202 Milano for Burger Lovers

202 Milano by Packing my Suitcase

If there is something I always do when planning a trip, it’s to look for nice restaurants on my destination. Lately I have been searching for restaurants recommended by the locals, after all who knows best? So that is what I did before visiting Milan a few days ago, and ended up choosing burgers over pasta.

My choice was the 202 Milano, a New York styled and very cosy restaurant in a not touristy street of Milan, very famous for its juicy burgers. When I read about it I couldn’t resist but go and check it out by myself, so as burger fans, W and I went there on a Saturday night to give it a try.

202 Milano seems to be a hot spot for the Milanese, and I noticed that we were the only non-Italian ones that night. I must say it was great, we felt like locals, like we were in a normal night going for have dinner in a restaurant close to our house.

The atmosphere

The New York style of the restaurant made me feel like I was in Brooklyn. Brown tiled walls with historical images painted, beautiful decoration with white wooden tables, low light and candles; all details make up for a romantic and intimate atmosphere for couples and friends.

The service

Very friendly and caring owner/manager, who personally greeted us and suggested an amazing dessert. Apart from Italian and English, he also spoke very good German and engaged in a nice conversation with us while serving our wine.

The food

Of course, lets get to the point!

The starter: a very tasteful and crunchy portion of homemade potato chips, served with the old and good ketchup that I love. Detail for the little old-styled can:

I was still enjoying the flavor of the potato chips when our burgers were served. I ordered the classic Bacon & Cheese Burger, which also came with 2 types of sauces (separate from the burger in case you don’t want any) and more amazing potatoes. This time the potatoes were even more divine for my surprise, I have to be honest and say that I have never tried potatoes like these ones before: crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside! Hmmm!

202 Milano by Packing my Suitcase

The burger: huge, but just the size of my hunger that night. The meat was amazing, with the perfect amount of salt and medium grilled just like I asked. Mouth-watering, no doubt!

The dessert: of course I was full after eating this succulent and delicious burger and every bit of potatoes left, so I didn’t plan to order dessert. However, we were suggested to have a different type of dessert: a little glass filled with lemon sorbet mixed with a bit of Vodka and a little raspberry as the final touch. It was light, with the perfect amount of alcohol and a little bit sour, just as I like. I tell you, this dessert is not to be missed and it’s more like a mini cocktail, and I surely could have had some more!

Price: $$$$

Packing my Suitcase’s Rating:


What can I say? Everything is homemade and I very much appreciate that. I was very happy with my choice and highly recommend 202 Milano to all burger lovers visiting or living in Milan.


I would highly recommend making a reservation in advance, especially on the weekends;

There are other restaurants in Milan with a similar name, so be careful not to mistake it with another venue like we did! Shame on us being so tired after an entire day at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monza.

If you are in doubt whether to order a starter or not, just so you know they always bring you some homemade potato chips.

For more information and reservation

202 Milano

Via Cesare da Sesto, 1

20123 Milano

Phone: +39 02 87236415

E-mail: 202milano@gmail.com