 4 different countries. The first part of the route is better with a car, while the second part with the train, it’s up to you. Start your trip in Amsterdam, stop in Hamburg on your way to Copenhagen and finish it in Stockholm. While in Copenhagen you can enjoy to visit Malmo, Sweden, which is just across the bridge, and while in Stockholm enjoy to visit some of its islands, like Vaxholm.

Recommended days in each city

Amsterdam: 4
Hamburg: 2
Copenhagen: 3
Stockholm: 4
Allow 1 day for travels

Transportation suggestion


Total travel time

Between 15 hours and 18hrs 30min

Amsterdam to Hamburg: 5 hours by car / 5hrs 30min by train
Hamburg to Copenhagen: 5hrs 30min by car / 5 hours by train / 6 hours by bus
Copenhagen to Stockholm: 7 hours by car / 5 hours by train

Tip: I advise you to begin in Amsterdam and finish in Stockholm, returning home from there.

Best time to go

From April to October
May for the tulips in Amsterdam
December for the Christmas Markets

See travel tips for: Copenhagen and Stockholm



Italy + Greece

Rome + Athens + Mykonos + Santorini

Romantic itineraries around Europe

Begin your trip in Rome, fly to Athens and from there go explore the Greek Islands. The islands you pick is up to you, but if you want to focus on the famous ones, then I suggest Mykonos and Santorini. If you like off the beaten path islands, then you may consider Astypalea, Amorgos, Milos, Paros and Naxos among others.

Recommended days in each city

Rome: 5
Athens: 2
Mykonos: 3
Santorini: 3
Allow 1 day for travels

Transportation suggestion

Plane and ferry

Total travel time

Between 8 and 10 hours

Rome to Athens: 2 hours with a direct flight
Athens to Mykonos: 4 hours by speed boat
Mykonos to Santorini: 2 to 4 hours depending on the high speed boat company

Tip: try to finish your trip in Santorini to avoid more travel time and take a flight back home from there.

Best time to go

May to September
May and September to avoid the crowd on the Greek Islands
July and August for warmer water temperature on Greek Islands

See travel tips for: Rome and Greece



Austria + Slovenia + Italy

Vienna + Ljubljana + Lake Bled + Trieste + Venice + Verona

Romantic itineraries around Europe

After beginning your trip in Vienna, go to Ljubljana, Lake Bled and on your way to Venice make a stop in Trieste, a place that has a very interesting history. Finish your trip in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. Feel free to modify this itinerary by distributing days among each place.

Recommended days in each city

Vienna: 3
Ljubljana: 2
Lake Bled: 1
Trieste: 2
Venice: 2
Verona: 3
Allow 1 day for travels

Transportation suggestion


Total travel time

Between 10hrs 5min and 18hrs 25min

Vienna to Ljubljana: 4 hours or so by car / 5hrs 40min by bus / 6hrs 15min by train
Ljubljana to Lake Bled: 2 hours by train or bus / 45 minutes by car
Lake Bled to Trieste: 4hrs 30min by bus / 2 hours by car
Trieste to Venice: 2hrs 10min by train / 3 hours by bus / 2 hours by car
Venice to Verona: 1hrs 10min by train / 2hrs 10min by bus / 1hrs 30min by car

– Try to finish your trip in Verona and take a flight back home from there.
– The ideal would be to rent a car in Vienna and return it in Verona.

Best time to go

From May to October to avoid the cold
Avoid the crowds in Venice in July and August
For a cheaper stay in Venice try February


Extra tips

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  • Such wonderful itinerary ideas Allane and some really useful info e.g.when to go. I think I’m most tempted by the Greek island one though I probably don’t have long enough to go for 2 weeks but am very tempted to go for a week or under, perhaps in September time!

    • Ohhh don’t worry, you can easily do it under 2 weeks! Of course, you can never stay in Greece enough, a few days is possible, but will leave you wanting more 😀

  • Croatia is always on my European itineraries 😉 it’s one of my favorite countries to travel to!

  • Hi Allane, you have made the options such a joy to explore even before one could go there and cherish the beautiful places and have a dialgoue with wonderful people. I am looking for such an extensive and exploratory trip when I get time, this post of yours will be the best guide for me and I will be keeping it for my reference in future. Yes, each country has so much to offer and a touch and go in each city will not do justice to the wealth of history, culture, food and nature that is there to be experienced. It needs the time, the quality time to play with our senses and make them feel pampered with the sumptuous beauty and bounty of nature at our disposition. I have heard a lot about Salzburg and have seen the beauty in travel channels, it looks magical and some shots are picture perfect. One would love to get hooked to such places forever, the joy in the air, the aroma of bliss in the surrounding and serenity of mother nature at its best…such places are spiritual destination where we get our soul searched and purified in the silence and sensuousness of nurturing nature…hope you are having good times, have a lovely week ahead and take care.:D

    • Thank you Nihar 😀
      I really hope this post will be useful to you when you come to visit Europe.
      Yes, Salzburg is a lovely little town, worth the visit.
      Whenever you come let me know and I will be happy to help you with your itinerary 😀
      Have a wonderful week.

      • Hi Allane, so nice of you and yes, it is just a matter of time, looking for a good break so that I can absorb the beauty and bounty of the place (Salzburg), I am sure it will give the much needed impetus to my soul and the inspiration to lift my writing and eagerly waiting to cherish the dialogue with nature I have been imagining, it is scripted and it is rooted in mystical journey of exploring some fascinating and something truly magical. The way you travel and share such lovely stories, it is by itself a story for me to write and I am always inspired by your planning, meticulous execution of travel itinerary and you also manage to capture such finer nuances of places and people, it is indeed awe inspiring…once again congrats for the recognition and cheers to such achievement, I feel so happy when such lovely friends get such wonderful accolades…life is beautiful when we have our friends are happy and successful.
        Take care and you too have joyful week ahead..

        • So great to hear that Nihar, I really hope you come sometime! Europe is definitely a very inspiring place.
          Thank you so much for your kind words, it always makes me happy to know that you appreciate my work 😀
          Have an amazing month of August!

  • Sha

    Wonderful itinerary ideas! Now I just need to get myself there…seriously tempted by Greece, if everything works out I may just drop by there next year..who knows! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Sha!! Next time you come you need to visit Greece, and do come to Germany too 😀

  • Romantic or not, I am craving Europe!!! (Got back from London yesterday, going to Brussels on Tuesday, and France after that 😉 )

    • OMG, you are always on the go girl, good for you 😀
      When are you coming to Germany again?

      • Hm, nothing on the agenda yet… though I am dying to come back to the Bavarian Alps! And maybe see some more Romantic Road castles?

  • Phoebe Thomas

    Love this post Allane, any European itinerary wins my heart. I like the Greek one (#3) best as I’m craving a trip to Greece. I think you should include some other parts of France than Paris, like the Côte d’Azur though (Not that I’m biased lol!)

    • Thank you Phoebe! hahaha yes, I did include the Côte D’Azur on the first post, don’t worry 😀
      And you should definitely go to Greece, I can’t wait to go back there again, what an amazing place!

  • hahahaha if I told you that Brazilians when they come to Europe they visit 10 countries in 30 days you would freak out then hahahaha
    Oh my, how did you combine Scotland and Poland? Because of the flights? I can’t wait to read all about this trip of yours, they are 2 countries I still haven’t visited and would love to!!

  • hahahaha agreed!

  • Thank you so much Ayla <3
    I hope you do take some of the trips 😉

  • I’ve done the Slovenia/Croatia trip 2 times and will soon do the third… each one to different destinations, and I tell you: it’s worth it 🙂

  • These are some great itineraries! I’d love to do the Greece itinerary! Haven’t made it there yet! 🙁 Boo #MondayEscapes

  • Ohhhh great plans, I love both Greece and the nordics! I hope you will love them too 🙂

  • They definitely are a great combination!! Both filled with history! 😀

  • Thank you so much dear! Happy to know that you enjoyed the post and the ideas.
    Your trip sounds amazing. I have to confess I haven’t traveled much by train in Europe, we either travel by car as it’s cheaper and more practical to take the dog along, or by plane. Though I would love to soon take some train trips around the continent 🙂

  • The Greek Islands and Croatia are some of my favorite places in the world, I would go back there many many times!
    So nice that you liked them too, and Ljubljana 😀

  • Thank you dear! Yaay I hope you do get to take #7 soon 😀
    You are right, it can be a shock the other way around haha 😉

  • Kathleen (Kat)

    Because Europe is so big, I’m so glad that you create these tips and ideas. Makes it easy for us to choose and decide where to go and see 🙂 #MondayEscapes

    • Thank you so much Kat!! I know, right? There are sooo many ideas for itineraries around Europe, it’s always so hard to choose. I’m always excited to share itineraries here on the blog, they are great for inspiration 😀

  • Glad you liked it 😀

  • Hey Reema thank you!
    With 14 days you can definitely combine Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Hamburg), Denmark (Copenhagen) and Sweden (Stockholm). Adding Paris to these places depends on how long you want to spend in each city, and how much you’re willing to spend. Flying between them all would be the fastest, though depending on the season, a bit expensive too. I hope this helps.

  • So happy to know that 🙂 I hope you do come back!

  • Thank you so so so much for the tips Maria. I appreciate it, especially because we do plan on returning to Greece soon and are keen to visiting less crowded islands!
    September is definitely a great month for us 🙂 thank you!