Munich with a dog

Munich with a dog

Munich is one of the most pet friendly cities I have ever been to, and living here has been one of the best things that ever happened to me and my traveling dog, Enzzo. We have been everywhere in town, restaurants and cafes, parks and tourist attractions that allow dogs, stores and more. So it was about time that I wrote a post for those who, like me, take their dog on road trips around Europe and/or are planning to come to the Bavarian capital with their furry friend.

I have compiled a few things you can do and a few places you can visit in Munich with a dog without having to let go of places you want to visit in town. They are all tourist attractions, which will allow you to visit the city together with your dog instead of leaving him at the hotel room. So here they are:



Munich’s postcard, the main tourist attraction in town. The Marienplatz is the heart of the city, a square where you can find the old and new City Halls, and of course, here dogs are allowed. Enjoy the area to pass by the Viktualienmarkt, quaint streets and passages.

Tip: The best day to walk around Marienplatz and the old town with your dog is on Sunday, as it’s less busy since the shops are closed.



The Parks


There are many parks in Munich and practically all of them welcome dogs (there are only a few exceptions, which are kinds parks) and here are my favorites:



The Hofgarten is one of the prettiest parks in Munich, it’s not far from Marienplatz and it’s just a few steps away from Odeonsplatz – where you can also make a stop. Dogs here are more than welcomed, and I can assure you that it makes up for a very beautiful walk.


Englischer Garten


The largest park in town, the Englischer Garten is a paradise for dogs. Here they can walk free, swim, play, meet other dogs, go to the biergarten and in December to the Christmas Market at the Chinesiescher Turm. You can go there by walking from the Hofgarten.


  • If off the leash, be careful with the cyclists;
  • Choose a calmer part of the water canal to let your dog swim; some parts have strong currents and it can be dangerous;
  • Dogs are not allowed in the play parks for kids found in the park.




Another beautiful and fun place to take your dog. He can’t go up the Olympic Tower, but he can swim on the lakes, walk off the leash and hike up the Olympiaberg – the little mountain in the middle of the park – with you for a beautiful view and a stunning sunset.



Nymphenburg Palace & Park


No, dogs cannot enter the palace’s rooms, but they can walk around it and in the park, which is amazing. They can also go to the Cafe am Palmenhaus, part of the palace, where I love having breakfast in warmer days.

I love taking Enzzo here, we always have a great time walking around the park and lake. Last time was a few days ago when it was covered in snow.





A must stop for you is also a place where your furry friend is welcome to come along, the biergarten. There are many around town and they all accept dogs – since they are in open-air – some even offer bowls of water for your best friend.

Note: in cold days most biergartens are closed, even though you can still find some heated and indoor ones. Nevertheless, they are better on warm days so you can sit comfortably outside drinking a beer.



Munich’s beach, the Isar river, also allows dogs. In the summer you can see lots of them swimming and playing around. Enzzo loves this place and every year we go there a few times to cool down the temperature and sit on the grass.




Even though I do not recommend it, yes, you can take your dog to the Oktoberfest. Who knew? It’s true. However, you cannot enter the tents with him since it’s not allowed, but you can walk around outside the tents.

Why I don’t recommend it

Because it is too stressful for animals, too many people, it is too loud, not to mention the risk of stepping on broken glass. Unless your dog is small and fits in the bag, I do not recommend to take him/she to the Oktoberfest, but if you do, try to go on less busy days and times (during the week before 4pm and avoiding lunch time)



For the shopaholics, great news: your dog is allowed to enter shopping malls (e.g: Riem Arcaden and Olympia Einkaufszentrum), department stores (e.g: Galeria Kauf Hof, Ludwig Beck and Oberpollinger), passages (e.g: Fünf Hofe, HOFSTATT), and other stores in Munich. The stores at Maximilianstr. – the most expensive shopping street in Munich – also allow dogs.

Where they are not allowed: pharmacies, supermarkets, drugstores, bakeries and any other place where there is a sign indicating that dogs are not allowed.


Augustiner Keller, Munich
Augustiner Keller (Keller = basement)

Things are getting better! The restaurants of the 6 famous breweries of Munich: Hofbräu, Augustiner, Spaten, Löwenbräu, Hacker-Pschorr and Paulaner,  allow dogs. There you can try their beers and local Bavarian food. Fun for the both of you.

Tip: Each brewery has their restaurants around Munich, my favourite one is Augustiner Keller.

Christmas Markets


Yes! Dogs are allowed in all Christmas Markets in Munich, but my favorite one to take Enzzo is the one at the Englischer Garten, the Weihnachtsmarkt am Chinesischen Turm. It is normally less busy than the others, and has a family atmosphere, not to mention it’s in the middle of the park. Another good one is the Haidhauser Weihnachtsmarkt, small but very sweet and also good to take your dog along.


Getting around with your dog in Munich


  • Dogs can use public transportation; your ticket already allows you to take one pet along;
  • Remember to always bring snacks and water for your friend, as well as plastic bags for #2;
  • If you need to stop at a supermarket, you can leave him outside without worrying; some stores/supermarkets have a “Parking” space for dogs.

Shoes and dog

Have fun in Munich with your dog, and make sure to take some cool photos!


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Munich with a dog


  • Gin

    Awww difficult to pick up my favourite picture of Enzzo ! He is so cuuuute

  • Allane this is so fascinating to have Enzzo along with you and go around almost all the public places, right from cafe to park to the malls…I just cannot think of such friendly environment in my city. This speaks volume of the city Munich and the administrator…I can see Enzzo is totally aligned with the lifestyle of the city and the look at every picture is truly adorable…especially the one in front of Nymphenburg Palace.

    Have a lovely week ahead…

    • Thank you so much Nihar 😀
      Yes, this is something I love about Munich, how it’s so pet friendly! Back in Brazil I couldn’t take Enzzo around with me, my country is still not so pet friendly, but I hope this will change someday 😀
      Enzzo enjoys our walks, for him what matters is that he with his pack, and I find that pretty cool haha.

      I wish you a wonderful week too 😀

  • hahaha so happy to know that!! 😀 Im sure he/she will love it!!

  • Thank you so much dear 😀

  • haha thank you 😀

  • hahaha thank you so much dear 😀
    I am crazy about him, and he is such a great travel company. I have so much fun with him!!
    True, I don’t think your cats will like sightseeing with you hahaha

  • It is!! I love this about Munich, and I think Enzzo does too 😀
    I know right? Me too, I’m always afraid someone will step on his paws and tail. Besides, he always gets a bit stressed out when there is a lot going on on the streets, so I like our calm walks 😀
    I hope Dante is enjoying his new town!

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  • Awnnnn thank you so much!! So happy to know that 😀

  • Awwnn thank you so much!! We’d be happy to stop by one of these days for sure. That’s really kind of you 😀

  • Ah I keep begging Franz to let me have a puppy! I’d love to travel with my dog! And my little Sabrina is in the States and getting old so I didn’t want to bring her here. Plus she gets really depressed when she is alone from other dogs! I live vicariously through your puppy travels!

    • Awnnn I really hope sometime you guys get a puppy! Sorry about Sabrina, you mentioned her before and I’ve seen photos of her (she is sooooo cute). I think it was the right decision not to bring her along as she’s already getting old, it’s such a long way and the trip is so stressful 🙁 I don’t think I would put Enzzo on a plane again… he is now 8 and already feeling the age.

  • although I don’t have a dog and to be honest I’m a bit afraid of them, I understand the importance of living in a pet freindly city (Athens is not that friendly I have to admit). It’s nice to have parks, and places to walk your dog as well as cafes and restaurants which accept dogs!

    • Ohh really? You should meed Enzzo, it would definitely help you with your fear… he is way too kind, calm and he is afraid of everything, even cats 😀
      I think cities (at least here in Europe) are becoming more pet friendly with time, I’m happy for that, because I like to able to take Enzzo everywhere with me 😀

  • Smidge

    Ha! What a great post & what a gorgeous dog

  • Awnn I understand. Before moving to Europe, Enzzo was afraid of trucks, buses, anything too noisy, it was only with time and step by step that he got used to a city life. I think for me what’s more important is to be with us, he hates when we have to leave him at home 😀

  • hahaha no, don’t worry, he has soooo much fur that he liked to lie down on the snow 😀
    And I always need to watch out when we are near the water during winter, because he always wants to jump in!! Crazy! 😀

  • hahaha thank you dear 😀

  • Such a cute post, aww! He sure knows how to rock that Christmas scarf too, hehe!

    • hahaha he loved this scarf, every time we were going out he was grabbing it as to say: “aren’t you going to put it on?” hahaha

  • Kathleen (Kat)

    I shared this post with my aunts and cousins because they absolutely love dogs – they ooh-ed and ahh-ed over Enzzo! He’s such a good looking dog 🙂 #MondayEscapes

  • Enzzo is sooo Cute!! What a great idea for a post – love seeing him in all the different locales!

  • Thank you Jessica 😀
    I know right? Coming from Brazil I had the same thought as you, in my country dogs aren’t really allowed almost anywhere 🙁
    Here is pretty cool, I love taking him everywhere with me!

  • hahaha thank you dear 😀 yesss he is!! I love photographing him!

  • Thank you dear 😀

  • That’s sooo cool Amber!! Yes, come to Munich, I hope it will a success and fun for all of you 😀
    I love traveling with Enzzo, gives an extra fun to the trip!

  • hahaha awesomee 😀

  • hahaha yess, I do take him everywhere! I only try to avoid very busy places as it can be a bit stressing, but normally I take him wherever I go 😀
    I know right? I looove the doggie feel selfie 😀

  • hahaha thank you dear 😀

  • Ohhh really? 🙁 Well, in Australia things are better than in Brazil though. In Brazil things are progressing very slowly in this matter. Here in Europe most countries are very pet friendly and I’m very glad about it 😀

  • Thank you dear 😀 hahaha

  • Thank you Christine!! I think Germany in general is very pet friendly… I never took him to the UK, but I know other European countries are very dog friendly too, like Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia 😀

  • hahah yess!! And in fact, the whole country is like that 😀
    Yes, you do have to take you labradoodle to visit Germany someday!
    Thank you dear, happy that you liked the photos!

  • I love that you have a dog and 2 kids 😀
    Whenever we travel by car we take him along, if not, we always leave him at a dog hotel we trust very much 😀 but I certainly prefer taking him, it’s always hard to leave him behind 🙁
    haha thank you dear, I will tell him your compliment about the scarf… he loves wearing it! haha

  • Thank you Tracey!! Awwwwnn yes, get one 😀 It’s so much fun traveling with them!!

  • Thank you dear 😀

  • Thank you 😀
    hahaha yes, here they can go basically anywhere, and when they cannot enter, you can leave him outside for a few minutes 😀

  • Thank you dear 😀 hahaha yaay, someone is thinking about getting a pup! 😀

  • Thank you Tanja 😀

  • Oh the photos of Enzzo are just adorable Allane 🙂 He looks so happy to be showing us all around Munich! I think it’s great that Europe in general is a lot more dog friendly than here in Australia – certainly we can’t take our pet schnoodle Winston into as many places. There is 1 local cafe he can go to as long as we sit at the 1 outdoor table allocated for dogs! Winston would have loved visiting Munich with us last year but alas it was too far to bring him so he had to stay back home with the pet sitter and Duchess the cat!

    • Thank you so much Rosemary! Sad that Australia isn’t as pet friendly as Europe. Brazil it’s just the same, you can’t take your dog practically anywhere, but sometimes I believe this is mainly because dogs in Brasil aren’t well trained and polite as here in Europe. Coming from Brazil Enzzo certainly had to change a lot to adapt around here. It took some work on both of us, but it was all worth it 😀
      Yes, it would be too far for Winston to come to Europe… better to stay at home and wait for your return 😀

  • hahaha 😀

  • hahahaa awwwwnnn do it 😀

  • Awwwnn really? That’s sooo nice to know. I hope you guys will have fun in the city and that this post helps you to plan your stay 😉 enjoy!

  • You’re most welcome 😀