Three things I love about my favourite city

Accor Hotels Competition 2015, Packing my Suitcase.

Accor Hotels is inviting Bloggers and Vloggers to participate in an awesome competition called A Tale of Three Cities to win an amazing prize: a trip for two people of 9 days to Paris, London and Amsterdam, with hotels and trains included, plus £1,000 to spend and a GoPro to register the to be remembered moments! Wow!

In order to participate, all we have to do is to write about our favourite city in the World! Exactly! So of course that me, being a travel addict, could not hesitate to take part in this competition, count me in!

Oh, and before I move on to the big revelation, here you can find all the information you need in case you also want to take part in the competition. Good luck!

Now, for those of you often around here on Packing my Suitcase, you might never have seen me saying which one is my favourite city in this World. Well, that is because I still haven’t said it. However, now the time has come, the perfect opportunity to reveal my dear one: the city I fell in love with over 10 years ago, to where I return to with a big smile on my face, with my eyes shining and my mind going crazy with excitement to explore this beautiful concrete jungle:


New York by Packing my Suitcase 

After revealing my secret, I might as well now present you three reasons why I love the Big Apple…

A skyscraper island

Manhattan has always been the center of the World to me. Would that be because of the movies? The media? Might be. The truth is, I love islands, and Manhattan is one of them. Not one with a beach and the sun shining the entire year, but with stunning skyscrapers, beautiful to be looked at and to look out from. A skyscraper island where so many fell in love, spent horrendous amount of money in shopping, had a drink in one of the best bars in the World and were inspired to write remarkable stories and songs.

New York by Packing my Suitcase

Where I can be myself

I have always been impressed by the fact that in the city of The Great Gatsby and Carrie Bradshaw, you can simply be yourself, because no one will really care. No matter your age, fashion taste, clothing size, how much you have in your pockets or your sexual preferences. It seems to me that New York is always with her arms open for everyone willing to love her. And how could I not love a city where I can be myself?

New York by Packing my Suitcase

Part of the World

There are very few places that made me feel a part of the World, and New York was the first and main city to make me feel this way. Every time I walked on Times Square in a very normal day among thousands of other people and all the noise and lights, I felt that even tiny as I am, I am part of this enormous World. Thanks to New York to make me feel this way, it is only fair to return the favor and visit her every once in a while.

New York by Packing my Suitcase

And here is to Accor Hotels for the brilliant and very generous idea! Fingers crossed for the result that will be revealed in February!

New York by Packing my Suitcase

What about you? What is your favourite city in the World?

About Allane

A Brazilian living in Germany. Married to W. mommy to a baby girl and a Golden Retriever. Traveler, writer, aspiring photographer, diver, wine appreciator, Formula 1 fan, avid reader of historical and young adult fictions books. City girl, nature lover, believer of a better world, one little change at a time.

  • Welp, guess I should be packing my suitcase to New York! 😀 Every time I see a post about this city it makes me wonder why I haven’t been there yet! I love the second picture, where did you take it?

    I still have a hard time picking just one city, may go ahead and pick three, haha. 😀

    • hahaaha yess you do!! The little I know about you, and your travel preferences, I am sure you would love to go to NY!! Its amazing!!
      The second picture I took from the Empire States 😀 thaaank you, I am happy that you like it!!

      I know, 1 city is just not fair ahahah… I was deciding between two, but NY won 😀

  • YAY! Love that you love NY – – my sis lives there now….she is having a blast (despite the freezing temps!)

    • hahaha really??? How cool!! Ohh yess NY can be pretty cold I hear 😀 lucky me I was there only during summer, though I would love to go on Christmas time someday!!
      Did you visit her there or planning to?

  • Thank you for sharing the wealth, and thank you for writing about New York, one of my favourite cities, too 🙂

  • Kat

    New York City – a city that you can be yourself – true that!

  • NYC is a beautiful place….I love the upper west side (especially the area near Central Park and the Met)! For me, I’d say Italy in general…but that’s for romantic reasons 😉

    • I also love the upper west side! I have great memories from this place 😀
      Hmmmm Italy!!! I understand your reasons 😉

  • Good choice! For me, Berlin is definitely up there 🙂

    • hahaha I am so happy that you like Berlin that much…which means is one more reason to make you enjoy your new life in Germany 😀

      • Yes indeed! 🙂 I’ve always loved Berlin so I still find it kind of unreal that I live here now 😉

  • I loved your reasons to love NYC. I think my favorite city is London.

  • My favourite city wouldn’t be new york for sure, I quite disliked the city when I went there for a week two years ago. It was the end of 2 months road trip in the US, so maybe it was not the best conditions to visit it.

    My favourite city… Hmm it’s difficult to tell, but I really like Seattle. It’s very laid back. I quite liked the atmosphere. San Francisco is nice as well. Or Bruges.. Bruges is lovely. Too difficult, can’t answer ! But fingers crossed for you !

    • Ohh nooo, sorry about that!! Yeah, maybe it was because you were already tired of the road trip 😀

      San Francisco is also amazing!! I love that city too!
      Its pretty hard to decide right? Every city has its “personality” so it really makes it harder to decide!
      Thank you for the fingers crossed 😉

  • It is so hard to choose, but I would have to say its a tie between Cape Town and Boston!

    • Ohhh really? I haven’t been to none of them so far… but I heard a lot about Cape Town and I certainly would love to visit it 😀

  • I love New York too! So difficult to choose just one city though…..!

    • It is isn’t it??? I also had a little trouble choosing the favourite one, but NY won hahaha 😀

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m intending to enter this competition too and to feature Paris as I lived there and really liked it. New York has a lot to recommend it too – best of luck!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • My pleasure Suze. I will look forward to be in touch with you!
      Do that for sure, and good look too 😀

  • Lovely photos! That one taken on a slant is my favorite 🙂 I’ve never been to New York, but it’s on the list! My vote for favorite city goes to Prague 😀

    • Hi Dana!! Thank you so much, glad you like the photo.
      Yes, do visit NY, its an amazing city with a lot to be explored!
      And Prague is lovely, I surely understand your decision. 😀

  • Kan

    Good luck with the competition, Allane! I love New York city too… for all the reasons that you’ve mentioned. Plus the food… which I would put under your reason # 3 – cos not just people but you also find great food from all parts of the world in NY.

    • Thank you so much Kan!! Lets see how it goes 😀 fingers crossed!

      Ohh yesss, the food is definitely another amazing reason! Once I had Brazilian food there.. and as a Brazilian I must say it was amazing, because usually its not so good in other places 😀

      Have a wonderful weekend Kan 😀

  • Hey..good luck with the competition – hopefully you will win it!! NYC sounds an interesting city – it is rarely I have heard someone who has been there hate the city 🙂 Your reasons are awesome and great tips!
    Huaaa..for me, hm, I don’t have the most favorite city but I do love the city where I live now, Rotterdam 😀 plus I don’t mind to re-visit cities like Udaipur, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Singapore (if you can call S’pore as a city 😀 )

    Great post Allane!!

    • Thank you so much Indah!!! Great to have you back… I am so excited to read your posts about your latest diving adventure 😀 😀
      Yes, NYC is amazing, I whole World in one city!! So much to do and see… so many people and great food!

      It is very hard to decide on a favourite city right?? You could write about Rotterdam, I even considered writing about Munich, I really love it here!
      And I think you can call Singapore a city 😀

  • Good luck with the competition. Those are very nice prizes, I really hope you win something! My best wishes to you from Australia!

    New York! I never would have guessed that. I would have thought your favourite city would be somewhere in Europe 😀 I love the photos that you took – it looks like a magnificent city where dreams can come true. For me, I don’t know what’s my favourite city yet as I have only been to a few places in this world. Currently I love Melbourne a lot because it has a lot of wow-looking tall buildings and it’s near the water and beach 😀

    • Thank you so much for the kind wishes Mabel 😀 fingers crossed!!

      Yes, it was a tough decision!! This World is so big to have to choose only one city right?
      I do understand why you like Melbourne, even though I was never there. It looks so beautiful on the pictures I see!

      Hugs from Brazil 😀

  • My favorites to date are New York and London. But there are still so many others to see….

    • True!! I guess this preference might probably change as we travel around the world. There are still so many amazing cities to be visited 😀

  • I am not sure I could pick my favorite city if I tried. I am equal parts New Yorker (7 years in my 20s – the best time to be there) and Moscovite (growing up and now). I had an amazing time living in Madrid in college, and my favorite urban tourist destination is Florence, followed by Budapest and then maybe London now? But I do endorse your choice. NYC is so full of energy and it’s so friendly and wonderful and diverse and expensive and cheap and inclusive and interesting!

    • I know!! Its so hard to pick just one right??
      It was a tough choice for me too!! I love Munich and Madrid… as well as Montreal 😀 but I ended up choosing NY!!
      I must have been amazing to live there for 7 years!!!
      I hope to visit Moscow sometime soon!! 😀

      • I would love to show you around! And yeah, NYC is AMAZING !

        • That would be amazing <3
          I wanted to go this year… lets see how the plans go!

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  • Good luck with the competition, I hope you win! 🙂
    Great post about NY! I’ll be visiting NY next week, leaving on Wednesday. It’s my first time NY and i’m very excited, even more now after reading your post. 🙂

    • Hi Nina!!! How exciting!! Now I must say I am a little jealous.
      Your first time in NY you never forget! I hope you make an amazing trip and do wonderful things in NY. I am happy my post inspired you even more for your trip 😀 enjoy!!