Travel Souvenirs

Are you passionate about travel souvenirs? Do you buy one in every trip you go? How many of them do you have at home? Well, as a traveler, I have collected many of them throughout the years. Most are back at home in Brazil, the ones from the past 4 years are here in Munich with me.

My dear blogger friend Indah from Indah’s: story & photography had the brilliant idea of dedicating a post about souvenirs, Souvenirs that matter. She invited and inspired other bloggers to do the same. Addicted to souvenirs of any kind, I decided to join in and share some items of my collection…


As most souvenirs can be expensive or just heavy to bring back home, in the past years I decided to buy a postcard from the places I visit. I have a board in my kitchen where I like to put them there. Some I bought, others I received from friends.

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

The one below was from Vlad from Eff it, I’m on Holiday!

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.


Hotel amenities

I guess I am not the only one with this addiction! Yes, I always bring back hotel and airplane toiletries. Though, room for them is becoming a problem, so W is trying to keep an eye on me so I don’t bring some more to the collection.

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

Other souvenirs include this oil painting that I bought in Paris in 2013…

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

This lamp and camel were bought on my honeymoon in Dubai, and the little sultan with his little donkey, as well as the little carpet under the camel are from Istanbul…

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

I love key chains, back in Brazil I have a bunch of them from everywhere I went, though I decided to stop with this crazy addiction and the only one I bought in the past years was this one from Dubai…

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

This cookie tin was bought in Montmartre, Paris, with some delicious chocolate cookies from La Cure Gourmande. Nowadays is where I keep my sweets…

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

While I lived in Geneva, I found this motorbike plate on the floor and decided to keep it… is it legal to have it?!

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

I love mugs, each on of these has a story, especially the one in the middle, from the UN… it was a gift from a very special friend back in Geneva.

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

I also love bowls, and these ones are from Disneyland Paris…

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

I am a wine lover, so when I visited the beautiful San Marino, I bought some bottles of local wine, including this Tessano one, only produced and sold there. I wonder when I will decide to open the bottle…

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

My most recent addition was a Caipirinha glass from Brazil, which I bought at the airport when I was leaving last January…

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.

Apart from these souvenirs, I like to keep flight tickets, metro maps (I still have one of Paris from the time I lived there in 2008), airplane magazines, luggage tags, hotel pens, bookmarks, museum tickets, corks from the wine I drink while traveling, coins from other countries’ currencies and much much more! I might like souvenirs just a little bit!

Travel Souvenirs, by Packing my Suitcase.The truth is, I believe that most of us have some special souvenirs that remind us of great travel moments, of people or of a specific story. It is nice to have a little something at home from a place we visited, it is like having a piece of the time we spent there.

What about you? Any special souvenirs at home?

About Allane

A Brazilian living in Germany. Married to W. mommy to a baby girl and a Golden Retriever. Traveler, writer, aspiring photographer, diver, wine appreciator, Formula 1 fan, avid reader of historical and young adult fictions books. City girl, nature lover, believer of a better world, one little change at a time.

  • I buy too many souvenirs for my own good, haha! I was going to write a similar post myself! Something I buy from each trip, although they take a lot of space are snow globes. I just love them, haha! 😀

    • hahahaha that awesome Vlad!!! Good to know that you like the snow globes 😀 maybe one day I will send you one!!!

  • I LOVE your lamp from Dubai! It beautiful! This is a great blog idea!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    • Thank you dear 😀 hahaha yes, its a great idea for a post isnt it? You can certainly do the same, just link back to Indah’s post 😀

  • I’m buying a lot of souvenirs for my friends and family, but not for myself. All I bring home is my photographs 🙂

    • hahaha ohhh but your photographs are already amazing souvenirs <3
      By the way, I will send you my text by the end of the week 😉

      • I’m so excited *__*, I can’t wait to read it ! 🙂

        • hahaha I finished it, but I want to proof read it and select a few pictures… I will send you by Friday 😀

          • I won’t publish it before next week, so no rush 🙂 Take your time ! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week

          • Awesome 😀 I hope you will like it hahaha!! Have a great rest of the week 😉

          • The sun is shinning, this week has been great so far ! Thanks, you too

          • Even in Munich the sun shinned this week… so far not today though, but I hope it will 😀

  • I used to collect keyrings, but I stopped because I have sooo many and nowhere to put them. My grandma always buys me a teatowel from whereever she goes, so I have loads from places I’ve never even been! She always went on holiday with my grandpa though, so now he’s gone my supply of tea towels will probably dry up.

    I also keep entrance tickets, leaflets, maps… way too many bits of paper!

    • ahahaha thats awesome! We have a lot in common then! I also used to collect keychains and you have no idea how much I have at home, all from my trips hahaha.
      Tea towels are so cute, that is a great item to collect 😀

  • You have some great souvenirs! Postcards are one of my favourite things, so much more tangible than photos. I don’t send them anywhere often enough as I wish I did!
    I tend not to buy many souvenirs as I have nowhere whatsoever to put them (living in a van). If I do I buy useful things: I treated myself to an awesome pair of Marimekko socks in Helsinki, I love them so much and I think of Finland whenever I wear them.
    I bought a simple wooden spoon in Myanmar, perfect for baking and the best bit: I bought it directly off the man who made it and I even got a picture of him in his boat making workshop holding the spoons! I use that spoon so much and it’s going to age wonderfully yet I’ll always remember where it came from.

    • Awwwnn Rachel, you might not have a lot of souvenirs, but the ones you have are very special <3 that is so awesome about the spoon!! These little things means a lot don't they? And your socks sound very cosy, maybe I need to buy one of them, as I still havent found the perfect socks 😀
      I love to send and to receive postcards, sometime when I travel without my husband I send him one as a surprise 😀
      Thank you so much for telling me about your souvenirs <3

  • I am guilty of postcards and fridge magnets – both have decorated my fridge in the past few years. I know fridge magnets tend to be expensive at times, but I just gotta have one from at least every country… and I like to look at them while I eat :)). I also buy tea and coffee specialties (although Turkish coffee was kind of a disappointment), and spices.
    Ps: LOVE the motorbike plate! 🙂 We also have a similar one from Germany..

    • hahahaha that’s pretty cool!! The fridge magnets can be expensive its true… I dont buy them because our fridge doesn’t have a door where you can put them.. its wooden 🙁 one day I want to have a normal one so I can put the magnets hahaha.
      Though, the board I have in my kitchen could work too 😀
      I think you would probably like Brazilian coffee 😀

  • Oh, that little guy on the donkey is Nasreddin Hodja, not a sultan. 🙂 He’s sitting backwards, which is typical of him.
    And as to souvenirs, you have some really cute ones. I used to be like you, buying lots of souvenirs and even collecting hotel toiletries and little packs of sugar/salt or paper napkins from restaurants/cafes. As well as maps, postcards, leaflets, etc. Then I became a minimalist. Now I know that the best souvenir is the images in my head and camera, and maybe something I will use, not leave on shelves to sit. Like, something typical… A scarf from Scotland, for example. Or a shopper bag with a touristic print, Something of this kind… I like buying magnets or local supermarket goodies for my loved ones. I also feel much lighter this way in my travels. Thinking of my previous struggles of dragging bags of souvenirs with me just makes me feel pity for myself. 🙂

    • Oh my thank you for the real story of Nasreddin Hodja, I didnt know about it at all, I appreciate it <3 Now I like him even more!

      I used to buy much more too nowadays I only buy one little thing to remind of of the trip. And of course, pictures are the one the matter most to me nowadays… and the postcards when I find one that I really like!
      A scarf from Scotland sounds awesome to have!! I like shopper bags too, though still haven't found one that I really like in a trip.
      Thank you so much for sharing about your souvenirs Benedetta 😀 have a wonderful week!

  • Most of my stuff is in Ireland, or left behind in Latvia. I went through a shot glass phase, and a postcard phase, and a keyring phase, teddies, paintings, you name it 🙂 My first German souvenir is a mug from the Christmas markets 🙂

    • Shot glasses are awesome 😀 I like them too, I got one in Mexico, but I left it in Brazil!
      I like your first souvenir from Germany… I have 2 Christmas Markets mugs at home 😀 some are very cute!!

  • Souvenirs are such wonderful things that keep us reminding those beautiful moments of life…but it requires discipline and dedication to keep those pieces in place, as we keep moving and in the process some get left out…

    Our memories get ignited with the feel of the object, every such object has some or the other story embedded into it. Most of the times these are lovely experiences on travel which we keep picking and putting our memories into it…

    I like the lamp, yes in Dubai these pieces have lot of artistically value and I also keep the flight tickets just to recollect what exactly I was doing the same day previous year, I have a fascination for the comparing and checking is there a correlation of bad and good things happening in life, as they say after bad things good things should follow…yet, to arrive at some conclusion…

    I will check out Indah post, I missed out…

    • Wonderfully said Nihar!
      Of course I believe that getting too much attached to an object isnt healthy, I try to be as less materialistic as possible… but when it comes to little reminders of great moments, it is difficult not to right?

      How amazing that you also collect flight tickets… you do the same as I do… reminding what you were doing on the previous year! And you are right… after the bad things, good things are to come!

  • I collected and people got me tequila shooters, sadly at this moment all of them are in Mexico! Currently, M and I are collecting fridge magnets of places we have been around the world 🙂

    • How sweet!!! I know, many of my souvenirs are back in Brazil!
      Fridge magnets are so cool <3

  • Sha

    Oh, I mentioned this to indah but I don’t really like to buy souvenirs because they take up space but I do try to get something related to transport for my dad whenever I travel. It could be a miniature car, a train or a ferry, something to relate to the place that I’m visiting.

    • This is wonderful Sha… to always bring something to your dad! <3
      And you are right, they do take lots of space… I have boxes with lots of papers hahaha W always ask me what Im going to do with them, but I just tell him that they are only souvenirs from trips 😀

      • Sha

        Hahaha, right? But oh well, it may be good memories when you go through them much later…I just prefer to keep my photos as my souvenir but I do occasionally give in and get something if it’s unique to the country….

        • So sweet!!! His collection must be pretty cool 😀 and well, photos are the best souvenirs anyways!!! <3

          • Sha

            Haha, tough to think of what to get for him though…not many modes of transportation available…haha…

          • hahahaha true!!! Need to use your creativity 😀

  • Wow, your home must be very colorful with these beautiful items. Your postcards remind me of a friend who used to send postcards to her home address 😀 She wrote funny stuff to herself on the postcards 😀 😀
    Thank you so much for the linking! I shared it to twitter already and I will post it on facebook tomorrow 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo

    • hahaha yes, there is a little bit of everything at home 😀 I like it… everywhere I look I seem some reminder of a different trip!
      I love your friend’s idea to herself postcards.. I do something similar… I send them to W 😀 once he sent one to me too, so it comes as a surprise 😀 I love it!

      And you are most welcome… I loved your idea to write about souvenirs! It really inspired me 😀 and thank you very much for sharing my post 😉
      I hope you had a wonderful weekend… mine wasnt so good as I was sick 🙁 but I will be fine soon!
      Have a lovely week!!

  • Interesting to read how similar we are on our choices for souvenirs. I basically keep similar things like your. 🙂

  • I love colecting souvenirs too!!!Postcards,magnets for sure!Plus, bigger items for my house in India:) I also keep a lot of tickets and flyers. Great post!I might just write a similar one too:)

    • That’s awesome!!
      Thank you, happy that you liked the post 😀 do write one too!!

  • I’m an avid reader, so I like collecting bookmarks whenever I can. They’re lightweight, so they don’t take up too much space in my luggage. The only problem is, once I get home I don’t want to actually use them and they usually end up in a box.

    • That is a great idea!! Hahaha I know what you mean.. I have a few too, but as I have my favouriteone I always use it and the others are kept in a drawer 😀 I guess we gotta read more books at the same time 😀

  • I am not a collector of souvenirs but must day some of the ones you have are beautiful – especially the lamp, camel, donkey and key chain! You have good taste!

    • Thank you Helene 😀 you are lucky not to collect them, this way you dont get addicted to them ahaha 😀

  • Cute collection. This would make an interesting post. Our biggest souvenir if we can find them is of course three wise monkeys statues (you may have seen our collection on the blog). And we ALWAYS pick up a postcard from the city we visit, a magnet, a keyring and a small piece of artwork from the country we visit. And if we are lucky, a Christmas ornament if we can find one for the country.
    Then on top of those bare necessities, if we come across anything really worth getting from a display perspective 🙂

    • Thank you guys 😀
      hahahah oh my!!! Your house must be awesome, full of souvenirs from everywhere!! So cool!! Christmas ornaments are a great souvenir <3

  • Nice post! I always buy and send post-cards as well. Wine is usually also bought. And some typical things from the place. But often it end up not being used. I just love your oil painting from Paris, it is really really beautiful 🙂

    • Thank you Hanne 😀
      Ohhh so cool that you also enjoy postcards… I will always love them!
      True that many souvenirs end up not being used, thats why I decided to buy only when I really find a special thing in the place, which I can put at home somewhere to be seen… if not, I get postcards for my board 😀

      The painting is very beautiful indeed, it wasnt my intention to buy one, but this one called my attention and I had to buy it 😀

      I hope all is fine with you and I wish you a great week!

      • Yes, postcards are always fun. And I love to receive them as well! 🙂
        Good idea, to just but what you find very special and things you can use in your house. Things you really need. Like that painting 🙂
        Thanks, Everything is fine here. I hope you are fine as well! I wish you a great rest of the week as well. 🙂

        • Yes they are 😀
          hahahaah yes, like that painting <3 cool that you liked it too!!
          Thank you dear, always is fine around here too, I was a bit sick for a week but Im feeling better now 😀
          I also wish you a great rest of the week 😉

          • Oh 🙁 Never nice to be sick! But good to hear you feel better now. I hope you will feel all healthy soon!

          • Thank you dear!!! Im feeling better now, and will catch up with everything soon 😀
            Have an awesome weekend!

  • I have total anxiety issues related to souvenirs. On the one hand, I hate clutter. On the other, of course I want to get something memorable. But I also like things to be useful. And I want stuff that’s kind of statement-making (like identifiable blue and white ceramics from Turkey, or that exclusive French dress) but I never feel confident enough to buy anything. Last fall I resisted buying a set of Czech crystal glasses that I wanted. Then regretted it. UGH. So I mostly stick to postcards and magnets.

    • I totally understand you Anna!! You are not the only one who feels like this. In the past I used buy a lot of things… nowadays I only buy things I want to make use of, and all my souvenirs are exposed somewhere in the house. If I dont find anything nice from a place, I simply buy a postcard too, cause they are always a good idea 😀
      Sorry about your Czech crystal glass!!!

  • This is a really cute post! I also collect postcards and hotel freebies! Normally because I can’t afford anything else!

    • Hi Steph, thank you 😀
      Postcards are always a good idea, I love them too!

  • Yes, I also buy souvenirs. In the recent years my souvenirs are practical things that I can use at home – a napkin holder and a bottle opener from the Netherlands, a genuine leather wallet from Mexico, a coaster and earrings from Poland – things like that.

    • That is a pretty good idea, because then you buy things that are actually useful to you. I always try to buy things that either I will use them or expose them somewhere in the house. But mostly I buy miniatures and postcards 😀

  • You have some lovely souvenirs. I used to collect a lot more than now – mostly postcards, maps, books and pictures. But I moved around so much in the past few years and couldn’t carry everything with me so I got rid of a lot. It felt liberating, but now that I’m more settled I do wish I had collected a little more from my time in South America..

    • Thank you Rosanna 😀
      Oh my, like you I also left a lot of things behind after I moved to Europe. Many of them are still at my mom’s place…. now I have the ones from the previous 4 years 😀

  • Nice collection! I always have been collecting fridge magnets.

    • hahaha nice 😀 fridge magnets are awesome! I haven’t any because my fridge has a wooden door 🙂
      Thank you for sharing about your souvenirs and for stopping by!

  • I’m not very good at buying souvenirs! But think I should start – perhaps with postcards. I love taking hotel toiletries though! You can never have enough of those! 🙂

    • hahaha oh really? I dont know why but I always imagined you having lots of souvenirs 😀 Postcards are the best!!
      About hotel toiletries I agree with you!! Do you eventually use them?
      I only use some, most I keep in jar hahaha

  • I love your collection! I’m so addicted with fridge magnet that I force my sister and friends to buy me one when they travel. Haha! I’m thinking of sending a postcard to myself and to my sister whenever I travel abroad as we are living in different countries.

    • hahaha that’s awesome!! I think you might have a lot of them then 😀
      Sending a postcard to your sis is pretty cool!! She will probably be very happy about it! I do it sometimes to my sister too…but it takes ages to arrive in Brazil 🙁

  • My favorite souvenir lately is a pair of earrings from a market in whatever place I go. That way, I actually get some use out of them! I love getting postcards too – they’re a nice compact souvenir!

    • Really? Earrings? How cool!! That is certainly a great idea 😀
      I looove postcards!! They are always a great and practical souvenir!!

      • I love earrings and they’re small and easy to pack into my luggage even if I don’t have much room. Plus, I usually get them from artisans, so they are different from what I would normally buy in a store at home. Perfect souvenir! 🙂

        • You are right!!! They are certainly unique, practical and useful! 😀 I wish I could change earrings all the time, I am somehow allergic to some materials, so I always use the same ones 🙁 but Im guessing you do have found the perfect souvenir for yourself 😉

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  • Definitely nice to have something from a holiday – not only reminds us of our trip but also we take a bit of the country away with us 🙂 Keychains are small and easy to carry around so maybe that’s why you love them

    • hahaha if it already starts on the place, I can only imagine after you come back home 😀
      So you also like souvenirs then?

      • Actually, I think it’s only the plane where I try to take something home. Usually on the trip, I will be more focused on taking in the sights and taking photos. Like you, keychains and keyrings. Maybe even a shirt or two 😀

        • hahahaha cool!!! So you also spend a lot of time taking pictures… me too hahaha 😀

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  • Hi Bethany!! What an amazing topic for a research haha I love it.
    Happy that you enjoyed the blog. Of course, I wouldn’t mind answering your questions. Would like to send me via email? If yes, you can go to the section Contact and send me a message using the form, it goes straight to my inbox 😀

  • My pleasure 😀
    Happy I could help!! Good luck with everything!