Diving in Kaş

Diving in Kas, by Packing my Suitcase.

Kaş is not only a little Turkish paradise located on the Mediterranean Sea to spend some time relaxing under the sun and appreciating the local food; it is also a place very much appreciated by divers from all over the World. In fact, here is where the best dive sites of Turkey are found, suiting all levels of divers.

There are over 25 dive sites around Kaş, which can be reached within maximum 20 minutes by boat. Sunken airplanes and boats wrecks of different sizes and ages in varied depths, tunnels, caves, drop offs and amphoras can be seen and explored under these beautiful Turkish waters.

The marine life is very limited; there are almost no colorful corals or “fish soup”. However, for my surprise, octopuses, morel eels, jack fishes, stingrays and turtles – plenty of turtles of different species – can often be spotted around here, and I’m sure that any diver would be happy to swim along with them. Below you can see all the existent marine life around Kaş in an official chart I found on the boat:

I was in Kaş for 10 days and had the opportunity to dive in 10 different dive sites, to swim side by side with a turtle, to see a baby turtle, octopuses, stingrays, a morel eel, lots of jack fishes, at least 4 boats and 2 airplanes wrecks and finished the PADI Advanced Open Water dive course. So yes, mission accomplished! Together with W and the amazing team of Naturablue, I now am an AOW diver!

I was really impressed by the amazing service provided by Naturablue. I have found them on a German diving magazine – an article that convinced me to visit Kaş – and contacted them for more information. From beginning to end they were very kind, helpful and concerned about our safety. We had different instructors and each one of them taught us something new and helped us to be better divers.

The Naturablue diving center has its own boat, where all the dive gear is located and with plenty of space, including a top deck where is possible to relax and work on your tan. They can arrange transfer to the airport, as well as accommodations if requested. The entire team is like a family, who provided us amazing dives and a wonderful time in Kaş, our choice couldn’t have been better. Thank you Naturablue family, we sure now have some new friends for life…

I highly recommend diving in Kaş, even for the more advanced divers and for those who already had the opportunity to dive in amazing places. Here, there are dive sites for everyone, especially for those who appreciate exploring wrecks; so if you are ever on Turkish lands, don’t miss spending some time in this little gem for divers.

Suggested length of stay: 1 week

Diving Center Recommendation:


Likya Cad. no. 1

Kaş, Antalya, Turkey

+9 532 416 5775

+9 242 836 2580


Diving in Kas, by Packing my Suitcase.

For more information about Kaş, read my post: Kaş: a Turkish gem

Stay tuned for my next diving trip: Egypt!

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A Brazilian living in Germany. Married to W. mommy to a baby girl and a Golden Retriever. Traveler, writer, aspiring photographer, diver, wine appreciator, Formula 1 fan, avid reader of historical and young adult fictions books. City girl, nature lover, believer of a better world, one little change at a time.

  • All that blue is magical! I cannot dive bc of a medical issue, but dang if these photos dont make me want to through all caution to the wind…

    • Ohh no really? Im sorry about that… you can still enjoy snorkeling 😀 many people have ear problems and cant dive, so snorkeling is a great option 😀

  • wow what a brilliabnt place to dive! I have never tried diving but thats enough to want me to give it a go

    • Yaaay one more diver to come 😀 I hope you try it sometime, Im sure you will have lots of fun, its a whole new world to discover 😀

  • I’ve never dove before (never had the chance…or even where to do it), but those photos are absolutely gorgeous! What camera did you use? Is it difficult to learn how to dive?

    • Heeey Vlad!! Glad you liked the photos 😀 I used a GoPro 3… during the trip I discovered that you can buy some filters for underwater photography, so next time I will try to use one so the pictures will look better 😀
      About diving, its something really fun to do, its a whole new world to discover, and here in Europe there are many places where you can dive and get a diving certification. And I dont find difficult to learn how to dive, it really depends on you. You need some theory before going into the water, and you start step by step…you will need some practice until you find your buoyancy, but in a few dives you will be ready 😀 the main thing about diving is respecting safety, and that you will learn on both theory and practice. Its really fun to see the animals down there, very rewarding! I hope you can dive someday, you can start by doing the “Discover scuba diving” course 😀

  • Looks amazing!

  • Wow! What the shots. I don’t dive, but for that aircraft, I am ready to start.

    • Hi Victor 🙂
      Happy that you liked the post… I have to say that wreck diving in my favorite part of diving, as a kid I already wanted to explore some old ships underwater! I hope you dive someday, its amazing what we can see underwater, a whole different world! 😉

  • Great photos and a diving trip to Egypt?! Wow!

    • Thank you Sue!!! Happy that you liked it!
      Yes, at the end of the month I will be diving with some sharks and dolphins in Egypt 😀

  • So many dives ! You lucky girl !! I want to dive again !!! 🙂

    • 😀 where did you dive before? Its time to dive again, there are so many nice options in Europe 😀

      • Belgium, so many times in quarry, Zeeland, Galapagos, Croatia and Iceland.

        • Awesome!!!!! Ive been to Croatia too… in the Galapagos only snorkeling… I hope to go there someday to dive 😀

          • Diving with the sharks was awesome over there. Croatia was a bit disappointing, it’s not very rich and you can’t see a lot of life

          • Yes, after diving in the Galapagos, Croatia is no doubt disappointing. Im happy to have started diving in Croatia, then Turkey… so when I see a place like Galapagos and Bahamas I will be crazy 😀

  • Wow, awesome post and great photos. I’ll definitely have to put Kaş onto the diving list. What a brilliant spot – and you covered it well in that blogpost. Very, very well. Definitely stirs up curiosity.

    • Thank you so much, I’m very happy you liked it! Yes, do include it on your diving list, there are lots to explore there, especially wrecks! 😀 thank you for stopping by!

  • I love diving, it brings such a feeling of freedom with it, but this is a new spot for me! The wreck looks cool!

    • Yaay one more diver 😀
      You are right, diving also gives me a feeling of freedom, I love it <3 his spot is very nice, its a gem actually! The wrecks are pretty awesome 😀

  • Ana

    Nossa, que experiência fantástica! Mas eu não arriscaria! heheh Super interessante essa série de posts sobre a Turquia. 🙂

    • Obrigada Ana, que bom que tem gostado dos posts sobre a Turquia…estive recentemente por lá e agora tenho postado um pouco sobre a minha experiência 🙂
      Mergulhar é maravilhoso, sempre foi um sonho… é uma experiência incrível 😀

  • Amazing photos!! Looks like you had an amazing trip. Are the boats and the planes from the WW2? Do you know if any of these cool sites are accessible for snorkelers (I mean are they very deep?)?

    • Hi Miia!!! Thank you, happy that you liked it 😀
      To your questions, this plane is from the Turkish army and its there in purpose…regarding boats some are very old, one is even from the Ottoman time 😀 but unfortunately you cant see them snorkeling, some are at 18m others at 30m… but you can go snorkeling in these areas too, since there are reefs around, and you can see turtles too 😀

      • Thanks! It seems quite common everywhere to sink boats by purpose. And it doesn’t take extremely long for the corals to start growing, right?
        The one fro the Ottoman times, is it wooden? Interesting!!!

        Are you going to go snorkeling somewhere this winter?

        • You’re welcome 😀

          Yes its pretty common to do this, for the corals and also for fun and wreck diving. It doesnt take so long to form the corals I guess, some wrecks dont even have 10 years and its already full of corals! The boat from the Ottoman time is wooden yes, and there is also a French cargo boat, a huge one, but its depth is around 40m!

          Im going to Egypt at the end of this month, for snorkeling and diving! Its a very nice option for us here in Europe, the price is fair, its not so far and its amazing!! 😀 Are you planning to go somewhere this winter?

          • Nice! I saw an old wooden wreck in Sudan, the only wreck I’ve seen. They are impressive.

            I don’t know yet. We have had to cancel our travel plans for the time being. Hopefully I will be ready to travel around my birthday end of Nov again!

          • Wrecks are amazing… I love seeing different ones!! My favorite so far is the plane 😀 at the end of the month I will be in Egypt and there are also some wrecks there, Im curious to see them 😀
            November is already on the corner!! Soon you will be traveling again 😀 any ideas where to?

          • In Sudan I visited an underwater “laboratory” built and used by Cousteau. That was cool too. It really is another world under the surface!!!

            Where are you going in Egypt? Sharm al Sheikh?

            It is now too late to visit the Med and as you know there are not that many options for warm destinations in winter (from Europe) unless you fly all the way to Asia or the Caribbean. Dubai is always a “safe option”… but been there so many times. Cap Verde? Suggestions 🙂 ??

          • Wooow how cool! I would love to visit this laboratory 😀
            Im going to Marsa Alam, more in the south, less crowded 😉

            I think the mediterranean is getting cold now, while we were in Turkey the last 2 days were already windy and getting colder. Cape Verde is a veeery good option, a bit expensive but very good…for relaxing, diving, snorkeling. I havent been there yet, but Ive been trying to get cheap tickets to go for a few months now.
            If you can go further, then of course there is Malaysia and Indonesia 😀 or Muskat, Salala… but Im guessing you have been there already 😀

          • Yes should be more quiet Marsa Alam!

            My parents were in Hania, Crete last week and also said that even if it was 25C during the day, they could feel autumn especially in the evening. Last 1-2 days it felt a bit chilly. I miss Greek food! Good lamb with aubergine puree 🙂

            I was just googling trips and fyi too, Qatar Airways has amazing offers. Paris-Doha-Dubai 311€ !!!!!! This is nothing and Qatar Airways is excellent. I usually fly Emirates but time to discover new airlines….

            Malaysia and Indonesia are too far but I was looking a few days in Dubai, a few days in dessert (there is a really cool hotel called Bab Al Shams I visited in 2005) and maybe a week in Musandam, Oman. I was here also in 2005 but wouldn’t mind going back. Fjords, dolphins, turtles and crystal clear water.

            I’ll keep looking…

            Have a great Sunday 🙂

          • Ohhh you will like Qatar Airways, I travel with them to Dubai last year and I have nothing to complain about, I loved it! Thank you for the tip 😀 we are looking for a nice deal for new years eve, I cant stand spending new years in the cold, I miss spending it in Brazil 😀 always warm and with lots of fireworks!
            I hope you find something, it will be great to skip the winter a bit 😀 and speaking of Greece, most probably I will go next year 😀

            Have a great week 😀

          • I remember seeing Lufthansa also has great deals, maybe around 350€ to Dubai. That’s cheap. I pay the same or more when I go to Finland!

            Where do you think you will end up for the NYE? I also like to cut the winter and get some sun. We usually go away for one month sometime in February-March (this year it was late, April). Absorbing vitamin D is essential 🙂

            When will you return to Brazil? And where do you think of going to in Greece?

            Enjoy your week 🙂

          • Yess thats a pretty good deal to Dubai 😀

            I dont know… but I hope somewhere warm, Egypt maybe 😀
            Im visiting Brazil in January, Im going to my sister’s graduation from University 😀

            And to Greece, Im thinking about going in September next year, or maybe in June… sometime when its not packed with tourists! 😀

            Thank you!! You too enjoy your week!

          • Sorry I forgot you told me about January. That will be lovely!!

            We were in Crete last year in mid/late May (33C, but the water was a bit cool) and again in mid/late September (mixture of hot and cooler weather, some rain, but the sea was warm). Both times were quite nice, not too many tourists (but we also stayed away from the touristic centers).

            It is nice to plan travels 🙂 !!

          • Dont worry 😀 yess Im very excited to visit Brazil, its been over 1 year I dont go, it’s time!!

            Crete? Thats awesome…. good to know about the weather, it will surely help me when planning!! 😀

          • Not sure if it is that exciting for diving (we didn’t snorkel) but once you skip the touristic places, it is very pretty, cheap and ppl are lovely. Let me know if you are going!

            Hope you don’t mind me linking, but this is a cool itinerary: http://pearlspotting.com/2013/10/09/discover-south-west-crete-by-boat/
            The water is so clear!!

          • Its possible to dive, but I guess isnt a place so special for that… but I would be already happy only to be in Greece, I would love to go there!! No problem… I will take a look at your itinerary to get some inspiration for my next year’s trip 😀

          • In the east, near Agia Nikolaos, there is supposed to be a sunken city. This was one of the reasons we drove all the way to the east (this part is much more touristic). We arrived and asked around here and there about the snorkeling opportunities but did not get a clear answer. It was weird bc I had thought it would attract a lot of tourists but many ppl we met were not even aware of this sunken city!! Strange. We drove around during two days, asked different hotels and locals, and gave up. There was a tiny path leading to an island and we were told that in that area there are some ruins but all we could see were rocks. Who knows. Still a mystery to me 😉

          • Ohhh my really? Thats weird!! This one close to Kas, Kekova is supposed to be very cool. There are daily tours, and you can go by boat, which has glass floor so you can see the city 🙂 as it is a protected area you cant dive or snorkel there… but nearby there is a place you can… there are some old amphoras 🙂 but Ive seen them during my dives, so nothing was actually new there for me.

          • Yeah we found it weird too!

            I googled Kekova images and that looks so cool. I would like to do even the boat –something I wouldn’t usually do 😉

            Where have you seen amphoras? So cool.

          • Yess, its pretty cool… if you go to Turkey pay a visit to the region!!
            The Amphoras I saw when diving, the best dive site to see it was “Neptune reef” 😀 but in most dive sites you can see some of them! 😉

          • During this diving trip or elsewhere?

          • During this diving trip… I stayed 10 days in Kas 😀

  • Nice spot! Sincerely I have never been sure about diving in Turkey but it seems you had great time there – good to know your positive experience!
    Now, as an AOW diver, you are allowed to do night diving too 😉 – Did you do night diving in Turkey?

    • Yes it was an amazing experience, especially because I love wrecks 😀 I dont know if for you would be the best stop, since you have been to amazing places like Philippines, Cuba and your own country 😀 but its a nice escape here in Europe, an amazing getaway in case you miss diving and need some sun 😀
      I havent done night diving yet… hubby isn’t much into this idea hahaha, but Im very curious to do it one day!

      • I think every ocean has its own specialties 😉 so I appreciate all possibilities of places to dive 😉 Good that I read positive review on Turkey diving 😉
        About the night dive – I am not sure if in Thailand has what is called “mandarin dive”. Mandarin dive is a sunset diving and it is a popular diving in Indonesia and the Philippines. The aim is to see the mandarin fish mating. You will start before the sunset with the sun then ended at night – so it is not shocking to dive directly in the dark..Maybe then your hubby would be ok. Here is the info of mandarin dives – http://www.dive-the-world.com/creatures-mandarinfish.php
        I will write about mandarinfish as well someday 😉

        • Nice to know!! Then Im sure you would love to explore Turkey a bit 😀 I loved the wrecks and the turtles!

          Wow, this Mandarin dive sounds amazing!!! I will make sure to do this one day…. I will convince hubby to do it 😀 thank you so much for the information!! I will take a look!!

          • Wreck is quite special indeed 😉 My first wreck was in Bonaire and I was scared at first, it looks haunted to me 😀
            Anyway, do try night dive when you can. Any plan for skipping the winter in Europe? Visiting Brazil maybe?

          • hahaha haunted, yes some of them are!! Ohh I would love to visit Bonaire. Did you have that package of unlimited shore diving?

            I will for sure try night diving when I can. Yesss, Im flying to Marsa Alam, Egypt at the end of this month, and in January Im going to Brazil, for my sister’s graduation 😀
            And you are heading to the Philippines right? So exciting!!

          • Hi Allane, yes and it was cheap! Bonaire dive sites are mostly onshore, we were diving on our own and driving around the island with a jeep – I really like such independence and it’s good to practicing our navigation skills underwater (we did not hire any dive guides).
            Ah Red Sea diving should be really nice and it’s great that you will visit your family again soon! Lucky you!!
            Yup, for Xmas and New Year. Bit long from now, we will include Singapore as well to visit some friends there 😉

          • Hi Indah!! Yes, I heard about diving in Bonaire… I liked the idea too, and the place looks amazing!
            In the Red Sea we will also have the opportunity to dive unlimited, its cheap too… we have just done our nitrox course so we can dive more in a day.

            Yesm Im happy to visit my country again… my mom is here with me now spending some days, but is already leaving next week. So it will be good to go in January again 🙂
            Ohhh your travel plans sound great!! Im sure you will have lots of fun!! Ohh I wanted to ask you if you can recommend a diving center in Phuket…there are so many that its kind of hard to choose!!

          • Hi Allane, just wondering, how many dives in a day that you can do with Nitrox? We usually just used air and we were diving 3 to 4 dives per day. Been thinking to take Nitrox course but somehow we skipped it because we think it won’t make any differences when using air – I meant we always managed to dive up until 60 minutes or more per dive..so we are not so sure what is the differences would be with nitrox. Do you have any ideas?
            So sweet that you are having your mom over! Hope you have great time with her around and lots of good food from Brazil too I hope 😉
            Ugh, I did not dive when I was in Thailand so I won’t be the right person to give any recommendation..How about asking it at Scuba Board forum? They are usually very quick in responding such question and it is good community. Are you planning to go to Koh Phi Phi as well?

          • Hi Indah!!!
            Nitrox have some advantages compared to normal air… first of all there is less nitrogen, which means shorter decompression requirements. Plus you can dive longer (bottom time is longer) and the intervals between dives are less, you only need 1 hour between dives or so. And some people say it makes you less tired. So you can dive all they long 😀 I still didnt dive with Nitrox, I did the course last week, pretty fast and easy. Maybe you should try, people love diving with Nitrox, especially when you have the option of unlimited diving 😀

            Yess, Im very happy my mom is over 😀 there has been almost 1 year I didnt see her!

            Ohhh no problem, I will do that and look for some dive centers on a forum 😀 yes we want to go to Koh Phi Phi too!! Im thinking of staying in Phuket and get to know the local area, then Koh Tao 😀 but we still havent decided where to go, Im just making a little research… we are between Thailand and Phillipines hahaha I hope we make up our minds by the end of the year 😀

          • Hi Allane, thank you for the info on nitrox..sounds interesting. Indeed we usually had to do 1 to 2 hours interval but still managed to do four dives a day and I can not imagine to dive more than 4 times per day.. I have heard it less tiring as well when using nitrox..Please let me know of your experience with nitrox in Red Sea – we were contemplating many times but end up not doing any nitrox course 😀 😀
            Are you going in May, right? May is still good season to visit the Philippines. The country is part of the coral triangle area (the amazon of the underwater world), so the marine life is fascinating and not disappointing. The food is not as great as Thai cuisine but I love their nature and its people, they are funny and very friendly. Why don’t just visit both countries? 😉

          • Hi Indah, no problem, glad to help! I will let you know how is it like diving with nitrox 😀

            Yes, we are going in May. I wish we could visit both countries, but there is not enough time, as we want to visit different parts of each one of them. I was thinking that if we decide for the Philippines, to visit Malapascua and Palawan. Im keeping my options open… I wish I could spend 1 month in the Philippines, another in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia hahaha, but Im gonna have to be happy with 2 weeks, one at a time 😀 thank you so much for the tips you have given me the past few days, you really are helping me to plan this trip 😀

          • Oh..about Malapascua, maybe you want to check the review after the typhoon attack – I am afraid the corals ruined because of the typhoon 🙁 I do hope not though..Anyway, any countries you will decide in the end, I trust you will have fruitful travel 😀 hugs and best wishes!!

          • Ohh noo… I have to check it 🙁 so sad!! Thank you for the hint. Yess, Im very excited to see what we will choose in the end ahaha… all the options a great!! Thank you so much :*

  • Looks AMAZING!

  • Congratulations on becoming an AOW diver!

  • Great photos!

  • So I just spent 2 weeks in Turkey, the first sailing off the coast of Fethiye, and the second road tripping from Fethiye up past Kas again, then up to Olympos, Cappadocia, Ankara and Istanbul. Anyway! My point is that we spent little over a few hours in Kas both times I went and I thought “cute little town, nice stop over, see it once, done and dusted”…this is until now! This post has made me put Kas as a high priority on my return trip to Turkey!! I never knew that it was such a hub for divers! I really want to get involved in diving and this sounds like an incredible opportunity…especially with the sunken planes and turtles! You said that this company is suitable for all levels of experience. Can you be a complete beginner? I would love to hear more about it from someone who has gone with this company and experienced it herself!

    • Hi Bianca!! Thats awesome, Im happy you liked the post and it inspired you to go back there and get to know Kas better 😀

      So of course you can be a complete beginner there in Kas, while I was there diving with Naturablue, there were maaaany beginners, they really seem to like it!! The guides are veeery friendly and they are very serious with safety, so you are in veeeery good hands!! You can start by contacting them per e-mail, and ask for price and explain what you want, they will advise you the best way possible. And dont forget to say hi to the team for me 🙂
      When are you planning to go? If you need anything else let me know, I will be happy to help 😉

  • This looks like a great place to learn to scubadive! We have only been snorkeling (well, Tomy has… I am too scared of waves to get it right) and are still looking for the right place to get started on scuba. Awesome.

    • Kas is a good place to learn, as well as Baska, in Croatia, where I did my Open Water course 😀 I hope you can do it sometime!! I also love snorkeling, and so far I have done it in amazing places with no waves 😀 so I hope you can also go snorkeling in some easy place and relax, like in the Maldives 😉 Thank you for stopping by!!

  • Well done for your AOW!! I can’t believe you’ve been to Kaş! I’ve been there about 3 times now and I feel like I am part of the harbour family! We dived with Bougainville (ironically the boat next to Naturablue!). One day I was waiting at the harbour for our boat to return (I hadn’t dived that afternoon but needed to get some stuff from the boat), it was raining and I was warmly invited onto the Naturablue boat, where I chatted with the crew for a while (in the dry!) until Bougainville returned. So great that they were so nice to me despite they knew I was diving off a different boat, I can easily see that you had a great time with a very kind and considerate team! Some great pictures as well by the way 😛

    • Oh my God what a coincidence!!! hahahaha Awesome!!
      Kas is such a great little town to be isnt it? I had lots of fun there… and the crew is very friendly, I noticed that they were nice with people from other boat too, I found it really cool!!
      Such a small world that we live in, not many people ever heard about Kas 😀
      And thank you, happy that you liked the photos… I still need to improve my underwater photography skills hahaha 😀

      • Its a great town with some really lovely people in it! Hahaha I need to improve my photography skills in general, not only underwater! 😛

        • Yess, I was impressed of how nice the people are there, it was a highlight on my trip 😀
          hahaha then we both need 😀