12 things that really matter about hotel rooms

What really matter about hotel rooms

Nowadays you can find a whole bunch of things in a hotel room. From fancy shower gel to expensive champagne, some hotels go way beyond the basic and think of every detail that can make you happy during your stay. Meanwhile, there are those hotels that don’t even offer the basic, just because, why go to all the trouble?

Let’s be honest, whether you are a budget or luxury traveler, when staying at a hotel, there are some basic things you really wish to have. Extra luxuries are great of course, but they don’t really matter if you don’t have what you actually need. Oh, so you don’t mind staying in a crappy hotel to save money? I bet you wouldn’t like to use a disgusting bathroom. You see?

A few months ago, W and I put some thought into the whole hotel room deal, and we came up with a list of 12 things that really matter about hotel rooms, no matter where, when, with or how much, they are a must. So dear hotel owners, here is what we care about:


No hair on the bed, shower or bathtub. No mold, cigarette or cleaning products smell. No dust on the bedside table or desks. Right?

All we want is a clean room where we can comfortably sleep and shower and have no allergies.

What really matter about hotel rooms

A great shower

What’s up with the water strength? We aren’t supposed to count the drops, but take a proper shower and be able to wash our hair (whoever has it) in a few minutes, not hours. Cold water during winter? Please. Temperature hard to control? No, thanks.

What really matter about hotel rooms

A safe with enough space

Why safes have to be so small? What if we want to put our laptops in? How is that going to be possible? Wouldn’t be nice to have enough space?

Good and free Wi-Fi

For the love of God, why even bother offer Wi-Fi if it doesn’t work AT ALL? What’s even worse, charge for it? Also, why limit the room to 3 devices? And why do we have to log in every time we return to the room? All we want is to be able to check our stuff, call the family back home, text and post pictures, ok? Thanks.

A good bed

Yes, please. No noisy, too hard or too soft bed. Is it possible to have it neutral? Also, if we ask for a double bed, would be great not to have two twin beds put together. It’s not comfortable.

What really matter about hotel rooms

Plug next to the bed

If there was to be only one plug in the whole room, it should be right next to the bed. Because who doesn’t arrive tired in the room and doesn’t need to charge the phone, laptop or whatever?

What really matter about hotel rooms

Properly working sink and shower drains

Who doesn’t hate a sink or shower drain that doesn’t work? Brushing the teeth while the water seems to stick around for 10 minutes until it goes down. Or what about taking a shower and having water up to your ankles? Oh, please. I hate that.


Even if there isn’t anything inside, having a fridge in the hotel room can be useful to anyone. It’s great to keep drinks or food refrigerated, why not? Maybe it’s summer, you bought some Belgium chocolates and they will certainly melt if you don’t have a fridge in the room.

Flexible check-in and check-out

We all know some offer this service, sometimes even with an extra fee, but wouldn’t it be great if it became basic for every hotel? We could start exploring the city early, and sleep until later on the last day.

What really matter about hotel rooms


Believe me, there are still hotels that don’t offer hairdryer!

Big mirror

No matter how small or budget the room is, having a big mirror really makes a difference. Especially to all the women out there.

Friendly service

After all, hotels are under the service category, which means that dealing with people is their business. Who doesn’t appreciate a friendly service?

What really matter about hotel rooms

I think this list could be longer, what you would add to it? Let me know on the comments below.


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What really matter about hotel rooms

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  • hahaha soooo true! How could I have forgotten those? Probably because they are so basic!
    Thank you!

  • You are so spot on! Well, some of those things I dont really need – I dont use a hair dryer and I prefer a good tub to a shower (tho I did like the rain one in Blakemore), but how could you not have plugs by the bed and a proper wifi in 2016???

    • hahaha I loved the rain shower at the Blakemore too!! I know right? hahaha Imagine how it was 10 years ago hahaha

  • Ohhh nooo 🙁 I also had bad experience with the heating once, but it was just my fault as I didn’t know how it worked hahaha
    But I know how inconvenient it is :/ sorry to know that!

  • hahaha oh my!!! I know what you mean, I’ve had bad experiences with pillows before and I hated it.
    Decent pillows it is… considered added to the list!! 😀

  • hahahaha they are both my priorities too for a hotel! 😀

  • Microwave is a great one!! That would be great to have in a hotel room, always 😀

  • True Karen, considered it added to the list!!
    Yess, I always need to leave my lap top locked on the suitcase because it doesn’t fit on the safe :/

  • hahaha so true Stephen, great point!! It’s also horrible when the hotel has walls that lets you hear everything from the other rooms, I hate it!! Considered it added to the list!

  • hahahaha that’s a good one Sally. I didn’t add the tv because in my case if we watch anything before bed is on the laptop, so I normally don’t care about the TV, but it makes perfect sense!! Consider it added 😀

  • Ohh nooo, I hate that!! It happened to me on my building in Geneva, I was freezing at night and later I discovered that they normally only turn on the heating in November…. it was October hahaha