Aroma Kaffeebar, Munich

Aroma Kaffeebar München

I don’t even like coffee, but I love cafes and how cosy they can be. Meeting a friend, having a tea or a hot chocolate reading a book, mouth watering with pastries, sitting on a comfy couch, these are some of the reasons why cafes are so appealing to me.

As soon as the colder days arrive in Munich, I am tempted to try new cafes. In the past years I certainly tried many of them, now I have some favourites, and Aroma Kaffeebar is one of them, which even made it to my Eating & Drinking in Munich list of 2014. It is the first place I think of when I am going to meet someone, and it is my main recommendation when it comes to cafes in Munich.

The cafe style is pretty cool, with little chairs and benches and wooden tables, where you have the option of sitting outside. In one of its corners there are some shelves with small trinkets for sale that vary from postcards to chocolates.

Aroma Kaffeebar München

Aroma Kaffeebar München

Aroma Kaffeebar München

Aroma Kaffeebar München

Aroma Kaffeebar München

I have been to Aroma Kaffeebar more times than I can count. In each visit I tried different things. I have been there on cold and very hot days, and always found something to suit the temperature outside, that being tea or lemonade.

Everyday they have different cakes and pastries on the menu, but their chocolate cake with cherry is do die for. During winter they have a special hot tea called “Hugo tea” – Hugo here in Germany is an alcoholic drink: prosecco, mint, ice and elderflower syrup – which I fell in love with. During summer they make cold lemonades to freshen up the hot days, and I have to say it was perfect for a 34C temperature.

Aroma Kaffeebar München

Aroma Kaffeebar München
Chocolate and cherry cake

Aroma Kaffeebar München

Hugo tea
Hugo tea

Throughout the year they also have smoothies, my favourite one is the Mango-Mint. Every time I go, I feel tempted to order one. Though last time I was a bit disappointed by the fact that it took them too long to make mine, and it came full of mango fiber. It was almost impossible to drink it without getting the fiber stuck on my throat. However, out of so many times I was there, this was my first disappointment.

Aroma Kaffeebar München
Mango-minze smoothie

They also have natural sandwiches, salads, fruits, juices, toasts, yoghurt, cereals, and much more. I like the fact that they use organic ingredients, and that they care about helping poverty. I couldn’t help but notice that they have a poster inviting people to donate and help children in Africa. Nice initiative.

Good to know

  • No reservation needed;
  • While there, you order at the counter, they bring it to you, and you pay before leaving;
  • It’s one of the few cafes in town opened until 10pm;
  • It’s also open for breakfast;
  • Great location, near the Sendlinger Tor
Aroma Kaffeebar München

The Verdict


Near the center, easy to find.


Relaxed, cosy and with a young atmosphere.


The staff is friendly, but sometimes they often forget who ordered what.


I would say it’s fine, but most people going there for the first time don’t know how it works with ordering and paying, unless they ask.


Awesome! They offer options for everyone’s taste and for each season of the year. They have their usual menu, but always come up with new ideas.


Great pastries and cakes, I love it! I still haven’t tried their sandwiches though.


Love all I have tried so far: lemonade, Hugo tea and smoothies. W tried the coffee and loved it!

Value for money

Great affordable price!

How many suitcases does this restaurant deserve?


Aroma Kaffeebar München

Aroma Kaffeebar

Pestalozzistr. 24

80469 Munich

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm