The Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

My last night in London was more than I expected it to be, and all I needed after a long week of work and being sick of my stomach. It was a highlight of my trip, that’s why in this month’s review I tell you all about my remarkable stay at the Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel.

Located in the Bayswater area, between lovely Notting Hill and the famous Oxford Street, the Blakemore Hyde Park is a 4 star deluxe hotel where the owners want to make sure you get the home feel, and receive the personal attention you deserve. I love details, and this one specifically made all the different on my stay.

The Location

Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Deciding on where to stay in London might be difficult, all depends on what you want to do and visit, and how much you want to spend. However, the neighborhood also plays an important role on your decision, and I couldn’t recommend more staying around Hyde Park.

The Blakemore Hyde Park, is located in a sensational neighborhood, only a few steps to the park it is named after, it is also near 2 different underground stations: Paddington and Bayswater, in a stunning building in a calm street. It is very easy to reach the center and attractions like the Buckingham Palace, nearby there are stores and cinema as well.

If you are looking for a quiet night and like taking a morning walk, then you just found your place. I woke up early and decided to take a walk around Hyde Park, and on my way back founded a pretty street near the hotel, which I even mentioned it on My London Findings post. I was enchanted by the neighborhood and would have loved to stay longer.

The room

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

We stayed in an Executive Junior Suite located on the ground floor, quiet, as I needed it to be after a long week in London. As soon as I opened the door the first thing I noticed after the bed and amazing smell, was a plate of fruits; how thoughtful – I don’t even need to mention that I ate all the strawberries.


The bathroom is something, white clean and with a great look and feel. The shower is heaven!

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

In the room you find a closet, a desk and a chair, a couch and a TV, a drink fridge where you can use to store anything you might want to, and above it, you have all you need for a warm cup of tea.

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London


Do I need to mention the bed? Wow, amazing, not only for being comfortable, but also for its size. Honestly? All hotel bed should be like this one; I have experienced only few like this.

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

My room had a window but with no view, I didn’t really mind, as all I wanted was a dark and quiet room to sleep all night without waking up only once. It worked.

The facilities

In 2012 the hotel was entirely renovated. It has a pleasant restaurant on the terrace and on nice weather you can sit outside, a bar, a small fitness centre, a special room for breakfast and 3 meeting rooms.

The restaurant
The restaurant
The bar
The bar 
Breakfast room
Breakfast room

The Restaurant

Their restaurant is on the terrace facing the street. I didn’t get to sit outside as the weather wasn’t ideal, but since it’s transparent because of the glass, you can see the street from the inside. There you can have the afternoon tea, as well as, dinner, I had both, and it will be hard to forget the experience; it was amazing.

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

The Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea, Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

Before we sat down to have our afternoon tea, W and I were very stressed out by the fact that our flight back to Germany the following day was cancelled. It was definitely a good idea to sit down and relax for a bit, and forget the flight problem.

The afternoon tea was composed by: sandwiches, perfect macarons and amazing fluffy scones, chocolate brownies, tea of course – as always, I picked the fruit tea – and for a perfect end, champagne with strawberry.

French macarons
French macarons


I have a thing for macarons and scones, which means I am very picky, especially with macarons – I hate when they are dry – but these ones were heaven, real French macarons. It was my first afternoon tea experience, and I hope that from now on, every time I’m in London I will do it again. I just hope it will always be as good as here, or I can just return.

The Dinner

All the eating and delicious food didn’t stop at the afternoon tea, it went on until dinner. I often say that you know when the food is good, when you are full and it still tastes amazing and you can’t stop eating it. So that’s what happened to both myself and W; not long after the afternoon tea, we went back to the restaurant for dinner.

For drinks, I ordered a Chardonnay, and W a beer. Before our starters arrived, we ate homemade bread with olive oil.


We both ordered the Chef’s soup kettle as a starter, which is made with rustic fresh grilled bread. Amazing, somehow it reminded me of a soup I used to have when I was a child.


As for main course, I ordered THE duck of my life. I still can’t explain what was that all about, I just know it was amazing, so amazing that I stopped talking and focused on enjoying every piece of it. Paired with it, a wonderful glass of Cabernet Sauvignon -I need to ask the name of the wine again, it was remarkable.

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

W ordered the Blakemore Sirloin Steak. I stole a little piece and I tell you: it was incredible. He said: “the best steak I ever had”. I was surprised; he never said that before, never ever.


Dessert? Unfortunately we did not order dessert, for 2 reasons: 1. we were full, really! 2. We were VERY late for our meeting with 007 at the cinema, so no time to enjoy the chocolate temptation that they had that day. I can only regret!

Interesting fact about this restaurant that I only discovered the following day: the Head Chef, Andrea Secchi, used to work with the acclaimed Marcus Wareing at the 2 Michelin starred restaurant at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge. No wonder he makes magic in the kitchen.

You can check the restaurant menu here.

The Staff

From the time we arrived to leave our luggage in the morning – check-in time was only possible at 3pm – until we said goodbye, the staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. They worry about your plans for the day, if you need a taxi, if everything if fine with the food, if you need anything to drink; it is a lot of pampering, very easy to get used to!

The lobby
The lobby

A little bit of honesty

  • A spa would make this place even more amazing!
  • It was so good and comfy at the hotel that I didn’t feel like going out, but I had to explore London you see.


  • The amazing food
  • The location
  • The bed!


Blakemore Hyde Park offer exclusive benefits for guests that book on their website; the benefits include complimentary room upgrade (subject to availability), late check-out at 12pm and a much lower rate than anywhere else online.’

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel, London

Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel

30 Leinster Gardens

Bayswater, London

Restaurant reservations


*Disclosure: I was kindly offered a one night stay, afternoon tea and dinner at the Blakemore Hyde Park. All opinions are my own, as always.

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  • The Blakemore looks very beautiful and the location is perfect! Finding a good hotel in London is a difficult task and I had a lot of hit and misses in the past. Thankfully I have friends who live in London, so a spare bed is always available!!

    • Yes it is pretty hard to find a good one and a great location. Great that you have friends in town, it helps a lot!!

  • Ohhh how lucky to live near Hyde Park!!
    Do you miss living in London?
    The hotel is awesome, really!

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  • Whenever you can treat yourself with a dinner there, you won’t regret, really! 😀

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  • Yes, I love this location 😀 and a spa would would be awesome, no doubt!

  • I love the location, it was so quiet and at the same time easy to get everywhere. 🙂

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  • Yes, the location is no doubt a highlight! This area is amazing, and you can find everything near by. 🙂

  • Ohhh you are the expert on the French macarons so your opinion will really matter. Let me know if you ever try them.
    I’m addicted to them, and here in Munich there is only one place that can manage to make good ones. After working in a patisserie in Paris, I became picky haha 😀

  • Yes you are right, this area is amazing, and as you I can highly recommend it!

    As for the champagne, I guess almost all afternoon teas in London serve it. Normally you have to pay extra for it, but it’s very common 🙂
    I know what you mean about alcohol in the Middle East.

  • It was very relaxing Elizabeth! I loved it 😀

  • Yes it is!! This one I would say it’s a gem. If you book it in advance you will certainly get great rate! 😀

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    I was so disappointed with the movie… I’m a big 007 fan, but this one I only like the entrance, after that, nothing special 🙁
    I wish I could have had dessert!

  • Thank you Tracey!
    The duck was amazing! I wish I could have it now for dinner 😀

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    Yess, scones and macarons are the best!

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    It is a lovely hotel and can highly recommend it!

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  • Thank you dear!! I had a great time in London, and the hotel certainly helped 😀

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    It was my first experience, so I’m no expect, however, I’m sure you will love it!

  • That duck is magic, is amazing!
    The hotel is amazing, I loved it and highly recommend it 😀

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