12 books to read on your travels in 2017

Books to read in 2017


Last year, I shared with you 12 books to read on your travels in 2016. You and I loved the idea so much, that I decided to recommend you 12 books to read on your travels in 2017. I believe books are a wonderful and special way to keep traveling even when you’re not, and a must pack for any adventure. Stories, even if fictional, have the power to inspire, move and to take us places.

Loving to write also means I love to read. I’m always reading something, as many of you might have noticed on Goodreads. Sometimes I get stuck on some boring books, most of the time I read them so fast that there isn’t even time to add them on my Goodreads “reading” list, they go straight to “read”. In 2016 I read 20 books, and to me it was a huge achievement, as I don’t always manage to stop and read something when I’m often coming and going. Out of these 20 books, of course, I had my favorites, which I would love to share and inspire you to read them this year:

Everything, Everything
by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything Nicola YoonGet a copy here!

Why not start with my favorite book of the year? (W. will be happy to read this, since he gave me this book). Everything, everything is a beautiful story of an almost impossible love, a strange disease, first loves, and touching words. I’m a big fan of young adult fiction, there, I confessed, and Nicola Yoon knows how to write one. It’s her first novel, and soon it will also be a movie. Be careful, you will devour it in one sitting.


The Sun is Also a Star
by Nicola Yoon

The sun is also a star, Nicola Yoon

Get a copy here!

After falling in love with Everything, everything, I decided to read The Sun is Also a Star, by the same author. The book was chosen by readers as number 3 of the year under the category young adult fiction on Goodreads, and I tell you what, it’s a beautiful story, also about an almost impossible love. Two characters so different, but still so perfect for each other, and a day that will never be forgotten by either of them.


Beautiful Bastard
by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard, Christina Lauren

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For the fans of Fifty Shades (me!), a.k.a erotic romance, this book will leave you breathless, and probably shocked too. It doesn’t get boring, not in one single paragraph, and it was so successful that the authors wrote an entire series of it.


Still Alice
by Lisa Genova

Still Alice, Lisa Genova

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Yes, it became a movie, but as we book lovers already know, important parts are missing, and the emotion the written story communicates is not the same as on the screen. It is a heartbreaking story of a Harvard psychologist professor that discovers she has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. It is incredibly sad to see how slowly her life changes.


Chasing Athens
by Marissa Tejada

Chasing Athens, Marissa Tejada

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This lovely and light story was written by travel blogger and journalist Marissa Tejada, from Travel Greece Travel Europe. It’s a romantic comedy set in Greece, and it has some cool insights into the life of an expat in the country and the local culture. I loved to read it before I went to Greece for the first time this year early in May, it inspired me even more to my trip.


One Small Act of Kindness
by Lucy Dillon

One small act of kindness, Lucy Dillon

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Lucy Dillon’s books are the kind that you want to read when it’s cold outside and you’re cozy on your couch with a cup of tea. Her stories are so heartwarming, light, and real, One Small Act of Kindness is no different. It’s about friendship and kindness, and the consequences of the combination of both.


by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments Rainbow Rowell

Get a copy here!

After falling in love with Eleanor & Park last year, I had to read one more of Rainbow Rowell’s books. Attachments is a fun and funny read, it catches your attention from the start and it’s impossible to put down. I’m looking forward to reading more of her books this year.


What Alice Forgot
by Liane Moriarty

What Alice forgot Liane Moriarty

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A lovely story about memory loss, love, sisterhood, family, motherhood and all things life. The story of this book stuck in my head throughout the year, it is a lovely read that makes you think of your own life and decisions.


Finding Audrey
by Sophie Kinsella

Finding Audrey Sophie Kinsella

Get a copy here!

Sophie Kinsella’s chicklits are the best, they always make me laugh and I love it. On Finding Audrey she did a great job on bringing up a sensitive subject in a really light, kind and funny way. It’s one of the reasons I keep reading her books and never get tired.


And Then There Were None
by Agatha Christie

And then there were none Agatha Christie

Get a copy here!

As last year, I’m also recommending a classic, this time is of one of the legends of mystery, Agatha Christie. And Then There Were None was the first of her novels I read, and it made me wonder why I haven’t read any of her books before. I finished it in one day, and I’m afraid I will do the same with all of her books!


Wild: From lost to found on the Pacific Crest Trail
by Cheryl Strayed

Wild Cheryl Strayed

Get a copy here!

Forget the movie, the book is the real deal about the story of Cheryl Strayed’s adventure when hiking the PCT. I dare you read it and don’t start planning an adventure to yourself. Anyone who feels or ever felt lost will identify with this book. It was the surprise of the year to me, and because of it, there are some awesome travel plans for 2017 coming up!


The time traveler’s wife
by Audrey Niffenegger

The time traveler's wife Audrey Niffenegger

Get a copy here!

An amazing love story stronger than time. How not to fall in love with Henry and Clare? It isn’t a new book, it even became a movie already, but if you still haven’t read it, do it, wait no longer. I think I waited too long to read this incredibly well written story!


I will be more than happy to get book recommendations from you, so let me know on the comments below. You can also check which books I’m planning on reading in 2017 on my Goodreads “For 2017” list.

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Books to read in 2017

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