Streets of Munich

Munich, by Packing my Suitcase

Munich is a wonderful city with much more to be explored than we think. I am an explorer, I am always trying to find new places and experience new things, and that is what I have been doing in Munich since I moved here. In the past years I had the chance to discover surprising and unique things in this city, as well as, my favorite places and streets.

Some places tend to give us certain impressions, and here in Munich I have found streets that make me have a set of mixed feelings, some make me feel happy, relaxed, tempted; while others make me feel hungry, poor, rich and even curious. So I have selected my favorite streets in the city – some are famous, others many people never heard of – and decided to share my list with you and explain the reason why I like each one of them…


It’s a famous street in Munich, near the Englischer Garten, where you can find varied options of restaurants, cafes, bars and stores. It is also where the FC Bayern München fans celebrate a new championship title, and where the Ludwig-Maximilian University is located.

I like this street for being close to the Englischer Garten, because of its beautiful buildings, for being a less crowded place to shop, and for having what the Germans call “Allee ” – a street formed with trees on both sides – a beautiful and pleasant street to walk from beginning to end.


This narrow and short street is located in the old part of Munich, and regardless of its length, it’s a very busy street in town. Why? It is where the so famous Hofbräuhaus, the Hard Rock Cafe and the local football team’s official stores are located. But that is not the reason why I like this street, I like it because it’s pretty, busy and old, and still has the most fancy restaurant of the city, owned by the famous and renowned German chef Orlando Schubeck.


Located in the center city – behind Marienplatz – this street is where I love to go shopping and have a nice tea at the end of the day. It has expensive and affordable stores, fancy and casual cafes, not to mention the charm of walking here or sitting somewhere watching passers by.


This street is not famous at all, unless you live in the neighborhood. It has nothing but pretty houses – the few remaining ones in Munich, after the World War II – yet, enough for me to love passing by while walking Enzzo. What I wouldn’t give to live in this street: peaceful, beautiful and charming.


This street leads you to Marienplatz, and on both sides there are several stores varying from deco to the famous American brands Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister. There are pretty passages and nice hidden restaurants, and at one of the street’s end there is the famous Sendlinger Tor – Sendling Gate – one of the oldest city’s gates, and the very much appreciated baroque Asam church.

This is one of my favorite streets in Munich to go shopping; its location is very strategic and it has basically everything you are looking for.


This is one of the four “royal avenues” of Munich, constructed sometime around 1891, being the address of the middle class during the reign of the Prince Regent of Bavaria Luitpold. The Prinzregentenstr. leads you to the center city, and in the middle of this wide avenue there is the famous Angel of Peace – Friedensengel.

Mostly residential, this street has luxurious and old buildings, pretty cafes, hotels, and it’s where the famous local Delicatesse store and its restaurant, Käfer, are located. In addition, this street has also been the official private address of Adolf Hitler. No doubt, a very interesting street.


The most expensive street in town, the Maximilianstraße is the Champs-Élysées of Munich, and also another one of the four royal avenues of the city, named after king Maximilian II of Bavaria. It’s where all the famous luxurious brands reside, the important companies have an office and where the renowned Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is located. Ok, this street makes me feel poor…

Now tell me, which one is your favorite?


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A Brazilian living in Germany. Married to W. mommy to a baby girl and a Golden Retriever. Traveler, writer, aspiring photographer, diver, wine appreciator, Formula 1 fan, avid reader of historical and young adult fictions books. City girl, nature lover, believer of a better world, one little change at a time.

  • Beautiful photos! I hope you won’t move from Munich anytime soon because I need to visit it (it’s the city in Germany I want to see the most) and I want you to be my tour guide 😉 And to answer your question, Sendlingerstraße is my favorite, but they’re all incredibly pretty! 😀

    • Thank you Vlad!!! 😀 hahaha dont worry I will be here when you come, and I will be more than happy to be your guide and to meet you in person 😀
      Yaaay thank you for letting me know your favorite street… when you come you might change your mind again, pretty hard to choose 😀

  • Beautiful streets! Munich is definitely on my list of places to visit SOON 🙂

    • I hope you can come soon 😀 I will be happy to give you tips and be your guide around the city!! 😉

  • GAH!!! I love Munich! So gorgeous! Can I come crash on your couch LOL 🙂 ?!?!

  • Munich looks like a beautiful city! I also love the pretty houses.

  • Love Munich, spent a year near there during my studies, still one of my favourite cities. Your post took me right back!!

    • Awnnn how nice!! Im happy I brought you good memories back!! After you left did you ever visit it again? 🙂

  • Wow! Such lovely collection of photos vividly showing the streets of Munich. I would love to roam Orlandostraße as it has an old vibe!

    • Thank you 😀
      I hope you can come and go there… it is indeed an very nice street and the old vibe is what its special about it 😀

  • Great introduction of Munich! Please be my guide too!

  • I am exhausted from all of the walking. Thank you for the visual tour!

  • All of the city’s streets look amazing but if I have to choose one then Orlandostraße is probably my favorite. I’m a really big fan of wandering around old streets. The buildings are gorgeous and it looks like a prime spot to do some people watching 🙂 You’re so lucky to be living in such a beautiful city 🙂

    • Thank you Justine!! Im happy that you liked the post… good choice!!! Im sure you would love this street… I hope you can come by and visit it someday, I would love to take you there 😀

  • Hi there
    Hope you are doing find. According to pictures my favrorite one is Orlandostraße.

    • Hi dear!!! So nice to hear from you… all is fine around here!! I hope everything is good with you too 😀 we are missing Kas…Munich is so cold at the moment! Next week we are going to Egypt 😀
      I hope one day you can come and visit Munich, so I can take you to Orlandostrasse 😀

  • Globalresidence

    Love this! Great info on Munich streets, thanks!

  • Beautiful photos! Munich is definitely on my list of places to visit soon (I’ve never been to Germany at all). It always looks so beautifully stately!

    • Hi Molly!! Thank you so much for the compliment 😀
      I hope you can visit Munich sometime soon, I would love to be your guide if you come, Im sure you would love Munich!! 😉

  • Great post and some great shots there. I live in Germany but I have never got a chance to visit this city. How long are you gonna stay there for? And if you ever pay a visit to Köln, I’m here to show you around 🙂

    • Hi Angela!! You have to come someday… Im staying right here, so it will be a pleasure to show you around too!! Ohhh Ive been to Köln before, but it was so fast, I hope to come by sometime soon and stay longer! I would love to meet you 😀 Let me know when you are in Munich!!

  • Yey, wonderful post – just went threw my Munich trip with your photos and descriptions. Have done lots of walking around Munich, but must admit, I have missed some of “your” streets…next time 😉

    • Hi Nina!! Im happy you liked it 😀 next time you will have some more to see, there is always something new to discover in Munich 😀

  • Very informative post. If I ever go to Munich, I’ll make sure there’s WiFi access so that I can use your blog as a guide! 🙂

    • hahahaha thank you Helene, Im glad you liked it! I hope it helps when you visit Munich…. let me know when you are around 😉

  • I feel like walking with you through the streets of Munich when reading this post. Lovely story and description Allane! Munich is a must visited city when in Germany! <3

    • Thank you Indah!! I would love very much to do this when you come for a visit, it would be a pleasure 😀 <3

  • Thanks for taking us around your town, Allane. That was very nice to get to know it, felt like I was walking side by side with you 😀 Arrgh, so hard to pick a favourite street 😀

    It would be a toss up between Orlandostraße and Fuetererstraße. If I’m energetic I’ll probably want to walk down the first one, and when I am lazy or want to get inspired to write, maybe the second one. It seems there are no massive shopping complexes around, just store by store? I’m guessing your favourite one is Sendlingerstraße – it has your favourite jeans shop 😀

    • You’re welcome Mabel 😀 Im happy you liked it!! I hope one day I can walk with you there, whenever you visit me 😀

      I know, its hard to choose right? Thats why I didnt numbered them as 1st… 2nd hahaha very hard. I guess it depends on your mood… sometimes I love to pass by Fuetererstr. sometimes I like walking Theatinerstr….. but I do enjoy Sendlingerstr. when I need to make some serious shopping hahaha 😉

      • You are so kind, Allane. You’ll actually walk with me around Munich! I will warn you though – I like to walk very slowly because I stop a lot and take a lot of photos!!! This weekend I took a few hundred photos in Melbourne. If I’m in Munich, a new town, now, just can just imagine… 😀

        Hahaha. Of course you will go to Sendlingerstr when you want to shop. I will too if I want too! Normally I don’t like very fancy kind of places, and apart from the shopping strip and Maximilianstraße, I think I will like your town very much 😀 <3

        • I would Mabel, happily 😀 and dont worry, I also like to walk and take thousands of pictures… Im sure we would have fun photographing Munich 😉 and I know some very nice places to take photos of the city from above 🙂 <3

          • That is great. I was thinking of visiting the UK soon because I want to go to the Cadbury chocolate factory there. Now that you mention of tall places to take photos of Munich from above, I’m tempted to visit Germany first 😀

            Maybe you could do a post on that. Or about the food in your town…foodie 😉 With so many streets in Munich, I don’t think we will get bored walking together ^^’

          • How cool Mabel, a chocolate factory? That sounds yummy!!
            Thank you for both post suggestions, they are on my list 😉 so stay tuned, there is a lot to come!

            I hope you can come… I wont let you get bored here in Munich 😀

  • Munich is a wonderful, walkable city. Thank you for reminding me about its charming boulevards!

    • You’re welcome 😀 Im happy that you liked it!! Thank you for the comment!

  • We love Munich, especially over Christmas time. We go often as it’s just a 2.5 hour drive from our house in Austria (Vorarlberg) – will let you know next time we’re in town, we can have a beer or two in the Hofbräuhaus! 😉

    • Ohh really?? Thats great to know!! Please let me know when you come to Munich, I would be happy to meet you and have a beer 😀

  • Great post – interesting and educative! 🙂 Bye. Kamila

  • Ana

    Adoro Munique! Umas das minhas cidades favoritas na Alemanha. Me alegro sempre que posso ir. Como te disse, provavelmente irei na quinta dia 06, se já tiver voltado de férias me avisa, ok?!
    beijos e bom domingo!

    • Oiii Ana! Também amo Munique 🙂
      Ainn não acredito, dia 6 ainda estarei no Egito, volto dia 10. Planos de vir novamente?
      Beijooos e bom domingo para você também :*

  • Some great streetscapes there, hard to pick a favourite but the huge tree-lined street was really unique 🙂

    • Glad you liked the most 🙂
      Yess, its beautiful isnt it? I love that street!

  • I’ve not been to Munich but it’s definitely somewhere I’d like to go! Thanks for the guide 🙂

  • From your list, one of my favourites is Sendlinger Strasse from Marienplatz to Sendlinger Tor. But I also don’t mind Schwanthalerstrasse because of the grit and I can find out what’s really going in the city.

    • Thank you dear for your opinion!! There are so many amazing streets in Munich that its hard to pick only one, I know 😀 I think I need to check Schwanthalerstrasse again!

      • Because Schwanthalerstrasse is just south of the Hauptbahnhof, it is not “pretty” nor does it glisten with a great deal of money. However, I think the street is a great cross-section to see how a good fraction of the people live, work, and play in Munich. I also know I can find some of the best Döner here in the area; good Döner is very important to me when I’m “home” in Germany. 🙂

        • Now that is good to know!!! Döner is indeed very important 😀 next time I walk by I will try some 😉 which one is your favorite place?

          • Unfortunately, I haven’t set foot in Munich in some time to remember the names of places. But I agree Döner is very important: I usually order mine: “alles, scharfe Soße” (everything stuffed with veggies, spicy sauce) 🙂

          • hahahaha really? WHat if I tell you I oder it “nur Fleisch”? I dont like the rest of the stuff, but the bread and the meat 😀 crazy me!!

  • Your post brought back lovely memories. This is the first year that we have not been in Munich in a long time. I do love all the streets you described. We stay at the Vier Jahreszeiten and have eaten at several of Schubeck’s restaurants and bought spices from his store. Just around the corner from HB on Brauhausstrasse is our favorite Italian restaurant, Katzlmacher. Thanks for sharing your nice photos. 🙂

    • Hi Karen!! Thank you for the lovely comment, happy to know that you often come to Munich, so much that you already know the streets name, how amazing 😀 next time you come let me know 😀 thank you for stopping by!