10 snacks the Germans love

Gummy bears
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At house parties, before or after dinner, while watching a football match, at the cinema or barbecue, the Germans as probably most of nationalities if not all, love a snack. Sweet, sour or salty, caloric or too much caloric, you pick. Some are incredibly addicting, others might sound and look strange, either way, the vast majority of the Germans I know, love them all.

Gummy bears and friends

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Probably the most beloved and popular snack in Germany. Gummy bears – Gummibärchen – and all his friends by Haribo are present in almost every party, dinner or any meetings with friends at home. You can be sure of something, among other sweet snacks served on the table, they are the first ones the Germans pick.

These colourful gelatin candies were originated in Germany in the 1920’s by the famous Haribo company.


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The Germans love potatoes, and of course, chips too. While watching football with friends, there is always someone who has the idea of bringing a package or two. By the end of the match they will most probably be gone. Barbecue and paprika flavours are the most beloved ones.

Sweet popcorn

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When I moved to Germany I was impressed by how sweet popcorn – süß popcorn – is preferred over the traditional salty one. When buying popcorn, if you don’t say you want it salty, the vendor will give you the sweet one. If you ask all the Germans which one they prefer, I am almost sure that sweet popcorn will win the battle easily.

At the cinema, at the stadium, at the Oktoberfest, in supermarkets, sweet popcorn dominate, but of course, salty popcorn can be found everywhere too. Though, I know places that only sell the sweet one.

Nachos and dips

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These snacks are adored by my German friends, and I know I can never go wrong if I serve them. If they are spicy even better, the sauce is gone before I know it.

Saltletts Snack Mix

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A small box with a mix of salty snacks, some are awesome, others aren’t really my taste. The package is divided so that each snack has its own individual box, which means you don’t have to open all at the same time. It’s practical and a great hint with friends over.

Erdnuss Flippies

Erdnuss flippies
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Honestly? These are weird. They are sweet-and-sour-crunchy peanut flavoured snacks. I still haven’t decided if I like them, but most Germans certainly do.



Ok, these are very Bavarian, but I couldn’t just not include them on this list. I am not sure how often Germans outside Bavaria eat them, but I can say that the Germans here eat them practically everyday. For breakfast, with lunch, as an afternoon snack or at night; with butter, obazda, plain, with cheese, with or without salt, you pick. I love it.

Candied Almonds

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These are the best! In Germany they are called Gebrannte Mandeln, sweet roasted almonds with a touch of cinnamon, they smell like Christmas and Christmas Markets where they are traditionally sold. They can be found around the streets in every season of the year .


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A simple waffle, chocolate and hazelnut, made by Ferrero. This snack is one of my favourites in Germany; it’s delicious and addicting. They can be found in normal and mini sizes, in small and big packages.

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These are chocolate pralines with a hazelnut topped with chocolate inside a caramel shell. Does it sound appealing to you? The Germans love it. They are sweet, crunchy and sticky. Here in Germany it’s a great snack to eat while watching football games or after dinner.

They were originally created in Germany, but nowadays can be found in other countries too.

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10 snacks the Germans love, by Packing my Suitcase

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  • So, the only ones the taste of which I cannot imagine are the Erdnuss Flippies. And I totally want to try them!!! The rest I have had either in America or Russia – the toffee candies are VERY popular here, and gummy bears – in the US!

    • hahahaha I’m almost sure you would like the Erdnuss Flippies, they are weird, but somehow addicting 😀

  • Got to love Gold Bears. Also I love that the Haribo slogan rhymes in both English and German and is done to the same tune!

  • Tracey Williams

    My husband has just returned from a business trip to Germany and he said each meeting room had a huge display of various snacks lol. He had lots of the Brezen or Pretzels as he called them x

    • hahaha I can imagine, they love doing that in Germany! 😀 I hope you husband liked it!

  • I had no idea gummy bears where so popular in Germany. Haribo is pretty popular here in Spain, though not nearly as much as in Germany. I’ll have to try Hanutas, they look so good!

    • Yess, the gummy bears were invented in Germany by Haribo and people here love it. I like it, but I’m not crazy about them 😀
      Yes, do try Hanuta, it’s amazing!!

  • So I’m guessing you like gummy bears 😀

  • That Salztangen is already included in the Saltletts mix 😀
    Yes I know Laugengebäck 😀

  • 😀 thank you!

  • hahaha really?? 😀 that’s so cool!! So I’m guessing you would love to go to the movies in Germany, you would have them all 😀

  • hahaha I’m also not a big fan of gummy bear… but looove pretzel 😀

  • They are soooo good 😀

  • hahahaha, I never thought about making my own, but you certainly can try!! 🙂

  • hahaha really? 😀 I like it too, but it’s not my favourite one of the list.

  • Mabel Kwong

    All these German snacks sound soooo good! I am a savoury person, always preferring savoury over sweet food. So the chips, nachos and fliippies sound very appetising to me 😀 I’ve heard of the Haribo gummy bears, and a while ago I heard in the news that the sugarless Haribo gummy bears send a lot of people running to the toilet right after eating. Don’t know if this is true or not 😀

    • hahaha so you would like the salty snacks, I like them too 😀
      I didn’t know there were sugarless Haribo gummy bears, I never saw them! Next time I will pay attention hahaa

  • hahahah do it, I looove it!!