What to pack for a Formula 1 Grand Prix

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austria

As I excitedly pack my suitcase to my 6th Formula 1 Grand Prix, this time in Hockenheim, Germany, I remember that it has been a year since my last GP. It’s always good to refresh my memory and think of the packing essentials, because of course, I want to enjoy every second of the experience in the most comfortable way, with everything I need.

For this reason, I thought it was about time I shared here on the blog a list of what to pack for a Formula 1 Grand Prix, from things you just can’t leave behind to optional accessories that can make your experience even more unforgettable. This list will not only help myself in the next GP’s of my life, which I expect will be many (smiling excitedly), but also all of you who are going or planning on going to one in the near future. So here we go:

Please don’t forget!

The tickets

Lanyards: where I buy my tickets I always get a lanyard, but if it’s not your case, you can find them for sale in and around the circuit. It’s very handy to have one since you might need to show your ticket a few times as you walk around the circuit. Not to mention it’s a nice souvenir!

Formula 1 lanyards

Cash: if you plan on buying food or souvenirs, you might want to bring cash as most places in the circuits don’t accept cards. However, it’s possible to find ATM machines in most circuits.


Your racing team’s t-shirt
Comfortable shoes
Rain jacket: do check the weather forecast, especially in Europe, as rain can be common is most races

For the good and bad weather

Sun glasses
Sun cream
Umbrella: also works for when it’s too hot, just be careful not to annoy others around you
Rain cape: more practical than the umbrella

When staying at the General Admission

The experience of staying at the General Admission (where you don’t have a reserved seat) is very different than staying in a Grandstand, and there is one essential item you should take along with you: a folding chair.

Remember to check the rules and restrictions of the circuit you are going, as some of them prohibit folding chairs, in this case, take at least a blanket.

Register the moment

Memory cards

*Note that most circuits don’t allow you to bring a tripod.

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza

For your comfort

Water and food: if you don’t want to spend a lot on the circuit or want to eat something different than what’s offered there, you are allowed to bring your own water and food.

Ear protector: I confess, I never used it. I love the sound of the cars. No, I don’t get a headache, but if you believe you might, take one or get one at the circuit.

Portable cushion seat: in case you need an extra comfort.


Portable radio: it is an essential item to pack in case you don’t want to miss any detail of the race. I never did take one with me, I always follow the race with the Formula 1 official App, the circuit’s official app or try to stay in a place near a TV screen so I can follow what’s going on. However, it’s up to you whether to take a portable radio or not, after all, with the phone you need internet connection to use such features on the apps.

Binocular: also up to you. Might be nice to have one and see the cars closer.

Toilet paper: sounds weird? Well, I tell you what, infrastructure and organization vary from circuit to circuit. To be on the safe side, take some toilet paper with you to the race, you are going to spend the whole day there and the bathroom might not have enough toilet paper for everyone, it happened to me in Monza.

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi

Ready? Set. Go!


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What to pack for a Formula 1 GP



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  • Mabel Kwong

    Almost 1 year and you haven’t been to the GP! That is quite a long time for a GP fanatic 😀 Love this list you put together. I didn’t know that there weren’t that many seats in the General Admission for some races, and bringing a chair would make sense if you don’t want to sit on the grass and have your view blocked.

    I also didn’t know that camera tripods are not allowed. But it makes sense because if so, there will be people lining up at the front with the tall tripods and the people at the back cannot see anything 😀 Hope you enjoy the GP this year <3

    • Yess, it’s a long time Mabel 😀 I just came back from the German GP and it was amazing!! I’m already missing it!
      The general admission doesn’t have seats at all, it’s just an open area where you decide where to stay, so bringing chairs is very handy, though not all circuits allow it. Same thing goes for the tripods.

  • Certainly looks like fun! I never got into NASCAR racing too much in the States. So cool you got to meet one of the drivers! #MondayEscapes

    • Never been to NASCAR, but would love to see how it is 😀
      You should try going to a Formula 1 GP, it’s very different than on TV!

  • Oh my, only 1 hour away?
    Well, I hope to go to Silverstone one day, but unfortunately it’s one of the most expensive races of the calendar :/
    I never took the radio either, I follow the race with the F1 App if I have internet.. and yes, toilet paper is definitely handy haha 😀

  • OMG are you serious? The Singapore GP is sooo high on my Formula 1 bucket list! I was also impressed to see the prices, it’s not that expensive compared to most races. When I finally make it there I will need some tips from you 😀

  • Thank you Sarah, I hope it will be useful to your hubby 😀

  • hahaha no, we avoid taking him to a Formula 1 GP trip, as we spend mostly the entire time on the circuit it would be sad for him to stay in the hotel the whole time, so we left him at the dog hotel where he always stays 😀
    Thank you so much, so glad you like the story of my traveling dog haha… soon we will be on two-week road trip around Slovenia and Croatia 😉

  • Thank you Stephanie, it was amazing! So great that I felt sad when it was over… already looking forward to the next GP! 😀

  • So true Sam, I agree with you!! 😀

  • I bet he would 😀 funny thing is, here I’m the crazy one for the sport, hubby loves it too, but I’m always the most excited one hahaha

  • Hey Lauren… yes, you are allowed to bring drinks to the circuit, though some of them don’t allow glass bottles in the stands, for safety reasons. It vary from circuit to circuit. 😀

  • I think it’s very similar too Ruth, and normally it’s a 3-day event which you can stay the whole day 😀

  • Thank you Kit 😀 yes, I think it’s very similar!!

  • True 😀
    Thank you!

  • Yaaaay, another fan around here!!
    Thank you, glad you liked the list. I hope to go to the Melbourne GP someday 😀

  • Thank you Kacy 😀

  • hahaha true Clare!! 😀

  • They are definitely practical aren’t they? 😀
    Thank you!

  • So true Kerri, couldn’t agree more with you!!

  • Thank you Kate 🙂

  • Thank you Trish! I hope you will have the opportunity to go sometime 😀

  • Thank you dear 🙂
    Time to go again then!

  • So cool! I’ve never been to a NASCAR race, hopefully one day 😀

  • Oh really?? That’s so cool Ami, I hope you guys go to another race again!
    As your husband, I also follow Formula 1 since I was a kid, and after moving to Europe it became easier to go to the GP’s.
    hahaha no, on the race you definitely wouldn’t fall asleep 🙂
    I hope this post will be useful to you in the future!

  • Ohhh you definitely should!! 😀 Maybe you will enjoy it!!

  • It is very exciting in real life, way better than on tv! And you’re right, it’s also a nice way to visit different cities 😀

  • Thank you! I hope you will 🙂

  • Thank you!
    Ohhh so amazing, Monaco is my dream race, still haven’t be there for a GP! Hopefully someday soon 😉

  • I did Cindy, I loooove F1 🙂
    It is very exciting… way better than on TV 😉

  • Very true 🙂 hahaha sometime already in the beginning of the day!

  • hahaha I am, right? I love F1 since I was kid, mainly because of Senna 😀
    I wish I could work with F1, that’s the truth hahaha