Tips to make pre flying less stressful

Male Airport, Maldives
Male Airport, Maldives

How exciting, the day of your trip has arrived and you are ready to board that plane and fly to your next destination. Is everything arranged? Did you finish packing your hand luggage? Do you have your passport? Did you do your online check-in? Are you sure your luggage isn’t overweight?

Details and more details, I know. Before boarding that plane, there are many things you need to think about and make sure you aren’t forgetting anything. When you don’t travel often, some things are not obvious, and many of them can make your pre flying experience stressful.

On the other hand, when you start flying often, you begin to realize that small things make all the difference on your pre flying experience; simple tricks that you have picked up from your previous travels. That is why I thought about sharing some tips to make pre flying less stressful for you (in no particular order), just to make sure you won’t start your so awaited trip with the left foot:

Your hand luggage

Tips to make flying less stressful, by Packing my Suitcase.

Make sure you aren’t forgetting anything that must be on board with you, and that your hand luggage isn’t oversized or over the allowed weight of your airline. If there is something annoying, that is to have to take things out of your hand luggage to put into your suitcase in front of everyone.

Avoid the stress and check how much you can bring on your hand luggage, as well as, the permitted dimensions of the airline you are travelling with. A nice place to find this information is on the Hand Luggage Size & Weight Guide by Expedia. This list is very handy, and in case you don’t find your airline there, you can leave a comment telling them that it is missing, and later on they will add it.

You can also see here a few tips for packing your hand luggage.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

I know that you are dying to wear those new jeans and high heels that you bought especially for your trip. You will look gorgeous on them, but wouldn’t it be better to wear something more comfortable? Something that will let your body move around, maybe?

Especially if you are about to embark on a long haul flight, try to wear comfortable clothes, like leggings or loose jeans, sneakers. You can still look beautiful in them, I am sure. This way you will feel more comfortable during the flight, and still gets to save your awesome new outfit for when you get there!

Avoid wearing accessories

I know that that belt matches perfectly your shoes (this goes especially for the men) but remember how annoying it is to take it off at the security check, and then having to wear it back? Yeah, not cool. So avoid wearing belts when you are catching a plane, it saves you and other people’s time.

The same goes for too many pieces of jewelry, like long or big necklaces, bracelets, hats, etc. Of course, keep your watch, but remember to take it before heading to the security check… just saying! Security check is already annoying on its own.

Munich International Airport
Munich International Airport

Online Check-in

If there is something about technology I love is to be able to check in online. You guarantee your seat, and most of the time you even get to avoid long lines. Not to mention you save at least 40 min to 1 hour of your time, which means, you can arrive at the airport a bit later.

Yes, online check-in is a must! And even when you have to pay extra for this service, just do it. Trust me, it is worth every cent. After all, your patience and nerves are very valuable to you, I believe.

Check the luggage allowance

Please, do not forget this very important detail. Check how many suitcases you can bring with you and their maximum weight. In some flights you are allowed to bring even 2 suitcases with 32 Kg, but in some, even if it is a long haul flight, only 1 with 23 Kg!

So do make sure to check this with your airline to avoid any last minute surprises. Some of them you can also find on Expedia’s guide.

Arrive early at the airport

Munich International Airport
Munich International Airport

Even if you hate airports, arriving early is something everyone should do for many reasons:

  • You avoid unexpected problems on your way, like traffic;
  • You will finish your check-in earlier;
  • You won’t have to hassle your way through security check;
  • You don’t have to run to your gate;
  • In case you have fear/anxiety of flying, you will give yourself some time to calm down/focus;
  • You still will have time to take a look at the duty free, grab something to drink/eat, or read your book;
  • And of course, will not miss your plane!

Pay attention to the signs

Before you feel lost or in need to ask an obvious question to someone, stop, breath and look around. I am sure you will find what you are looking for in the signs or panels around the airport. And if you don’t, go to the information desk, every airport has one.

Be early at the gate

Arriving early at the airport doesn’t mean you will be early at your gate. Do make sure to make your way to your gate even if it’s a bit early, this way you can see where it is, have some extra time to visit the bathroom, and of course, confirm that the boarding will actually happen there – we all know that sometimes the boarding gate changes even at the last minute.

Tips to make flying less stressful, by Packing my Suitcase.

Last but not least: sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!


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Tips to make pre flying less stressful, by Packing my Suitcase.

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  • Travel tip #1: pack 2 small (100 ml) vodkas on a flight to Europe, 3 for Russia-US haul. Mix with apple juice and sparkling water once in the air. Enjoy the flight 🙂

    (3 days till Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • hahahahaha only you!!
      That’s a smart idea!! waiting for youuuuu 😀

  • Such great tips Allane! I always arrive at the airport early, too! And I am sticker for the luggage allowance 🙂

    • Thank you dear 😀
      Yes it’s better than having a unpleasant surprise when you are checking in your luggage! 😀

  • Thank you Vlad 😀
    Yesss, I am exactly like you!! I don’t mind sitting at the airport, it’s way better the rush!! My vacation already starts at the airport 😀

  • REALLY?? That’s amazing!!!
    Visiting your family right in the US? That’s so cool!!
    I hope you guys have a safe trip and enjoy it a lot 😀

  • hahaha how cute!! Must be interesting to see them growing and doing things by themselves now. They will learn early how to pack 😀

  • Gin

    I would add, don’t forget your id and your plane ticket.. yes it can happen :p:p:p It happened to me a month ago, that was so stupid 😀

    • hahahahaa it can definitely happen!!
      Ohh nooo, sorry to now that!!
      I guess, it happens often to forget the obvious things, just because we assume they are already taken care of 😀

  • hahahaha that’s great!! You are right 😀
    As long as we have the basics like documents, money and medication, the rest we can get passed through 😀

  • I also didn’t know about it!!
    Very useful isn’t it? I guess the vast majority of the European airlines are covered there!! 😀

  • hahahaha yaaaay, we think alike!!! 😀

  • Mabel Kwong

    Such great tips! But I am one of those people who need to wear a belt all the time to hold my pants up or else they will fall down 😀 Numerous times I’ve been told to lift up my shirt at the check-in-gate scanner so the security can see my belt, lol. Also, I always wear a jacket in the airports because I’m always cold there, so each time I go through the scanner I take it off – and sometimes slow the line when I’m putting it back on in the front 😀

    • Ohhh no really? But that’s normal, well you wear it for a good cause 😀
      And I also take a jacket with me. What annoys me is that I always have to take my laptop and camera to show at the security check… at this time I delay the line for sure hahaha

  • hahahaha thank you dear! Very happy to know that 😀

  • hahahaha ohhhh noooo, sorry about that!!
    Happy that you liked the tips!

  • Thank you Cathy!
    Oh no, it’s true, kids under 2 must check in at the airport 🙁 you really must arrive early!

  • hahaha that’s awesome Emma 😀
    what experience does with people!

  • You’re welcome!! Happy that you like the tips!
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  • Happy to know that you liked them!
    Same here, I only relax once I am buckled in my seat!
    ohhh noo hahaha sorry about that!

  • hahaha I couldn’t agree more with you!! 😀

  • hahaah oh nooo, sorry about that!
    I am also normally more worried about getting early at the gate, while my hubby is more relaxed!
    That’s a good idea, I think it’s probably worth the cost, especially if it is a long haul flight!!

  • HI Kana, thank you so much for the comment and linking up with #MondayEscapes.
    Happy to know that you enjoy my tips 😀
    I hope you like being part of the link up! have a great week!

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    When I discover the secret I will sell it.. hahaha just kidding 😀 I also would love to know that!!

  • ohhhh you probably do!! 😀

  • yaaay happy to know you liked it and I hope it will be useful to you soon 😀

  • Ohh no really? I hate when I have to take my shoes off… I realized that it really depends on the airport hahaha here in Munich everything always beeps! 😀

  • I hope you get to be at the airport sometime soon 😀
    Thank you, I’m happy to know that you liked the tips!

  • Thank you Caroline, happy to know that you liked the tips 😀

  • That is a great point!!! Once in a while I have to take my shoes off, ohh I hate it!!
    Thank you for the comment! 😀

  • hahaha same here 😀 just to be sure!!
    Happy that you liked the tips 😉

  • Totally agree with you!! And that’s good that she is already older and you can make the online check in, it already helps a lot getting seats together!

  • The_Paris_Itinerary

    So true that little things like these make a big difference when traveling. #mondayescapes

  • Kathleen (Kat)

    Totally agree on the accessories. I have had numerous experiences of standing behind women at security checks, waiting patiently (but cursing under my breath!) for them to remove, like, 20 bracelets and rings…aarghh! #MondayEscapes


    • hahahaha oh nooo!! I have had also had experiences with people in front of me! 😀

  • Europe Diaries

    I agree with your tips! The security check becomes so annoying if you need to take out a tonne of things from your cabin baggage..and take off all the accessories youa re wearing!

    • Yess, definitely!! That’s why I avoid wearing accessories when traveling! 😀

  • Thank you dear! Happy to know that you found it useful 😀

  • Thank you dear! Happy that you found them useful. Yes, arriving early avoids soooo much stress!