Why traveling as a couple is not boring

Why traveling as a couple is not boring, by Packing my Suitcase

People often get surprised when they ask me “with whom are you traveling?” and get the answer “with my husband”. They tend to say “only the two of you?” as if they think “how boring”. The truth is, there is no better travel companion for me than my husband, and I rather travel with him than anyone else in the world – don’t get me wrong.

Our first trip was already within the first 2 months of our relationship. So far, we have been to over 15 different countries, stayed in awesome and horrible hotels, learned things with and about each other, faced dangerous and stressful situations, as well as enjoyed relaxing and happy moments, did over 50 dives as buddies, went to four Formula 1 Grand Prix, and it’s just the beginning.

Traveling as a couple has certainly made our relationship stronger, it helped us to discover ourselves, and respect each other even more. We have our own way of traveling: we already know what the other likes and doesn’t like, who is going to take care of this and that, which food and accommodation the other prefers, as well as fears and limitations.

No, traveling as a couple is not boring! In fact, it is the thing we mostly look forward to as soon as we come back from a trip. And if you call walking 60km in one weekend in Paris, traveling on a seaplane over the Maldives, watching Formula 1 cars racing in front of us, and diving with sharks boring. Then, yes, traveling together is boring for you, but certainly not for us.

It is boring only if you let it be boring, or if your partner bores you. But then, I ask you: why are you together in the first place? The whole point of being in a relationship is being happy with each other, and to enjoy spending time together. If you can’t stand a trip only the two of you, then it’s probably time to rethink your relationship. No, I am not telling you to break up, this decision only you can make.

Why traveling as a couple is not boring, by Packing my Suitcase

Then, why traveling as a couple is not boring?


You are spending time together

No, it is not the same as spending time at home together. While traveling you are in a different environment, facing other types of situations, out of your comfort zones.

You are constantly learning with each other

Fears, limits, tastes, are only some of the new discoveries you will make about each other along the way. And as the time passes, you will see that you can still learn more from each other, it is an on going process.

You are making memories together

Unique memories, moments that only the two of you will remember, and even if you tell everyone back home, they will never completely understand. So they will be your thing, your moments, your memories.

You are trying new and more things

Diving, skydiving, volleyball, golfing, something you never had the courage to do alone before. You will motivate each other.

You can help and support each other

He can help her with the heavy luggage, she can help him with packing and planning. She is afraid of height, he hugs her and tells her she can do it. It’s teamwork.

You can make new friends together

The trip is all about the two of you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t meet new people and make new friends.

You are evolving together as human beings

Instead of growing apart, you are growing and evolving together. You start to think like the other, and even to sound like the other.

You have someone to share moments with

In your trip, sometimes all you want is to show someone how funny that is, or how beautiful that looks. Because even if you like traveling solo, having someone to share some moments with is simply the best, and your partner is there for that.

Together, you have something to look forward to:

your next trip!

Why traveling as a couple is not boring, by Packing my SuitcaseTraveling as a couple is not all about the honeymoon. I see traveling as a couple as an opportunity to be sure if you want to spend time with that person for the rest of your live. You will get to know each other better in every trip, and each time will be different. It’s probably the best couples’ therapy ever. People say “travel together, stay together”.

What do you think?


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Why traveling as a couple is not boring, by Packing my Suitcase


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