Hotel review: Diamonds Thudufushi, Maldives

Thudufushi, Maldives. By Packing my Suitcase.

When traveling, accommodation is a very important requisite. Your decision depends on your budget, on the location, the quality and many other requirements that should meet your needs and what you are looking for. That is why, Packing my Suitcase will from now on present you once in a while a hotel review, in order to help you make a choice, give you an idea or to even show you something new.

I couldn’t begin the hotel review series with a better choice than the Diamonds Thudufushi, where I spent my honeymoon in the Maldives.

After months looking for the perfect hotel for me and W., we decided that this was the one, because of 3 main factors:

The price: lower than the most resorts in the same category at the time

Recommendations: every review I read about the hotel was positive

The style: we loved the white style and the decoration, very romantic and clean

But lets get to the point! Why did I love this 5 starts resort in the Maldives? And why do I recommend it to you?

A warm welcome

When our seaplane arrived at a little harbor in the middle of the ocean, the hotel boat came and picked us up. There was a little nice crew smiling and welcoming us and helping with our luggage.

As soon as we arrived at the island, the manager and the assistant were waiting for us for a very warm welcome. Of course, they knew our names and even spoke to us on “our” language – in this case my husband’s language: German. They gave us some information about the hotel, showed us our room and explained how everything works. There was already an afternoon snack waiting for us!

Seaplane, Maldives. By Packing my Suitcase.

Maldives, by Packing my Suitcase.

After getting set up on our room and being amazed with the view from our water villa, we went to the reception to have a little briefing on how things work at the island and make a little tour around the resort’s facilities. We finished our first night at a cocktail organized at the spa and enjoyed to meet other guests and the hotel staff.

The Resort Facilities

  • The Thudufushi offers all you need for your vacation in this little paradise:
  • 2 Restaurants: the main restaurant, located on the beach, and the over water restaurant
  • 3 Bars: 2 at the beach and one over water
  • Diving Center: a store with equipment and rental of waterproof cameras
  • Sports & Leisure center
  • Gym
  • Doctor
  • Spherique Boutique: with souvenirs, postcards, sunscreen, beach clothing, etc.
  • Serena Spa

The Room

Our room was a water villa. We had an amazing bed, the perfect bathroom – the shower had a door to the inside and to the outside – a spacious closet and the most astonishing terrace I’ve ever been to: with huge couches, a dinning table and chairs, two big chairs to lay down at the sun, a Jacuzzi and stairs directly to the water, where we spent most of our time.

Some extra: great Wi-Fi connection, a computer, a mini bar, a safe and a place to leave our clothes to dry.

The Service

Housekeeper: we had the same one during our entire week at the hotel, he was so friendly and always smiling and helping us with anything we needed.

Waiters: already knew us after the 2nd day and always indicated us to our table and served us with the drinks we wanted, before we even asked.

Barkeeper: our barkeeper was an amazing professional. Made us any drink we asked for, was funny, already knew what we always ordered and until the end – when our flight was delayed because of the rain – he was there giving us champagne!

Thudufushi, Maldives. By Packing my Suitcase.

Snorkeling guide: she was not only a snorkeling guide, but also a marine biologist and knew everything about the local marine life. We learned a lot with her and had great moments under the sea.

Yoga instructor: even though I was the only one wanting to take the class on a rainy day, she did it with me and have to say that it was a very memorable memory doing yoga listening to the rain drops on the sea at the Maldives.

The restaurants, bars and the food

Did I mention we had breakfast in our terrace looking at the sea every morning? Yes we did! This option was only available for the water villas, and the request was made at the water villa restaurant. You can choose in advance what and when you want to eat.

Breakfast atThudufushi, Maldives. By Packing my Suitcase.

Main Restaurant: is the biggest, and it works as a buffet. So if you chose the all-inclusive option – which I totally recommend – like we did, here is your paradise. Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Over water Restaurant: it was included for the water villas, but if anyone from the beach villas wanted to eat there a reservation had to be made. We had our own table there, everyday the same one, we couldn’t complain, our view was amazing anyways. Works as “a la carte” and also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The bars: during the day the beach bar is open, and there you can also have afternoon snacks. The over water and main bars open at night and they have a menu with innumerous cocktails to choose from.

The restaurants and bars are incredible; and I don’t even need to mention that the food was fresh and spectacular and that we gained a few kilos at the end of the trip.

The Activities

Worried that you will get bored spending one week in a tiny island in the middle of the ocean? That’s the last thing you need to worry about. At Thudufushi you have plenty of options to keep you busy – if you want to be busy, of course:

Snorkeling: apart from snorkeling around the hotel, you could sign up to daily excursions and sail to other tiny islands nearby; they are not included in your all-inclusive package, so you need to bare in mind that they will be an extra cost for you.

Diving: daily excursions organized by the diving center, as well as certification courses.

Gymnastic in the water

Yoga and Pilates

Beach Volleyball

And other aquatic activities such as windsurfing.

Time to relax: the Serena Spa

We have used the services of the spa and can highly recommend it. They offer amazing options to relax, to detox your body and a romantic option for couples -both are in the same room, each getting your own massage. The Serena Spa has a very relaxing atmosphere, and after you finish your massage you can lay down a little bit on their chairs at the reception and have some tea. All the services are extra cost.

The Island

The white sand island can be walked in less than half an hour, it is surrounded by turquoise water and amazing marine life. The corals could be more beautiful and vivid, but the marine life we encountered compensates this fact. We saw turtles, baby sharks, black tip sharks, rays, moray eels and a huge diversity of fishes, enough to make W. decide to get a diving certification!

Small details, big difference

  •  If your water villa is too far to walk to the beach, there is always a golf cart to drive you around the hotel;
  • The hotel has an illustrated board with the local marine life;
  • People on the beach villas complained about mosquitoes (we didn’t have this problem at all);
  • Everyday we got an afternoon snack with fruits and sandwiches in our room;
  • Every day a different dinner theme (Sushi, Mexican, Italian, etc);
  • Every Friday there is a traditional Maldivian dinner with a presentation (local dancers);
  • MAILBOX! Yes, you can send postcards directly from Thudufushi, they have a cute little mailbox, and yes it works! All my sent postcards arrived in their destinations. Thank you Thudufushi!

Mailbox at Thudufushi, Maldives. By Packing my Suitcase.

Extra tip: on their website there is always a discount if you are booking it early or last minute. We did an early booking and got 30% off the total price!

When: from 06-11 November, 2013.

 A special thanks to the hotel staff: each one of you made our stay even more unforgettable. I had tears in my eyes when I left.

After this complete review, I guess you also got enchanted by this hotel. All prices and more images you can find on their official website. And if you want more about the Maldives you can check my previous post Honeymoon in the Maldives: what to expect.

Don’t miss the next hotel reviews coming up. And if you represent a hotel and would like to work with me, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to discuss some ideas with you.