Hotel Review: Frida Suites

Frida Suites, Istanbul, By Packing my Suitcase

On my recent visit to Istanbul, I chose to stay on a very stylish, cosy and well-located boutique hotel called Frida Suites. Found at the famous area of Cihangir, the hotel was simply perfect for my short stay in the city, and it’s a great option for those looking for a little bit of luxury for a small price.

The hotel was build in what used to be a normal residential building, and each room is like a small apartment, which makes you feel at home. I stayed in their Sultan Superior Suite, which is very spacious, with an amazing confortable and cosy bed, big windows, closet, sofas, an amazing shower, and a small kitchen with everything I needed, including champagne glasses, a microwave and a mini bar with water on the house.

Inspired on the famous Frida Kahlo, the hotel has a unique decoration style, a combination of different textures and colors, art and Istanbul. The entire building smells amazing, a nice welcome when you enter through the front door.

Frida Suites have a few different characteristics when compared to others of its genre, its reception is located on a different building, on the same side of the street, a few footsteps away; and there is no breakfast area, you can order it to your room with an additional fee. I did not use this service, since its possible to find plenty of options to have a delicious and traditional Turkish breakfast nearby.

The hotel has 5 different types of rooms, and in total 9 rooms, each one with its particular decoration: Frida Suite, Sultan Superior Suite, Sultan Duplex Suite, Apart, and the Royal Roof Suite, with an exclusive view to Istanbul.

Frida Suites also offers laundry, ironing and dry cleaning services with an additional fee; there is free Wi-Fi in all areas – very good connection – and a very welcoming and friendly manager, who will do everything he can to assist you and advise you during your stay. He made sure W and me had an amazing Turkish breakfast by recommending us a nice place nearby, and gave us a bottle of wine on our last night, details that make a difference and makes anyone feel welcome and taken care of.

Staying at Frida Suites was not only pleasant, but also practical, the Cihangir area is full of nice restaurants and cafes, and the hotel is within walking distance to the Galata Tower, Taksim Square and Tram stations. I had a wonderful time, and I will be staying there again on my next trip to Istanbul.

Extra Tips

The room:

I stayed on the first floor, so I could sometimes hear the front door closing during the night. If you have a light sleep I would recommend staying on a higher floor, or in a room opposite to the entrance.

The reception:

As I mentioned it is not at the same building where the rooms are, but it’s only a few footsteps from the entrance, so I would recommend you to go to the reception first (on number 30) then your stuff will be taken to your room.

Frida Suites

Cihangir Mh., Oba Sok No. 15

Beyoğlu, Turkey

+90 212 293 1939


Inform the code FRIDASUITCASE at the reception to get a free bottle of wine or if available, a suite upgrade!

Frida Suites, Istanbul, By Packing my Suitcase

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  • Looks very nice and cosy, and well decorated !

  • The rooms look really awesome. It’s kind of weird that they don’t have a breakfast area but considering that the hotel ist that small, it’s kind of obvious why they decided to just offer it in the room.

    • haha yes, I found that too! But yes, the hotel is small, kind of exclusive rooms, so no reception or restaurant area in it…though with lots of options around, and you get to try different breakfast 😀

  • What a gorgeous place to stay!
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

  • Looks a really nice place, although I would always prefer the Sultanahmet area for my hostels. But the pics you have there make me want to check it out more 😉

    • Sultanahmet area is pretty cool, I was in doubt when deciding the area… but I prefer Cihangir, its awesome to finish the day there, go to one of the bars or to a restaurant nearby 😀
      Glad you liked the pics 😉

  • What a beautiful hotel! I want to save this post for future reference, as I am bound to visit Istanbul one day. How much was the room per night by the way?

    • I payed 89 euros per night to stay in a superior suite, the standard costs around 69 per night!! The area is amazing 😀

  • Jenny Trozell

    Looks amazing!

  • Wow! This hotel is so tastefully decorated and in a prime location. You really gave yourself some well-deserved pampering!

    • hahaha yes Helene, the price was great, and the hotel looked really nice, so we decided to give it a try, and it was a very good decision 😀

  • Your pictures are wonderful! I want to drop everything and head to Istanbul and jump in that cozy bed!

    • hahahaha I perfectly understand you!! Time to plan your next trip then 😀

  • I love the fact it only has 9 rooms. It’s so tastefully furnished and looks super comfortable. 🙂

    • Yes!! I love this too, it makes the hotel a bit exclusive! Their Roof Suite is very nice for a family 😀 plus it has a nice view!

  • Looks like a very stylish and comfortable place to stay, love purple and grey colour palettes.

    • I also love the colors, every room has a different decoration, I found it pretty cool 🙂

  • This place looks fantastic, definitely not your stock-standard hotel room 🙂

  • Looks perfect!

  • This hotel looks like a very nice play to stay – even the non-penthouse room like yours looks like a room fit for a king! In fact,with the wooden floorboards and brick walls, it looks like an apartment 😀 I don’t think you mentioned this, but was there air-conditioning or heating? I see on their website there is air-con. A lot of the hotels I’ve stayed in have the air-conditioned turned on too cold and it’s hard to adjust that :/

    I see you and W have made yourselves at home in the kicthen: macbook and phone all over the kitchen table 😀

    • hahaha you have good eyes for details Mabel 🙂 I like that!
      True, it looks like an apartment, it is in fact their intention. They do have heating and air-con… it was easy to control it! I also had problems with controlling the room temperature on other hotels before, but here I didnt have a problem with that.

      And yes… we made ourselves at home…that photo was takes as soon as we arrived hahaha 😀

      • Good to hear you could control the temperature of the room. I wonder why some hotels make it so hard to do this.

        A lot of the time I wonder how clean hotel rooms are – like the bedsheets, blankets and carpets. The bed and everything in Friday Suites from your photos look very clean. I always make it a point to wear long pants when sleeping in a hotel bed. Don’t want the bed bugs to bite 😀

        Yes, take as many photos as you can as soon as you arrive before it all gets messy!

        • Yes, you are right, some hotels have this problem with air-con. And as you I also worry a lot about the cleanliness of a hotel room, especially the towels and bed sheets… I have been to many crappy hotels, but I am always happy when I stay in a clean one 😀

          Suuure, I have to make the photos before our stuff is all over the place hahaha

          • Oooo, speaking of hotel towels, I always make it a point to be sneaky and take one of them home from me 😀 I like to remember something from my hotel stay. One time – or rather, three times – my dad visited this hotel in Indonesia that had stuffed monkeys in the hotel rooms. Each time my dad was there, he took one home for me 😀

            LOL. Stuff all over the place in a hotel room! I’m a very neat kind, things always in my bag 😀

          • hahaha really?? I never did that, I always bring the toiletries back…there are lots of them here at home 😀
            Awwnnn how sweet, stuffed monkeys?? What a great idea!!!

            Ohh well, I am very organized too…. but hubby isnt hahaha

          • Okay. So when I come to your house to visit, I will have my pick of toiletries to use! You can turn your place into a hotel 😀

            I think every hotel should have stuffed monkeys or animals as souveniers. Let me know if you come across any in your travels!!! <3

          • hahahaha thats a pretty cool idea… so now you have a hotel to stay in Munich 😀

            I did come across a hotel in Ljubljana which had a Elephant…and Enzzo was fast and took it for him ahaha… now he is here at home 😀 I found it such a cool idea… it was the only time so far that I saw a hotel with stuffed animals 😀 <3

  • Ooh, that room looks amazing! I love Frida Kahlo, was there any information about her in the hotel or is it just named after her?

    • I didnt find any information about Frida there, I guess it was just named after her 😀 the suites are very pretty!!

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Such a lovely boutique hotel! I love finding smaller, non-chain boutique hotels especially when they look this comfy and pretty whilst still being well located!

    • Yesss, exactly, me too!! Its more original, and different!! Im glad you liked my recommendation 😀 if you ever stay there, dont forget to say hi for me 😀

  • Love the purple!