Kaş: a Turkish gem

Kas, Turkey, by Packing my Suitcase

Many of you might have never heard of this little town in the Turkish Riviera before, some of you probably already did. I never did until I was reading a German diving magazine and discovered it is actually the best city for divers in Turkey, and that’s when I decided to check it out by myself.

While writing this text I thought about not recommending this city to you, or never mention about it to anyone at all! Why? Because I hope this city keeps being a gem, an amazing little place that almost no one ever heard of… but of course I am kidding, and I am more than happy to share a little bit more about the captivating and adventurous city of Kaş with you.

Kaş is a small town part of the Antalya province, with only 7,000 inhabitants, located between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The city is still relatively unspoiled, and the reason for that its probably because getting there might not be the easiest task. It is necessary to fly either to Dalaman’s or Antalya’s airports, and from there take a bus, rent a car or arrange a transfer to reach the little town by driving through very narrow roads in the mountains.

Kaş seems like a little island, though surrounded by sea and mountain. The bad news is, there are no beaches, at least not the sand beaches we know, though very close to the city you can find amazing ones, like Kaputaş. However, don’t be sad, here comes the good news. Activities in Kaş vary and there are options for everyone’s tastes, from laying on the beach to snorkeling, from hiking to a boat trip to Greece, from paragliding to diving, taking a day trip to the famous sunken city of Kekova – considered to be the so called Atlantis – not to mention shopping in its little shops and eating amazing food in its restaurants.

Kaş is a place for people of every age and for relaxing away from your busy days; for getting to know the Turkish culture better, for trying new adventures, for watching an unforgettable sunset, for coming back. At the end of your trip you will probably know most people, cats and dogs of the city…

When to go

As you may imagine, the summer season between June and August it’s when the city opens its doors to the highest number of tourists. I went in mid September and it was simply the perfect time, when the boats were not full, when you can get a table on your favorite restaurant and at the same time with a lot going on, and as hot as 32C with the water temperature varying between 23C and 25C! So yes, September is a perfect month to visit the city.

Where to eat

When arriving in Kaş it’s impossible not to notice how many restaurants there are hidden among its narrow streets, so choosing one can take longer than expected and the choice can be very difficult to make. After spending 10 days in this little town, I had enough time to find my favorite spots, and here are the ones I went to more once and highly recommend:


This well located and very friendly restaurant offers amazing fresh food; and by fresh a mean really fresh, with local ingredients and everything cooked as you order. Their menu options vary from pasta to lamb and steak, their service is something, that type you get attached and it’s hard to say goodbye! I enjoyed every single meal I had there, and according to my count, in one week I went there 5 times. If you ever go there, say hi to the owner for me!

Cafe Mola

This place is a gem in Kaş! There are only 6 tables, and its basically always full. Get a table there and you won’t regret! Try their homemade lemonade and their lemon and sugar crêpe, all that for a great price.

Sarpedon’s Burger

I found this place a bit hidden and after checking their pretty cool menu I decided to give it a try and ended up returning there. Their specialty is burger… amazing burgers! In Kaş most of the restaurants have the same food offer, and what differs one restaurant from another it the quality and taste… but here they bet in offering something different from the others.

Dedikodu Garden Coffee House

This little cute place is right beside Natur-El and it’s the perfect spot to have a coffee, tea and dessert. Their cakes and cheesecakes are to die for, as well as their cinnamon and almonds mini cookies!

Where to stay

In Kaş you won’t find any resort or luxury accommodations. Pensions, guesthouses, Airbnb and small hotels are your options, and in my opinion that is also another reason for making this city so especial: everyone meets up in the center city and get to know the locals, getting the feeling of the place.

I stayed at Puya Pension, and it was ideal for W and me. It was recently renovated so the room was very new. However, the Internet was not the best, the shower was hard to regulate the temperature and the breakfast was not my favorite with limited options. On the other hand it was very clean, confortable, in a great location, the price was fair and the owners were very helpful and extremely friendly. I would stay there again.

Kas, Turkey, by Packing my Suitcase

Getting there

My advice is: fly to Dalaman and arrange a transfer – normally provided by diving centers or local tourist agencies – to take you from the airport to Kaş.

Distance from Dalaman’s Airport to Kaş: 146Km (approximately 2h30min)

Transfer price: between 50-60 Euros per person both ways

Important remarks:

Antalya’s airport is further, 187Km away and it takes around 3h30min to Kaş, so unless your previous destination is Antalya, flying over to Dalaman is faster.

When arriving at Dalaman’s airport, make sure you let your transfer know in which terminal you arrived: Domestic or International, otherwise you might wait and wait…

Kas, Turkey, by Packing my Suitcase

Kaş is really a Turkish gem and you might want to go there soon, before it becomes too popular!

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Kas, Turkey, by Packing my Suitcase

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  • Wow! Kas looks like a good place to visit. Personally, I’ve not heard of it until now. In any case, it looks like you had a great time there – especially eating! 🙂 Your photos are beautiful!

    • Hi Helene, as you many people never heard of it… but I highly recommend it…a very peaceful place far from everything 😀 thank you for the compliment!!

  • Adding this to my bucket list now! Love the photos & reading about your adventures.

  • Such a beautiful place! I know what you mean, when I discover quiet hidden gems, I want them to keep them all for myself 😉 That picture with the dog is adorable!

    • hahaha yes!! I hope this place doesnt become too popular… but you can go Vlad, you I dont mind 😀
      thank you… that dog was so cute with those eyes!

  • Hahaha! When you first mentioned that you didn’t want to share this place with us, I totally believed you!!! Really thought you wanted a beautiful town all by yourself 😀 Looks like a very scenic place, little town by the sea. Very interesting to hear that accommodation is low-key; sounds very cosy and it’s like the locals want visitors to feel at home without all the extravagant five-star, luxurious services. Sounds like you felt right at home 🙂

    I see that you ordered chips AND rice… That is a big meal. But since you like burgers a lot, I am not surprised you like chips too 😀

    • hahahaha ohhh Mabel, you feel for my joke sorry 😀

      You perfectly described Kas… I really did feel at home, exactly because of what you said, they want us to feel this way and it works! Such a pretty little place 🙂

      And about the huge dish, I just ordered the Lamb, but it comes with these side dishes and I could say no 😀 I like chips, but Im not a big fan… though I loooove rice 😀

      • Yes, I initially took your joke seriously! And it was fun to go along with it!!! It is always nice to feel at home when you’re traveling. Sometimes losing ourselves in a foreign place can be very overwhelming and we want someplace to feel comfortable at the end of the day 🙂

        Hahaha! Seems like you are a big eating fan while you are on holiday, I now only realised this 😀 I hope it doesn’t cost too much. I love rice too, especially paella!

        • hahahaha 😀

          Yes Its great to feel at home while traveling, not all places made me feel this way!
          And yes I looove eating, actually Im more like trying new things, comparing restaurants, I enjoy that very much… sometimes it costs a bit, but most of the time I look for mid range restaurants 😀 hmmmmm I love paella too!!

          • Since you like eating, maybe you should go on an eating holiday – that is, visiting a new country or town just to try out as many restaurants as you can 😀 Maybe you can even do a food book or something! You already take very nice photos so you just need to worry about writing words to make travel guides 😀

          • hahaha that is a great idea Mabel!! Im actually very interested on doing food tour around the cities, I like the idea very much!! I dont know for a book, but probably a little online guide maybe 😀 why not?! 😉

          • A lot of food tours in Melbourne city are expensive, that is you need to pay for them, at least $40 or $50. Like the chocolate tours, but you do get free chocolate samples. Still, it’s money. I don’t know about Germany, but I’m guessing that’s the case too.

            Awww, I am sure at some point you’ll have a book on the shelves about travel. Out together with the online guide. Don’t be so modest 😀

          • Yes, here food tours are also expensive…in every European city you want to do, especially the chocolate ones 😀 I still need to do one!!

            Awwwnn you are too sweet, maybe you are my only fan, but Im already happy to know that 😀

  • This looks like a lovely place! I’ve never been to Turkey before but if I ever do go I will certainly visit here 🙂

    • Hi Ayla!! I hope you make it to Turkey soon, its an amazing country… the people are so kind there and you will find amazing places on the Turkish Riviera! Kas is a very little especial place, I loved it, Im sure you would too 😀

  • I love this post. The photos are awesome.

  • Hi Allane, I love this post! All the photos shout “u must visit Kaş”. I liked the amphitheater and the dog. And I did not know about Kaş before u posted. Thanks!

    • Ohh hi!! Im happy you think like this, it was my intention 😀 I hope one day you can visit this amazing little place!! Thank you for reading and for stopping by once more, makes me really happy 😀

  • It looks like a beautiful city to visit! I have never heard about it before until this post – sounds not easy to reach 🙂 The diving sounds really nice, how was your advance course? Now are you going to be a rescue diver?

    • Hi Indah, great to hear from you!! Kas is a very nice place to visit, especially for divers… I thought a lot about you while there and while my AOW, which I got it uhuuuu!! Now I want to focus only on having fun and taking the Nitrox course… Im also very interested on helping the Project Aware community 🙂 did you decide where you will dive next?

      • 😉 congrats for the AOW! We will return to the Philippines, but we will visit different locations – Moalboal and Dumaguete 😉
        Please let me know if there are Project Aware activities in Germany, maybe Dutchie and I can come along to participate 😉

        • Thank you Indah 😀 woooow Philippines, I wanna go there so bad! I friend of mine said it was the most beautiful place she went diving!!
          I will take a look at Project Aware and if I know something I will let you know for sure 😉

          • 😉 Actually the diving in the Philippines is bit similar to North Sulawesi province in Indonesia. Additionally you can expect to see big marine species in the Philippines. They have famous wreck too if you like wreck diving – it is in Palawan 🙂 Thank you so much for putting me on your Project Aware list! Have a great weekend!!

          • Thats really nice to know!! Me and hubby are still deciding where to go for our big trip next year in May… for now we are deciding between Indonesia and Thailand, so hard to make a decision!! But if we go to Indonesia I think we cant go to Raja Ampat this time, we will probably go to Bali and then Komodo, what do you think? 😀
            Sure, my pleasure!!! I would love to dive with you!!

          • I can’t really say much about Thailand diving but I have heard the diving is good, beautiful corals, and many big marine species and according to some friends diving in Thailand is lots cheaper than Indonesia. I have been only to Phuket, Koh Phi-Phi and Phang Nga province. Not sure where you would like to visit in Thailand, but it is a beautiful country with nice food 🙂
            Bali and Komodo are great options as well of course. And good combination. I always wanted to revisit these places. Bali and Komodo (Flores) are certainly interesting islands for culture and to see the Komodo dragon as well – not only for diving. Bali has lots variety places to visit. The island is bigger than mostly people thoght 😉 And the diving is totally awesome there. In the end it really depends on what you are looking for and your budget 😉 Oh we stayed in a resort in Sebayur island (Komodo Dive Resort) – which is the closest resort to Komodo National Park. It was really nice and good food (in case if you are going to Komodo ;)).

          • Thank you so much for the great tips Indah!! It will surely help us making our decision! The truth us that there are so many amazing options that really depends more on the budget and time! Thank you for the recommendation on the resort, I will write the name down and will stay there in case we decide for Indonesia 😀

          • 🙂 I mentioned it on my post about Komodo diving in my blog…so you just look at my blog in case you need it 😉
            Indonesia is a huge country and it is not enough time to visit the whole region just for three weeks. I met lots of European scuba divers who visit Indonesia regularly due to time restriction and also traveling around Indonesian islands required lots of effort. Some even have been visiting Indonesia more than five times 😀 Thailand is more compact for traveling – it is smaller country compare to Indonesia 😉

          • I will take a look at your blog for sure, it will help a lot 😀
            You are right, that is what I noticed about Indonesia and the Phillipines, you need to go a few times to explore the islands, 3 weeks are not enough! I also noticed that it is easier to travel through Thailand, and I have a friend there 😀 so Im guessing for now Thailand is winning! Thank you so much 😉

          • 😀

          • 😀

  • Looks beautiful and relaxing! Gorgeous pictures, as always!

    • Thank you dear, you make me blush, and happy to know you like my pictures 🙂

  • This REALLY reminds me of Crimea. I was going to say, “weirdly so,” but then remembered that those two spots are actually not that far apart at all!

  • We loved Kas and did some paragliding off the cliffs above. Your photos bring back wonderful memories. 🙂

    • Awnnn I didnt know you went there before!! Amazing 😀 Im happy to know I brought you some good memories! wow paragliding, I could never do it, Im so afraid of heights, you guys rock 😀

  • Hey, looks so pretty and not spoilt by tourism.
    Did you visit Kekova and do you have photos? Is it on Turkish of Greek side? I would like to see that!!
    Are the sandy beaches within walking distance or do you need a car?
    Thanks for this post!

    • Hi Miia 😀
      Sadly I didnt go to Kekova, because the tourist agencies only have an entire day tour, and I couldnt do it because I was diving in the mornings and afternoons… I thought about taking a break in a morning, but they only have the option of staying in Kekova the whole day 🙁 and its on the Turkish side, around 25Km away from Kas.
      To go to the sand beaches you need a car, but you can go very easily with a taxi from Kas, or you can rent a motorbike 😀
      Im happy you liked the post…and hope you visit it someday, when you go to Istanbul next time 😀

  • Ohhhh, it looks sooo beautiful! and I love how small and local feeling it is. I do hope it stays that way, as you say and doesn’t get overrun with tourists!! 😉

    • Yesss, being unspoiled makes it very special!! Kas is a very unique place, I hope you can visit it one day! 😀

  • I have a massive year of travelling ahead when I go on exchange next year so I would love to add this beautiful location to my list 🙂
    Your photos are awesome and so descriptive!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Thank you dear!! Im happy I inspired you to visit this amazing little place!! Where are you going for your exchange year? 😀

  • Such a long time since I was there, and then only as a stop off on a gulet cruise. Still a lovely memory though and I’m glad to hear it’s not spoilt. 🙂

    • Awnn so nice to know that you have also been there 😀
      Its such a pretty little place… I to have now great memories of Kas! 😀

  • Love it! Thank you for not keeping it for yourself and your pics are beautiful.

    • Thank you so much, happy that you liked the post and the pictures Cindy 😀

  • Thanks for sharing, great post…I could tell from twitter that you were enjoying your dives at Kas 🙂

    • Thank you Kat, makes me happy that you liked it 😀 and thank you for following my trip on Twitter! 😉

  • Wow! Amazing photos and content! Did you have time to visit Kastellorizo? Thank you for sharing those fantastic moments!

    • Hi Vasilis, thank you for the compliment! Im happy that you liked it!! I didn go to Kastellorizo itself because it always took an entire day to visit it, at least the tourist agencies only sold a day trip, and I couldnt do it as I was diving everyday… but it wasnt a problem because I saw the island everyday right beside our boat, as most dive sites are around the island 😀
      I hope you can visit this place one day, I guess your sister have told you how pretty it is! I loved it and maybe I will return on day 😀

  • Looks amazing. Are you ever home? 🙂 🙂 I must have missed you giveaway details…

    • Thank you Ting 😀 hahaha I am home now, but going to Egypt at the end of the month 😀
      Dont worry, there will be new giveaways soon around social media!!
      I need to catch up with your blog, there are many posts I still need to read and I missed while I was traveling! :*

  • I love learning about hidden gems like this place. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to see Kas myself someday.

  • Oh, you do have a fascinating blog! Really looking forward to following you! 😀

    • Thank you Julianna!! It makes me really happy to know you liked my blog 😀 you are always welcome around here 😀

  • Turquoise, turquoise, turquoise! I love that you write in English so that I can read all of your amazing posts!
    Jessica, Turquoise Compass

    • hahaha yes, dont worry, I will always write in English 😀 thank you Jessica!

  • Jenny Trozell

    Beautiful pictures! I also really fell for Kas!

    • Thank you Jenny! Did you visit Kas before? 🙂

      • Jenny Trozell

        Yes I did 🙂 A few years ago. I would love to go back 🙂

        • How nice!!! Many people dont know about Kas, its nice to hear you have been there and liked it! 😉

  • There are so many good places to go in Turkey, especially in the Antalya region. I didn’t make a stop in Kaş (should have, reading your blog). Fethiye and Oludeniz were also quite amazing. They were also tourist among Turkish travellers.

    • Hi Lily! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the comment! Yes Kas is a very nice place to visit in Turkey… I agree with you that there are many places to visit in Turkey! I wanted to visit Fethiye too, everyone says nice things about it and I have seen amazing pictures… next time I hope to go there 😀