5 reasons why I love Stockholm

Why I love Stockholm, by Packing my Suitcase.

It is no secret that I love Stockholm, in fact, the second post of this blog was dedicated to the city. It was love at first sight, and I couldn’t hide it. The first time I visited the capital of Sweden I was impressed by what my eyes were seeing. Can a place like this exist? How come haven’t I been here before?

You know, a love like this deserves some attention, and the least I could do was dedicate a post to it. There are many reasons for this love to have happened, but I had to give you some convincing ones… enough to make you want to go there by the end of the post. So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why I love Stockholm:

Surrounded by water

Why I love Stockholm, by Packing my Suitcase.

Previous to my first trip to Stockholm I was already tempted by the fact that the city is basically surrounded by water. Just so you have an idea, Stockholm is situated on 14 islands and there are boats everywhere… and you know me: I love the sea, and I love islands, and the combination of both makes the city even more special, and beautiful.


Why I love Stockholm, by Packing my Suitcase.

It is also no secret that I am a foodie and that I always worry about where to eat when I am traveling. During my two visits to Stockholm I only had amazing gastronomic experiences. It seems to me that every restaurant in the city is a good choice, fancy or not, the food is always great and you can never go wrong with your choice. Nonetheless, Stockholm is one of the most diverse and exotic culinary destinations in the world, where is possible to eat even moose meat.

The Swedish people

Why I love Stockholm, by Packing my Suitcase.

How can the Swedish people be so nice? I only had positive experiences with them, anywhere, at restaurants, stores, on the streets, supermarkets. I love how they put a smile on their faces and say: “hej, hej”. Before visiting the city for the first time I certainly was not expecting them to be so friendly and so helpful.

The charm of Gamla Stan

Why I love Stockholm, by Packing my Suitcase.

Gamla Stan, the old town, is already reason enough for me to love the city and to always want to return. Wandering around these narrow and cobbled stones streets was my favourite thing to do in the city. The old buildings and their architecture, the feeling of going back to the middle ages or whatever you want to call it… it is simply amazing.

The best hot chocolate ever!

This might be a random, unnecessary or even not so special reason for you. But, my dear readers, there is no exaggeration in what I am about to say: I have never tried a better hot chocolate than the one I tried at Chokladkoppen in Stockholm. I will never forget my experience at this tiny and cosy place, where the hot chocolate is real chocolate and comes in a bowl… take me back now!

Have I convinced you?

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  • Mabel Kwong

    I wasn’t convinced until I read the hot chocolate part!!! 😀 How was the hot chocolate, was sweet or not, just nice, thick and creamy or not? It also looks like it comes with very nice artwork!

    Stockholm looks like a lovely place to visit. I think I will like the food and the people. it sounds like the people are always ready to help and want you to feel welcome in their city. Beautiful houses by the water too. There must be quite a lot of breeze then in the city 😀

    • Ohhhh the hot chocolate was very creamy, and as for sweetness I though it was perfect… I dont like when it is too sweet nor when it is not so sweet, so I found it perfect! Especially for a very cold day of winter!!

      You are right, the is a lot of breeze in the city, during winter it is veeeery cold!!! But even so it is a wonderful city… during fall it is even more!

  • Scandinavian countries are getting ever closer to my travel list. I must say though, the thing the gets me the most excited about visiting is the Swedish men 😉

    • hahaha you are the best! You need to go soon there!! 😀 <3

      • Don’t you have a husband or boyfriend? The activities I have in mind are very non-bf-friendly ;-))) Though I guess you could be my wing-woman!

  • Nihar Pradhan

    When you said; can such a place exist? I was already taken by your idea of making a visit to the place. Islands all around and with such lovely people, it definitely makes it very exciting place to visit.
    The exotic culinary spread and with so many choices to taste, it is as you said is gastronomic paradise. Oh! Yes, the hot chocolate the way you have put it takes the cake away, it is indeed icing on the cake.

    • hahaha the hot chocolate was amazing!
      And Stockholm is definitely one of my favourite places in the world so far! I can highly recommend a visit to the city!! 😀 I hope you can visit it one day!

  • Ohhhh you should!! It is your neighbour!! Stockholm is a very beautiful city!! Go during summer or fall 😀 it is worth the visit 😉

  • You are right Andrew 😀

  • Gin

    I agree 100% !! I love stockholm for all the reasons you’ve mentioned 🙂 It’s such a beautiful city, even during winter 🙂

    • You are right, beautiful even during winter!!! I guess we both love Scandinavia 😀 I hope to visit the Lapland like you did!

  • Hanne

    You convinced me!! I have never been to Stockholm, and I am embarrassed to admit that being a norwegain. I have been to Sweden many times though! But still need to go to beautiful Stockholm! 🙂

    • Ohh really? I you have bee everywhere, I really thought that you have been there before! You definitely need to go… I love that city 😀

  • hahahaha you’re welcome!!! I am almost sure that they will have a cold chocolate, if they do let me know so next time I can have one!
    I can’t wait for you to go and tell me what you thought about it 😀

  • I’ve wanted to visit Stockholm for a while now but the expense has put me off! Although your five things including the food, surrounded by water and the hot chocolate must make me revisit!

  • You are right!!! People there are veeery fashion… and the cinnamon buns are amazing <3 I agree with you!

  • Stockholm (and Sweden in general) is on my list! I’ve heard very nice things about it and definitely want to try the food as well (and the pastries)!

    • Hi Anna!! Yess, it’s amazing… I hope you do visit it sometime soon. Stockholm is a very special place!

  • Kathleen (Kat)

    So any future plans for your return to Stockholm? 😉

    • hahaha yess, I do hope to return!! I am just not sure yet when! But probably during the summer… I don’t want to go in winter again 😀

  • 😀 Stockholm is a very special place!! I hope you visit it someday… it is no doubt one of my favourite cities in the world!!

  • Hi Sabrina!!
    Yes, the Nordic countries are a bit pricey, but totally worth the visit!! Until now I have been to Sweden and Denmark, there is still Finland and Norway to go!
    I hope you visit it sometime, a nice way to save money there is to stay in a Airbnb or something similar, as accommodation is expensive. 😀

  • hahahaha sooo easy? 😀

  • Hi Laura!! I’m happy to know this post inspired you to add another place in your list 😀
    Trust me, Stockholm is really worth the visit!!
    Oh, you are like me… I also love water and I could stay for hours by the harbour! I’m sure you will love the city!

  • hahahha awesome!!!! I am very curious to read your post 😀
    Another Stockholm lover around here, yaaaay!!
    I think there are many things to add up on that list, that city is amazing!

  • hahaha happy to know that!
    Yes, Stockholm is very appealing 😀

  • Awnn I hope you go Cathy, I am totally in love with Stockholm, it is one of the most amazing cities I have ever been too!

  • hahaha great idea 😀
    I hope you visit it sometime… it is such a lovely city!!

  • Yes, I love that the old town is so pretty… no doubt my favourite part of the city 😀
    The chocolate is perfect!! I hope you visit it sometime!

  • hahahahaha that was easy 😀

  • Really?? I’m jealous now, Stockholm during summer must be even more amazing 😀

  • hahahaha ohh no, I’m sorry about the wallet!!
    It’s the same for me here!! Reading all these awesome posts about people’s travels makes me want to travel even more!!
    Thank you participating 😀
    Have a great weekend!

  • OMG I am excited for you!!! I will feel like I’m there too!!
    It will be an awesome trip! For how long will you be traveling?

  • That’s perfect Vlad!!! Wooow take me with you!!!! <3

  • Lucky you!!! 3 days in each city sounds perfect!!
    I think you already have all my tips for Stockholm, but in case you need more let me know 😀