A Brazilian Restaurant in Munich

VIB Grill & Lounge, Munich by Packing my Suitcase.

Today I am specially starting a series on Packing my Suitcase, in which every last Friday of the month I will present you a review. These reviews will focus on eating and drinking, as well as on accommodation, not only from places in Munich, but from wherever I travel to.

What could be better than begin the series with the review of a Brazilian restaurant in Munich? Well, on Valentine’s day W took me to a place I have never been to and never heard of before; it was a surprise, which could have gone pretty good or pretty bad. Why? Because in my years of traveling, I have never eaten in a good Brazilian restaurant in Europe.

When I arrived at VIB Grill and Lounge, I had no high expectations, especially when W told me it is a “rodizio” restaurant (an all you can eat steak house). I have to admit two things before I move on, please don’t judge me:

  1. I was afraid of not liking the restaurant because that would disappoint W.
  2. At the same time I was wishing deep inside that the restaurant would not be good. Call me crazy, but it is true! I am particularly picky with Brazilian food in other countries, because I always expect it to be the same as back home.

That being said, I now present you VIB Grill and Lounge before you get too curious…



When I arrived I took a look around, and already noticed that they put on their wall pieces of the Copacabana sidewalk. Wait, what? What an idea! I was already smiling and feeling at home.

VIB Grill & Lounge, Munich by Packing my Suitcase.

The restaurant is chic and fancy, and yet with the Brazilian warm welcome. At the sound of Brazilian music, we decided to make the vibe even better by ordering our drinks: I asked for a passion fruit Caipiroska (made with vodka instead of cachaça) and W a traditional Caipirinha.

VIB Grill & Lounge, Munich by Packing my Suitcase.

Passion Fruit Caipiroska



I honestly thought that my Caipiroska had a bit too much alcohol than I normally like. Though, the Caipirinha was simply perfect, and I am not even a fan of cachaça. Later on, W asked for some real Brazilian beer…

VIB Grill & Lounge, Munich by Packing my Suitcase.

In a rodizio restaurant it works like this: you go to the buffet and serve yourself with whatever you prefer, then you go back to your table, put this little sign on green and wait for the show to begin…

Green on one side, red on the other

Green on one side, red on the other

It was exactly like this! At the buffet they had amazing options, and I just couldn’t not put feijoada (black beans) on my plate, which tasted amazing. There were some traditional Brazilian dishes I didn’t even remember existed anymore, boy that made me smile. I just wanted to try them all! And how cute is this decoration with the “baianas”…

Baianas are traditional from the State of Bahia

Baianas are traditional from the State of Bahia

The buffet

The buffet

At the beginning when people were still arriving, the meat was not coming as often as we expected. However, when the restaurant filled with people from everywhere in the World – yes, really – the show finally began. Churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) was being served… and people just couldn’t stop staring at the waiters with the meat sticks.

Image courtesy of VIB Grill & Lounge

Image courtesy of VIB Grill & Lounge

They certainly do have the best parts of the cow! I just thought: keep them coming and make me a very happy Brazilian! And they did… So much that at the end I was in a state of emergency – of course I am overreacting, I am Brazilian. Even though I already had changed the colour of my sign to red, I just couldn’t say no to a piece of Picanha to finish the night.

And what a piece of Picanha was that? I looked at W and he knew what my eyes were saying. Though he didn’t expect me to say that that specific piece of Picanha was the best I have ever had in my life. I KID YOU NOT, it was!

VIB Grill & Lounge, Munich by Packing my Suitcase.

What an evening! To my “disappointment”… it was amazing! I am very happy to know that they have “feijoada” on Saturdays with live bands. I am officially a happy Brazilian in Munich.

Ps: I didn’t take as many photos as I wanted, I needed to enjoy my Valentine’s Day with W. Oh, and the meat! Sorry!

My verdict


Not far from the metro station, easy access and with parking lot.


Very stylish and cozy, with pieces of different regions of Brasil.

I enjoyed the low light, the comfy couches and the decoration on the walls.


Very nice staff, with German and Brazilian waiters.

It took some time to get our drinks and the check, but taking into consideration that it was a very busy Saturday night of a Valentine’s Day… they are forgiven.


What a perfect combination is the one of Brazilians and Germans. They did a great job with the organization.


Great variety of food at the buffet, and I am guessing it changes every night.

There was also food being served on the table, small snacks like french fries, fried bananas and even fried cassava, which I love.

Not to mention variety of meat.




I would put a little bit less alcohol in the Caipiroska.

Even I would order a Caipirinha there!

They have Brazilian beer and great options of Brazilian wine worth tasting.

For the Germans, they also have Hugo and Aperol Spritz!

Quality value

Great! Totally worth the price.

How many suitcases does this restaurant deserve?



VIB grill & lounge 

Franziskanerstr. 16

81669 München

Reservations per email  or on  089 / 98 46 87

  • Caipirinha is just my favourite cocktail ever ! I’ve never eaten Brazilian food, I don’t think we have that kind of restaurants in Belgium, maybe when I will move the UK I will be able to taste it ! I’m sure I’m missing out something 🙂

    I’m glad you enjoyed your night 🙂

    • ohhh really??? hahaha happy to know that!
      Ohhh in London they do have some Brazilian restaurants, though I never tried it there. You certainly will find Brazilian food in the UK 😉 and Im sure you will like it… its a bit different, it is more tasteful 😀

      • Is it spicy ?

        • Nope! Brazilian food isnt spicy, most Brazilians dont even like spicy food. But the food is great, I think you might like it! But you need to go to a real Brazilian restaurant 😉

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Jow lovely to have found a restaurant that reminded you of home food without compromising on taste! And well done also for spending some time enjoying yourself on v day not just photographing all night – I often think us bloggers are not very good at just taking in the moment because we’re always so busy snapping away abs getting ideas for our next blog post!

    • Yes, it was indeed wonderful!! I loved it… it is always good to have the taste of home nearby!

      You are so right, I also have this feeling that we bloggers are always worried about gathering information and taking pictures of everything all the time hahaha.. it is hard not to!

  • I’ve eaten at some Brazilians restaurants, but not in Portugal yet… after a night of meat-eating prepared by Argentinians, it’s time to find a rodizio! But maybe I should do like you and lower my expectations so they can be exceeded 🙂

    • How cool!!! Well, the Portuguese food isnt so different from ours, I actually love Portuguese food 😀 but do find a rodizio and try to see if you like it… I think in Portugal there must be a few options 😀 and let me know what you think!!

  • Nice one! I have tried Brazilian food in Jakarta at a Brazilian restaurant 😀 I always remember the delicious meat and cocktail they served..Unfortunately I don’t recall there is a Brazilian restaurant in Rotterdam 🙁 I guess I have to go to Munich 🙂
    Totally understand about your initial feeling of possibility to get disappointed, in the Netherlands, we have plenty of Indonesian restaurants (the Dutch loves Indonesian food), they usually quite expensive ones and yeah, some of them have adapted to European taste so sometimes I feel bit disappointed..

    • Yaaayy then come and I will take you there 😀
      I think they might have one in Amsterdam, if not, there is Munich 😀

      Yes, exactly… this disappointment happens a lot right? We are often expecting the food to taste exactly like back at home. That is why this time I had no expectations to be so good… and it actually was! I hope they keep up the good work!

  • oh my gosh that meat looks amazing!


  • I’m so happy that you had such an enjoyable Valentine’s evening. A happy Brazilian in Munich is a very good thing. 😀

  • Another restaurant review that has me dribbling! Cocktails, beer and beef. My perfect combination! Allane, this list of places you’re going to take me when I come to Munich in the future is getting long 🙂

    • hahahahaha oh my!! Glad you like it!!
      The list is really getting long… I hope you stay long enough when you come, so we can try them!! 😀

  • You had me at cocktail that has too much alcohol, haha 😀 The food looks delicious and the restaurant seems cozy 😀

    • hahahaha so you would like the caipiroska then 😀 oh well, and if you like meat, here is paradise 😀

  • I’m so happy you found a Brazilian restaurant in Munich! Yey for that. Makes missing home less sucky!

  • Hmmm… my mouth is watering. Hahaha! I totally relate to the lowering of expectations… I’m always skeptical of Peruvian restaurants outside of my country… In Rio, my parents used to take us to rodizios. Loved them. There’s a few rodizio restaurants where I live, in Colorado, they’re quite good… but it’s not the same. Great that you liked this place where you live! Cheers, G.

    • Ohhh really? How cool that you used to go to rodizios in Rio 😀 and awesome that you liked it!
      Guess what? I have a Peruvian friend here and once she took me to a Peruvian restaurant and I looooved it. She said is the best here in Munich 😀 if you ever come to Germany, you can try there 😉

  • That meat on a stick looks perfect. Just like the kind of thing I love to get in Russia, only pork instead of beef. But sadly I never got into any drinks with lime or mint 🙁

    • hahaha I hope you try a Brazilian restaurant once, Im sure you would like it then 😀 especially the drinks!!!

      • I did in a couple of places in NYC’s little Brazil… nothing about Brazil and it’s food, I just dont do mint 🙂 even my gum is fruity!

        • hahahaha cool!!! In NYC they have some pretty good Brazilian restaurants… I ate in one there and I loved it 😀

  • Sha

    Food! Love food! Good one to know but I haven’t really tried Brazilian food though. Will give it a try if I ever find an occasion to do so in Singapore 🙂

    • Ohh my Sha, you need to try Brazilian food, especially if you like meat! 😀 I hope you find a Brazilian restaurant there sometime!! 😀

      • Sha

        Pretty sure there are some in singapore but it’s not as common as mexican food since I don’t usually see it around. Would love to try some brazilian food…at least the meat ones..haha..

        • I think mexican food is more popular everywhere. But you do need to try some real Brazilian meat 😀

  • So this is what a Brazilian restaurant and Brazilian eating is all about. Glad you have found an authentic Brazilian restaurant where you live. Now maybe you won’t miss home as much! I’m not too sure how the sign works, like what happens when you turn it to red? Does the dessert come? I haven’t heard of this before 😀

    The cow looks very delicious. Not too shiny so I’m guessing it wasn’t too oily and you could taste the Brazilian spices 😀 Poor Enzzo, miss out on all the fun on Valentine’s Day <3

    • Yess, Im very happy to have found this place 😀
      When you put the green sign they come to serve you the meat, and when its red they stop serving it 😀 which means, its all you can eat… when you cant do it anymore, then you put the stop sign hahahaha
      Oh yeah, poor Enzzo missed all the good stuff 😀

      • LOL, now I really get it. When you cannot eat, you give up and let the food win 😀 Sometimes I don’t like to go to these kinds of buffets because you never know if the food, so much food, is fresh. But for smaller restaurants like this, I’m sure it is!

        • hahahaha yes!!
          The buffet is very fresh, no need to worry about it 😉 I love it!! Hmmm in fact Im hungry now!

  • hahahaa yaaaaay awesome!!!
    Let me know if you liked it 😀

    Ps: probably it was because of the self host, some comments weren’t migrated.

  • hahah awesome!!! I hope you like it 😀