8 romantic road trips to take around Europe

Romantic Road Trips around Europe
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Europe romantic? No doubt and unquestionable. Many cities of the old continent are among the most romantic in the world, no wonder it became so popular among lovers and honeymooners from everywhere. Since we are on Valentine’s day’s week, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share some more itineraries here on the blog, this time 8 romantic road trips to take around Europe.

Of all the recommendations only one I haven’t done completely, all the others are road trips I have taken (mind you, not all for romantic purposes, which means you shouldn’t feel obliged to take them only with your lover) since the first time I visited Europe (2003). Of course, there are many more romantic road trips you can take in Europe, but I like to recommend what I have previously done, and here are my top 8:

Belgium and The Netherlands

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Brussels + Bruges + Amsterdam

The only itinerary of the list that I haven’t completely done, since I still haven’t visited Brussels. Though, if I were to go to Belgium and The Netherlands on a road trip again, this would be my itinerary:

Starting with Brussels, then Bruges and Amsterdam, and maybe a city in between, like Ghent, Antwerp, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden or even Utrecht (so many options!).

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Recommended length: 10 days
How many days in each place:
Brussels: 3
Bruges: 2
Amsterdam: 4
Reserve 1 day for a stop in between
Total travel time and distance: 367Km (around 4,5 hours) + 210Km if you return to Brussels (around 2,5 hours). Total: 577Km in 7 hours.
Tolls and vignette along the way: tolls for some bridges and tunnels in both countries



Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Rome + Tuscany

Let’s be clear, Italy is entirely romantic, and everywhere you go it will be the perfect scenario to fall in love. Though, not all routes are great or easy for a road trip, so I have chosen this one not only because it’s easy, but also because there is no better way to explore Tuscany if not by car. Even better if you can include Rome. My suggestion:

Start with Rome, get a car there then head to Siena, San Gimignano, then Chianti region and finish it up in Florence. In between, enjoy your days to visit small villages around, there are so many that you might have trouble deciding where to go. An itinerary for Italian wine and food lovers.

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Recommended length: 12 – 15 days
Recommended days in each place:
Rome: 4
Siena: 2
San Gimignano, Radda and Greve in Chianti area: 3 – 6
Florence: 3
Total travel time and distance: 356Km (around 5 hours) + 282Km if you return to Rome (around 3 hours). Total: 638Km in 8 hours + extra for exploring Tuscany.
Tolls and vignette along the way: tolls
See tips for:



Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Paris + Tours

As in every romantic itinerary, Paris is a must, even better with the medieval and romantic castles, which you will be able to visit from Tours, the capital of the Loire Valley. This is a very simple and yet unforgettable itinerary; start and finish with Paris.

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Recommended length: 7 – 9 days
Recommended days in each place to enjoy your time without hurrying: 
Paris: 4 – 5
Tours: 3 – 4
Total travel time and distance: 240km (around 3,5 hours) one-way. Returning to Paris: 480km in 7 hours.
Tolls and vignette along the way: tolls
See tips for:


France and Monaco

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

The Côte D’Azur + Monte Carlo

Scenario that inspired classic books and movies, the Côte D’Azur make up for an unforgettable romantic getaway, and on top of it, the charming principality of Monaco just a few kilometers away from Nice.

My suggestion: start in Nice, get a car there and start exploring. From Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, Eze to Monte Carlo, there are wonderful towns at the Côte D’Azur to make a stop.

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Recommended length: 1 week to 10 days
Recommended days in each place:
You can use Nice as your base and take day trips to the nearby towns, but if you have a preferred location, feel free to adjust the itinerary as it pleases you.
Total travel time and distance: at least 300Km in 3,5 hours
Nice to St. Tropez: 112Km in 1,5 hour
Nice to Cannes: 33Km in 40 minutes
Nice to Antibes: 23Km in 30 minutes
Nice to Monte Carlo: 20Km in 30 minutes one-way
Nice to Eze: 12Km in 27 minutes
Tolls and vignette along the way: tolls


Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Prague, Vienna and Budapest

One of the most wonderful itineraries in Europe: the combination of three romantic European cities in one trip. The medieval Prague, Vienna and its cafes and Budapest with the Danube parting the Buda and Pest sides.

You can either start from Prague or Budapest, then Vienna in between.

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Recommended length: 10 days
Recommended days in each place:
Prague: 3
Vienna: 3
Budapest: 3
Reserve 1 day for the road
Total travel time and distance: 534Km in 6 hours (if returning to Prague = 1,068Km in almost 13 hours)
Tolls and vignette along the way: vignette apply to all of the destinations
See tips for:



Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Madrid + Barcelona

Ahhh these two! Hard to tell which one will be your favorite (mine is Madrid for sure), combine both and you won’t regret, and in between you can maybe even squeeze in Zaragoza.

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Recommended length: 1 week
Recommended days in each place:
Madrid: 3
Barcelona: 3
1 day for the road and Zaragoza
Total travel time and distance: approximately 624Km in 6,5 hours (more time if stopping in Zaragoza). If returning to Madrid = 1,248Km in 13 hours
Tolls and vignette along the way: tolls
See tips for:


Germany and Switzerland

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Munich + The Neuschwanstein Castle + Zurich + Lucerne

I love the idea of this itinerary, and I’m sure you will too. Start in Munich, then head to the Neuschwanstein Castle, on your way to Zurich then Lucerne. The scenario of this journey can take anyone’s breath away.

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Recommended length: 9 days
Recommended days in each place:
Munich: 3
Neuschwanstein Castle: 1
Zurich: 3
Lucerne: 2
Total travel time and distance: 413Km in around 6 hours. If returning to Munich: 723Km in approximately 9 hours in total.
Tolls and vignette along the way: Swiss Vignette
See tips for:
Neuschwanstein Castle


Slovenia and Croatia

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Ljubljana + the Croatian Coast

One of my favorite itineraries ever. Ljubljana for those not familiar with, is among the most romantic cities in Europe. Once there, you will have no doubt that it really is. Combining it with the Croatian beaches is even better, because let’s be honest, how not to fall in love in and with Croatia?

I always recommend to start with the cities, then head to the beach, so start your trip in Ljubljana, then feel free to choose one (or maybe more?) destinations on the coast. Among my suggestions: Rovinj, Pula and Brijuni, Krk Island, Cres Island, and Zadar. Other destinations would be all in between Zadar and Dubrovnik, but those would be further to the south and it would require more days and planning.

Romantic Road Trips around Europe

Recommended length: 2 weeks
Recommended days in each place:
Ljubljana: 2-3
Dedicate the rest to the beach, please!
Total travel time and distance: at least 300Km in 4 hours if returning to Ljubljana
From Ljubljana to:
Pula: 204Km in 2,5 hours
Rovinj: 187Km in 2:15h
Krk Island: 158Km in 2,5 hours
Zadar: 343Km in 4 hours
Tolls and vignette along the way:
Slovenia: vignette
Croatia: toll
See tips for:


*For tips on road tripping Europe check my post Essential tips for Road Tripping Europe.


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Romantic Road Trips around Europe

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  • love the suggestions! I’ve done many of these road trips. My favorite one is probably Cote d’Azur+Monaco+Aix en Provence!

    • Soo nice that you also love a road trip 😀
      Ohh I still haven’t been to Aix en Provence! One day I will!!

  • Awesome suggestions!

  • Gin

    Nice ideas ! I would love to do the Italian one even if I would be scared to drive in such big cities

    • No need to drive in Rome though, get the car once you are headed to Tuscany 😀 I also don’t advise to drive in Rome if you are not used to the city, I also get nervous with that hahaha. But on the motorways is pretty easy 😀

  • I love road trips! My problem is that I definitely need a companion for those – I like traveling solo but I cannot be in the car, driving, by myself.

    • Ohhhh you need to find a road trip partner then!! I hope you do. As you I also don’t like to do it by myself, it’s not the same 🙁

  • Mabel Kwong

    So many romantic places in Europe! I haven’t been to any and I don’t know where to go if I had a choice 😀 Vienna has always attracted me for the architecture, and Barcelona for the sights by the sea. Always, anywhere with good food is a bonus – it’s not a priority but if the place has good food, why not 😀

    • Yesss!! Same here, if the food is good, why not? 😀
      I hope you come to Europe someday Mabel, there are so many wonderful places for you to visit… Vienna is stunning! 😀

  • Some wonderful itineraries here Allane! Have been to quite a few of the places you suggest (though by no means all of them). I like your link ups – the Munich to Lucerne one combines some of my favourite places (have been to them all on separate holidays) . We usually go by rail as the thought of driving on the wrong side of the road (for us) always stresses me! That would be such a romantic road trip to do however! 🙂

    • Wonderful Rosemary! I understand about the driving part, it would be the same for me in the UK and Australia, I would definitely feel nervous and stressed hahaha. Rail is a great option, I wish I had done more train trips, but since for us in the end is cheaper and more practical with the car, that’s always our choice 😀

  • Wonderful!! Happy to know that. As you main imagine, rain is something that happens in every season around here, so I think for a better weather, between May and October you should be safe, because even if it rains, it won’t be so cold 😀 I particularly love driving during autumn, it’s stunning 😀
    I hope you guys make this trip in 2017, you will love it!!

  • Ohhhh I reaaaally want to go to Romania!! Maybe this year it will work out, but I’m not sure yet when.
    And you should definitely visit Spain, I looove that country 😀

  • hahaha yes, I think so too! 😀
    Thank you!

  • Thank you!! I love them both! This year Im planning to return to Croatia, and next year hopefully the French Riviera 😀

  • Funny, because we’ve actually done some of those road trips! 🙂

    • They are the best to take from Bavaria I guess 😀
      Cool that you guys have done them! This year I plan on taking a few different ones, let’s see 😀

  • The_Paris_Itinerary

    Great post! I have been to several of these places but not in the groupings you have. Looks like I have lots to add to my bucket list!
    Bises, Kimberly

  • Phoebe Thomas

    Lovely ideas Allane, I’ve done pretty much all of those trips except I’ve never been to either Madrid or Zurich. The Côte d’Azur one is practically my daily existence!! Aren’t I the lucky one 🙂

    • Ohh you certainly are very lucky Phoebe 😀
      Having the Côte d’Azur as your backyard is something to be very happy about 😀
      I wish I could go there again this year!

  • Leiden is gorgeous, I can definitely recommend that as a stop on the first tour.

    • It is isn’t it? I almost went to live there while studying my Master, but then I decided to take Geneva instead… sad decision haha 😀

  • Kathleen (Kat)

    I like how you package a few cities together – great idea! Have you tried the train routes for these places? If yes, that would be an idea to write about it too 🙂 #MondayEscapes

    • Thank you Kat! No, unfortunately I don’t travel much by train, most of the time the fares are so expensive that is way cheaper to take our car… but I do hope to take more train trips in the future, whenever I find good prices 😀

      • Kathleen (Kat)

        oh, I didn’t know that train travels are more expensive that driving. Ok, I shall take note of that when I get the chance to travel in Europe! 🙂

        • Unfortunately yes Kat 🙁 at least for us who already have a car here, train travel is more expensive most of the time. You can easily spend 100Euros on a ticket, and if you are flying with more people, like I normally do with my husband, then it surely turns out more expensive. Of course, sometimes there are great prices when they have sales and all, but I never got lucky with them!

  • Thank you dear 😀 I hope you find a travel companion, if not, go ahead and do it by yourself 😀

  • hahaha thank you dear!! 😀 I wish you some romantic travels soon!

  • Really? That’s awesome! Yess, do it, you will love it 😀

  • I looove road tripping in Italy! I could spend a whole month road tripping there, the only problem are the tolls, which are soooo expensive! I love Tuscany!! 😀

  • hahaha happy to know that Gina! I hope you get to do them all… it’s worth it 😀

  • Thank you so much Amanda 😀
    I’ve been to Umbria before, to Assisi (such a pretty place), but really don’t remember if it’s cheaper than Tuscany, but I’m guessing it is 😀 I hope you guys have a wonderful trip!

  • haha 😀 Germany and Switzerland are certainly amazing for a road trip!! I hope you do it some time!

  • Hi guys!! Thank you for stopping by!
    How cool that you also travel with your dog 😀 so happy to know that other people do the same out there!
    And thank you, happy that you liked the post!!

  • I still haven’t been to Provence! I gotta change that soon 😀

  • hahaha great to know that Megan 😀 and great choices… the Croatia one is my favorite, and I later this year I will be doing something similar again 😀

  • Hi Linda!! Thank you so much 😀
    It is definitely hard to pick one! I’m also crazy about doing the Dalmatian coast!!
    And the wine is always good hahaha

  • hahaha I think I might have OCD too though… at least when it comes to travel planning! 😀
    Happy that you liked it… I couldn’t do it any other way, I love organizing itineraries!

  • Thank you Cathy 😀
    Next time you take your husband to Ljubljana! And i hope you will do the Spanish road trip sometime!! 😀

  • Thank you dear 😀

  • Thank you Stephanie 😀
    hahaha yes it would be rude not to include Vienna! I hope you guys take this road trip sometime, I love this itinerary! 😀

  • Thank you Sarah!! How exciting! I hope you guys have a fantastic trip 😀

  • hahahaha so true Sally!! It is very important to have a simple itinerary… and a GPS that works 😀

  • Thank you so much Ruth!! So happy that you liked the post!
    I road trip around Andalucia must be amazing. I have to return to Spain sometime soon 😀

  • Thank you Amber!! Very happy you liked my itineraries… I hope they will be useful to you!
    I love both Prague and Amsterdam! I hope you will have a wonderful trip 😀

  • Thank you Sara!! 😀
    A road trip around Tuscany is a dream!! And Paris and Tours are amazing too! I hope you take them sometime 😀

  • Thank you Clare!! I’m crazy about going to the Amalfi Coast… let’s see how it goes with a road trip haha!
    I hope you take the Slovenia and Croatia trip, it’s one of my favorites 😀

  • Thank you 😀
    hahaha a route around Italy is always a good idea, especially if you are looking for sunny days!!

  • Thank you Christine!! I’m a bit like you when it comes to driving through big cities I’m not familiar with… that’s why most of the time my hubby does the driving 😀 haha

  • Thank you dear! Happy to know that 😀

  • Thank you dear!! I really want to go to Brussels sometime, good to know that you liked it 😀

  • I hope you guys do the Croatia route some time! I love Italy one too… my hubby and I often say that when we get older, we will buy a house in Tuscany and live there until we die 😀 hahaha

  • Thank you dear 😀
    That’s another great itinerary. How was to go to Venice by car? Where did you park?
    I know right? I love that is so easy to get around Europe by car!

  • Thank you Marcella 😀 it is definitely hard to choose!! haha

  • hahaha you will love Italy!! For me I would go there every year… good thing that it’s so near Munich 😀

  • Thank you so much Trish!! And what a lovely story to return home pregnant after such an amazing trip 😀

  • Thank you dear!! I hope you get to take some cool road trips around Europe someday 😀

  • Wow, a train from Chamonix to Paris must be amazing!!
    I hope you do take a road trip around France sometime, there are so many wonderful places there!!

  • hahaha I love that town!! You will love it Vlad… and you should combine it with Croatia when you go, this way you finally make it there easily 😀

  • That’s great to know Emma!! I am certainly noting down the name of the city! I love places off the beaten path. I totally agree with you that you don’t need to always go to the big cities or the most touristy ones. Thank you for the tip! 😀

  • Thank you Beth 😀 Ohh so happy to know that, I hope this post will be useful to you in the future!!
    When did you link your post? It was open until Sunday. I can’t find your post on the link up 🙁
    Normally you just have to click on the small blu button under the links which says “Add you link” then the rest is easy.
    If it didn’t work you can try again on Monday 😀

  • Hey Beth! Sorry for the confusion.
    So, this week is over here on the blog and you can find the post here: http://www.packingmysuitcase.com/2016/03/14/monday-escapes-30/
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    Find a small blue button that says “Add your link” and click there 😀 you will be asked to insert a link then just hit ok!
    Let me know how it goes 😀

  • I love road trips, but I have to confess that most of the driving is on my husband… I’m a great co-pilot though 😀

  • yaaaay awesome! Happy to know that 😀 You’re welcome!