Eating & Drinking in Munich: my top choices of 2014

Eating and Drinking in Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

Some of you might know by now that I am a foodie, and it is true that everywhere I go I look for a new restaurant to try, and if I like it, I recommend it, if not, maybe another time. Because I believe that when traveling we always try to find a nice place to eat, and that it is very helpful to know from locals where we should go, I decided that every year – specifically every January – you will find here on Packing my Suitcase the top places to eat and drink in Munich.

I live in the charming Bavarian capital since 2012, and throughout the years I have tried many restaurants, cafes and a few bars – as I said, I am a foodie. Some of them it is always a pleasure to return to, and some I always recommend when I am asked. The truth is that every year I discover new places, new tastes, new good service, and it is not easy to make up a list of my favourite venues in Munich.

However, after judging mainly by the food quality, the service and the atmosphere, I have made my list, which is divided into different categories. Under each one of them you will find a venue with a brief description and what it is special about them.

Each place recommended here is based on my personal preference and experience. This list might change from one year to the other, as with time I will get the chance to try new places; or it might be that some of them will still be on next year’s list. Meanwhile, here are my top choices of 2014:


Augustiner Keller 

Augustiner Keller, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

If there is something someone should do when in Munich or generally in Bavaria, it is to try Bavarian food. You know, all those famous dishes you associate with Germany, like Bratwürst, Pork Knee, Brezen, and many other salty and fatty ones. Well, so far, the best typical Bavarian restaurant I have been to is Augustiner Keller.

Apart from the great food – no, Bavarian food is not the same in every restaurant – this place looks amazing and very traditional. It is also very well located, not so far from the touristy areas, and with easy access for both Müncheners and tourists.

Augustiner Keller

Arnulfstr. 52


Arte in Tavola

Arte in Tavola, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

After months in the search for the best fungi prosciutto pizza in town, I happened to find this little cosy place, and since then I have been there for probably over 10 times. Arte in Tavola is not only about pizza, but also about any Italian food you may order, and I dare you to say you didn’t like what you had. Apart from the traditional plates found à la carte, there is also a daily menu with surprising offers that changes everyday.

Arte in Tavola

Schellingstr. 51


Bento Box

Bento Box, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

Even though Bento Box is a food chain restaurant in Germany, I still haven’t found a better sushi in Munich as I did here. The sushi is bigger than the ones normally found in other restaurants in town, and it has the juicy touch of cream cheese – an ingredient that I miss from sushi restaurants in the Americas, which is not commonly used here in Germany – in many of their options. Here everything is delicious and worth trying, from the soups to the noodles and sushi.

Bento Box

Leopoldstr. 42


Kapitales vom Rind

KVR, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

As you might know by now, I am Brazilian, and if there is something uncommon about people of this nationality, is someone who doesn’t appreciate a good steak. My passion for steaks is something I will always carry with me anywhere I might go in this World – sorry vegetarians.

Of course that I managed to try a few nice places offering good steaks in Munich, but I tell you what: a place like KVR is hard to find even in Brazil. Here you choose which kind of meat you want, how much you want it and how you prefer to eat it. I am not even going to mention that they have a dessert called “Toblerone mousse” and that it is amazing – oops! I just did it!

Kapitales vom Rind

Viktoriastr. 23



Belicious, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

It is not hard to find nice burgers in Munich, and I have tried them in different places, served in different ways. The choice is not easy to make, but since I was there the first time, I still haven’t found a better replacement: Belicious. A combination of homemade juicy burgers, crunchy potato chips and french fries, different sauces, meats and breads to choose from, a great location and atmosphere.


Pariserstr. 34


Café Lotti

Cafe Lotti, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

It wasn’t always like this, but today breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. This might have changed because since I moved to Germany I have been to places like Café Lotti, where the croissant melts in your mouth and a homemade lemonade can make your day begin with a special flavor.

Café Lotti is not only open for breakfast, but for me it is their highlight, especially during summer where you can sit outside. It is a cozy little place located in the charming neighborhood Schwabing, and it is the most pet friendly place I have found in Munich so far. Of course, Enzzo loves it too.

Café Lotti

Schleißheimerstr. 13


Aroma Kaffeebar

Aroma Kafeebar, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

This cosy cafe is located in the Glockenbachviertel area of Munich, not far from the center. On my first visit, they had me on the chocolate cake; but the next few times I went there, they kept surprising me with things like mango and mint smoothie and a kind of holunderblüte tea – a plant syrup commonly used in Germany to make a famous drink called Hugo.

The atmosphere, drinks – I don’t drink coffee, but I heard different opinions from people I know, including W, that their latte macchiato is great – cakes and food are to die for. They also have a little cute store where they sell some interesting little trinkets; some always make me smile.

Aroma Kaffeebar

Pestalozzistr. 24



Cocktailhouse, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

I haven’t been to many bars in Munich, but the Cocktailhouse never disappointed. They have a menu of drinks and cocktails that look more like a book, so many delicious options that you might want to try more than you can manage. Packed on the weekends, they do accept reservations, which is of great help if you want to guarantee a place for a group of people. On top of all, the price is a bargain for Munich!


Feilitzschstr. 25


Merlins Casa di Vino

Merlins Casa di Vino, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

Apart from being a foodie, I am also a wine lover, and it was here at Merlins Casa di Vino where I have tried the best wines so far. The name comes from the owner; a lovely lady who certainly understands wine and gourmet food, making combinations that will dare your palate.

During the day it opens for lunch, when their French chef shows his skills. At night, a Weinladen – with daily special gourmet snacks, and great Bossa Nova music in the background. A cosy place, where you notice the passion for wine and the South American countries Brazil and Argentina.

Merlins Casa di Vino

Auenstr. 100

Ice Cream

Der verrückte Eismacher

Der Verrückte Eismacher, Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

I have mentioned this place before, and I just couldn’t not mention it and recommend it again on this post. This ice cream parlor – “the crazy ice cream maker” in German – is the sensation of Munich’s summer, offering from beer and raspberry champagne to crême brulée and apple mousse pancake flavors. The line is sometimes long, filled with people wanting to be surprised by the flavors of the day, but the wait it totally worth it The problem is: I still haven’t tried a better ice cream in the World.

Der verrückte Eismacher

Amalienstr. 77

Throughout this year you will find reviews of most of these venues here on Packing my Suitcase, this way you get a deeper insight on each place and understand why I chose them. For now, I will leave you mouth-watering and craving for some delicious food and drinks.

About Allane

A Brazilian living in Germany. Married to W. mommy to a baby girl and a Golden Retriever. Traveler, writer, aspiring photographer, diver, wine appreciator, Formula 1 fan, avid reader of historical and young adult fictions books. City girl, nature lover, believer of a better world, one little change at a time.

  • Ice creams !!! I’m craving for that right now…

  • I wish I’d have read this before I went to Munich in October. Kapitales looks like the kind of place I’d love, although I did go to Augustiner – their sausage platter with a big beer was magic!

    • Augustiner is pretty cool isn’t it? Its my favourite one there 😀
      Happy that you like it!!
      Next time don’t miss KVR 😀

  • You’ve certainly left my mouth watering! I’ll have a steak and a Toblerone mousse please!

  • I will be waiting for more eateries reviews

  • This is indeed a food for thought…right from the choice of restaurants, the spread of menu and the choice of dishes, it is tempting and it is tantalizing pulling towards all dishes. You are a connoisseur of food, I also love food and I have also been trying restaurants when I keep visiting new places, but your dedication and passion unmatched, your narration and your eye for the real grains of the food is fantastic.

    Steak is superb, I like the mint smoothie, sushi is in fact quite big and looks delicious, ice cream we all say I scream and we all scream…such is the crave for the dessert. The ice cream picture is obsessively tempting, you can have one for me, so you do justice to the image and your words…

    Wonderful and simply wonderful way to put the menu so insightful and so deliciously on the display…one just cannot take one’s eye way.

    Happy exploration of such unique and interesting places to eat and enjoy…

    • Thank you so much Nihar!!
      Glad to know you are also a food lover! I am not even close to an expert, but I do appreciate good food and whenever I can I try new places. I like exploring 😀

      hahaha don’t worry, I will have an ice cream for you, it will be a pleasure 😀

      I am very happy that you enjoyed reading this post, and that you liked the way I described the food and the restaurants! 😀 have a great week!

      • It was indeed a tempting post where every dish on display was alluring…food is a lovely excuse to engage and entertain self and others… though my consumption amount is less but the variety and taste which matters to me. The food pictures was so lively…resistance was a challenging. Ice cream your are right perhaps we don’t have an option not to have.

        Thanks so much and you too have a great week ahead…

        • Its so nice to see how much you also love food!! I also dont eat in a great amount, but I do like variety and quality 😀
          I am very glad you enjoyed the post… I will make sure to post a bit more about food around here 😀
          Thank you!

          • Looking forward to more such lovely food post, and I am sure it will be equally tempting…though I find difficult to get my hands on in preparing…but yes love to eat the spread…

          • hahaha I am not so cook at cooking either, but I like to try sometimes, especially baking 😀 however, eating is always my favourite part!

          • Though it is said that cooking is an art but I say eating is an art…it is not easy to eat with style and eat with passion and keep it moving and re-defining the way you eat.
            Trying new things and testing of taste is the test of the art of eating…

          • So true… eating is definitely also an art, as much as cooking is. In this way, I might be an artist, and you too 😀

          • Yes, we are…we shouldn’t underestimate the art of eating and good eaters inspire chefs and cook to experiment and explore new combination in cooking…in fact many dishes get popular in the name of person in the front i.e. eater rather the person behind it.

          • hahaha true!! I have never thought about that!! Then, lets make some chef famous 😀 I would love that haha

          • Yes, it seems to be good idea when I was thinking , why not make the chef popular and do so by being a good eater…may sound little ridiculous, but that’s how we do different things…

          • Not ridiculous at all…it makes total sense 😀

          • Yes, you rare right and some time things or idea that appear ridiculous may turn out be a something brilliant…

          • Exactly!!! Who would think people could speak for free with someone on the other side of the World? Ideas start like that 😀

          • It is so powerful, we just have to sit back and reflect, how on earth communication and interaction has become so engaging and meaningful…
            Yes, a small idea can make a big difference…

          • So true!! It only takes a simple idea 😀

  • Great idea! You’re making me want to go Munich, they all sound awesome! When I finally come, I trust you’ll take me too all the good spots in town! 😉

    • I can’t wait for you to come!! I am very sure that you will like Munich 😀 and don’t worry, I will only take you to my favourite spots 😉

  • This is such a brilliant list Allane. I am foodie too, so this is not good me reading this, as I am now very hungry. Belicious looks amazing. I LOVE my burgers. Maybe you can take me there if I come and visit 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear Ting!! I am glad that yo like it and that you are also a foodie hahaha 😀
      I really do hope you come and visit sometime, I would love to show you around and take you to Belicious 😀

  • Some great choices! Love Aroma and Belicious, and there are a few on there that I definitely need to try. You’ve reminded me I need to go to Lotti for breakfast sometime soon – it’s been too long!

    • Hi Rachel 😀
      Thank you for stopping by, welcome to my blog!!

      Ohh yesss I also need to go to Lotti again… it is always a good idea <3
      Glad that you enjoyed the post!

  • Always good to see fast food in any city…must say Bento Box looks pretty cool, although it might be similar to YO! Sushi! from the UK.

    • haha true 😀
      Ohh really? Good to know!!
      I love sushi in any way, but here in Munich, these are still my favourite 😀

  • Something for every taste! I am particularly partial to nice breakfast places – it really sets the tone for the rest of your day. And because it’s not a typical “going out” meal it somehow feels more authentic.

    • I couldn’t agree more with you Anna!! I highly appreciate going out for breakfast… it makes your day more special 😀

  • All those amazing photos made me hungry! 😛

    • hahaha hi Jessi! Glad to know that 😀
      Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

  • Great list! I love trying out new places in Munich! That burger place looks especially good! 🙂 I go to that crazy ice cream place so often! It helps that it’s close to my favourite restaurant in Munich which is this Korean place called Zum Koreaner. Have you been there? 🙂

    • Thank you Michelle 😀 happy that you like the list!!
      Ohhh me too, I go so often to the ice cream place.. I should count how many time I go there each year hahaha

      I know where Zum Koreaner is, though I still haven’t been there! Thank you for the tip, I love Korean food, so I must go there sometime soon! 😀

  • Looks awesome – I think a traveler had to spend at least couple days in Munich to try them on! It’s great that there are many option of eateries in Munich 🙂

    • Thank you dear!!
      Ohh yesss.. there are so many wonderful options around here that it takes a while to try them all!! When you come and visit me I make sure to take you to one you like 😀

      • I will let you know once I visit Munich 🙂 would love to try the cocktail bar 🙂 xoxoxo

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Oh man – I really could have used this guide before I went to Munich a couple of Christmases ago!! I love ice cream and flavours like Apple mousse pancake sound absolutely delicious! But we were there over Christmas Market time so ended up eating quite a lot at the markets ☺

    • hahaha don’t worry, you can use it for next time 😀 and when you come let me know so we can meet!!

      I am sure you had a blast at the Christmas Markets… I always eat a lot when I go 😀 soooo good!!

  • Wow, I really shouldn’t have read this post before lunch! Everything looks fabulous 🙂

    • hahaha glad that you liked it 😀
      I hope that after reading this post you had something delicious for lunch 😉
      Thank you for reading!

  • Yes please to all of it! 😀

  • Sushi! I didn’t know there was much sushi there. Though it is from a chain shop, that sushi looks very nice with the sesame seeds all over. I see you had the salmon, is it…that is my favourite kind of sushi 😀

    And burgers! I know I said this before on your other food posts, but another girl like me who likes burgers and chips! I love to use my hands to eat burgers, but there are some very big burgers in Melbourne that I need to cut up with a knife so it’s smaller and I can actually bite it…I don’t know how you ate that burger in the picture. Looks very messy 😀 <3

    • Oh yes, here there are maaaany sushi places… there are many Japanese here in Germany thank God 😀 because I really love their food!

      I have to confess that I don’t like eating burgers with my hands hahaha this on in particular was not mine, hubby ate it all, and as crazy as he is, he ate it with the hand, so you can really imagine how messy it was hahaha 😀

      • Maaaany sushi places in Germany. I love the sound of that. So when I visit there one day, you can take me to a sushi place there. I hope they have soft shell crab sushi. Although that is expensive, that is my favourite sushi! Yum yum ^^’

        Oh me too. I must eat the burger with the wrapper or paper around it, or if it is massive like the one in the photo, cut with fork and knife 😀 A lot of the time, these kind of burgers are too thick to squish and fit into my mouth. Sometimes I even have to eat the burger vegies and patty separately 😀

        • Yesss sure I will!!
          The crab sushi isnt not so expensive here, is cheaper than the shrimp one!

          Ohh eating separately is probably a good idea hahaha my mouth is too small for such big burgers hahaha

          • Crab sushi is different from soft shell crab sushi in Australia. The soft shell crab one is crunchy!

            It was only a few months ago that I realised people actually ate burgers separately instead of putting it all in the mouth…I am so slow 😀

          • Ohhh really?? Then I have never tried this one before!! Good to know that 😀

            hahaa now you are not slow, the World is too fast I think! Sometime I am impressed by how fast things evolve and change!

  • I would definitely go straight for something German. Bratwurst with beer or something 🙂

  • I wish I had this list two years ago when I was planning my trip to Munich! We had a fantastic dinner at Zum Alten Markt…would absolutely return next time I was there!

    • When you return you can try some of them 😀
      I have never been ti Zum Alten Markt, I certainly should try it 😀
      I hope you do return to Munich 😀

  • I’ve been to Munich once and love how many good places to eat there are 🙂 Haven’t heard of the ones you mentioned, but I’ll definitely check it out next time I’m there 🙂

    • Awesome!! Do that 😀 I hope you come again soon, and glad you liked the food around here 😉

  • Oh my, I want to try them all, and maybe I will get my chance in November, planning on going with my husband then and my two boys, we’ll see…….:)

    • Ohh my are you serious?? <3 Happy to know that!! If you feel like we can meet if you come… and if you need anything just let me know 😉

      • I think it would be really nice to meet. I will let you know once everything is confirmed:)

        • It would be awesome!! I would love that!
          Do let me know when you know 😉

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  • hahaha now I know where you live 😀
    Ohhh you need to try them all! We can meet at Lotti one day 😀 I’m sure you will like it there!!
    And the ice cream is a must… the line is worth the wait! 😉