A romantic dinner at Columbus Restaurant, Budapest

Columbus Restaurant, Budapest. By Packing my Suitcase.

While I was in Budapest last month, I had the pleasure of having a romantic dinner with my husband at the beautiful and delicious Columbus, a boat-restaurant at the Danube.

It was W’s birthday and one week before arriving in Budapest, I made a little research and found Columbus the perfect place to celebrate this special day, and at the same time enjoy the beautiful view of this romantic city. I emailed them and asked for a nice table for us, and if it was ok for our dog to come along! All set!

The Restaurant

Columbus is not only a restaurant, but also a Pub. Apart from sitting inside the boat, you can opt for contemplating the view of Budapest from the Danube by sitting in their amazing terrace, which is open during summer and autumn. Their chef is Tobai Róbert, a renowned Hungarian chef, who have already published a few cooking books. The restaurant works à la carte and also with daily menus offered by the chef.

The view

When we arrived the sun was still about to set, our table was right on the corner of the terrace, where we could enjoy the view of the Citadella, the bridges of Budapest, the Buda Castle and of course, the sunset. No effort needed to get amazing shots, indeed a breathtaking view.

The service

All the tables on the terrace were occupied, and even so the service was perfect! We didn’t have to call the waiter not even once, there was always someone close by to supply our needs, and we had at least 3 persons serving us. We got menu suggestion, explanation of the food, a bowl of water for our dog, and smiles on their faces. What I noticed was that not only us, but all other tables got the same service, incredible!

Eating & Drinking

The drinks: local white wine and a caipirinha: all we needed to refresh this summer day.

Columbus Restaurant, Budapest. By Packing my Suitcase.

The appetizer: potato dumplings with cheese and bacon, which I shared with W. but wished I had it all for me.

Columbus Restaurant, Budapest. By Packing my Suitcase.

The main dish: Lamb knuckle with tiger prawn and parsley layered potato. Simply delicious, the lamb was so soft it was melting in my mouth.

The Dessert: the impressive Traditional Dobos Cake, made of chocolate and a caramel crust. I was surprised with its texture and taste, I loved it, and I am not a fan of caramel – as I find it too sweet – but this cake was just perfect!

You can check their complete English menu here.
Price: $$$

Address: Vigadó Tér 4, 1051 Budapest. Between Elizabeth Bridge and Chain Bridge.
Reservations: res@columbuspub.hu

*Make sure to make a reservation if you want to sin on the terrace, then you guarantee a nice spot for a wonderful view. Remember that during winter the terrace is closed.



  • Love this! Sounds like the perfect romantic dinner setting for my husband and I. The food looks delicious and that’s awesome that you brought your dog along.

    • It was great!!! Im glad I have found this place, the food was unforgettable… and I had one happy hubby 😀 yes, my dog went too, they are very pet friendly, I loved it, and would go again when I return to Budapest 😀

  • In my experience, it is not easy to find a restaurant that serve delicious food with great view to enjoy..thanks for the review!

    • You are right Indah… I also have problems finding a nice restaurant with a view… normally it either has good view and not so good food or verse versa hahaha….this time I can really recommend this one, it was amazing! And you’re welcome, Im glad you liked it 😀

  • Looks like a perfect birthday celebration to me 🙂 beautiful!

    • It was amazing Radhika 😀 he enjoyed a lot, and kept talking about the dessert for weeks hahaha

  • Happy birthday to W! 😀 Looks like a very romantic night, and that lamb knuckle looks soooo delicious!!

    • awnn thank you Shelley, thats so nice of you 😀
      It was very romantic, the perfect combination of amazing view and great food! Yesss the lamb was heaven, while writing the post I was craving for another one 😀

  • Oh wow!! That looks like a very lovely place to celebrate!! Happy birthday to W 🙂

  • This looks like a great night out with your husband. You guys enjoyed yourselves! When I first saw the appetiser photo, I thought those white things were worms, and that they were alive 😀 Three people serving you? You must have felt very rich! Good choice for cake as dessert – I will always order cake when I get the chance because I love cake 😀

    • hahaha yes Mabel it was a very pleasant night, with amazing food!! hahaha worms?? No, they were very delicious potatos with cheese and bacon, a pretty good and tasteful idea 😀
      You are funny, rich? No, hahhaa I felt spoiled 😀
      And me too, I love cake, whenever there is one on the menu I order it, its always the best options 😀

      • Hehe, I guess you spent your money well on the romantic dinner. I suppose all the waiters were very delighted and happy to serve such a loved up couple 😀

        Cake…now I want cake too, but cake is so expensive in Melbourne! 😀

        • hahaha you are so kind Mabel, thank you 😀
          Really? Then bake one, is very simple 🙂

  • Looks romantic, sounds romantic 🙂

    • It was!! But its also suited for friends and families groups! Its a great idea to finish a summer day in Budapest 🙂

  • My stomach is rumbling here at my desk! What a lovely place. The views and the food both look amazing. Will have to add this to the Budapest list next year!

    • awnnn poor you!! It was very delicious! Yes, do include on your itinerary, you will love it, I have nothing to complain about…just an amazing idea to end a day in Budapest!! 🙂

  • In Budapest I experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. Perfect choice for such celebration 🙂

    • Thank you Gi!! You are right, the sunset in Budapest is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen too! Amazing 🙂

  • muito bonita a vista !
    acho que me hospedei aí perto, faz tempinho ja q estive em Budapest

    bjss !

    • Sim a vista é maravilhosa, e o pôr do sol de Budapeste ajuda 🙂 beijos

  • Sha

    What a wonderful way to spend a birthday…you got your romance there…:)

  • Memories! 😀 We had dinner here too and I remember as a fun evening, but for some reason I didn’t enjoy the food. 🙁 Still, I’m glad you had a good time, I really have to go back to Budapest.

    • Ohh noo really?? Sorry about that!! I really liked what we ordered, especially the dessert 😀 and yesss you have to go back to Budapest soon!! 🙂

  • The food and the views look exquisite. I felt like I was there. If I’m ever in Budapest, I will make a point of dining there.

    • I am glad you liked it 🙂 yes, you definitely go there when in Budapest… the view is breathtaking and the food is to match 🙂

  • It looks like an amazing night and something a little different 🙂

    • Yes it was very nice, and different too! And it was better than I expected 😀

  • Can I move straight to dessert? Looks scrumptious!

    • hahahaaha sure!! It was very good,if heaven was a cake, this would be it 😀