The World Cup away from home

The World Cup in Munich, Germany. By Packing my Suitcase

Yes, it’s World Cup. And for the first time in my life I’m not spending this important time for a Brazilian national in my country, and just when it’s actually happening there.

I tried to go to Brazil for the World Cup, I really did. The truth is, the flight tickets’ were double price and I was not getting any tickets for the games. So, I decided not to go, and stay in Germany. And since I’m not in my home country to experience this enormous and important event, I will tell you how it has been spending the World Cup away from home.

At the opening ceremony and first game I didn’t care watching it at home with W., but soon enough I had an empty feeling, something was wrong! Where was all the noise? And the cheering? And the Brazilians? Nothing against W., its really fun watching football games with him, sometimes I even think he is more Brazilian than I am, but still, its different. It was then that I decided to find somewhere to watch the games, maybe even with Brazilians around!

Well, a Brazilian friend who also lives here, recommended a place called Bachmeier Hofbräu. So I went there to watch the second game (Brazil x Mexico, not an easy one by the way). On my way, from the other side of the street I already could hear Samba and all the noise. I felt like I was in Brazil again, and this is what I found when I got there:

The World Cup in Munich, Germany. By Packing my Suitcase

The World Cup in Munich, Germany. By Packing my Suitcase

 It really changed my humor that day. And of course, I got all emotional when we all sang together the national anthem at the beginning of the game.

In the next few days I noticed that you could basically watch every single game of the World Cup in every café and restaurant around Munich. And in case you are at a subway station during a game, you can be well informed of how the games are going, LIVE:

 The World Cup in Munich, Germany. By Packing my Suitcase

Of course, I also went to watch Germany’s game too, and here is at a Biergarten at the Hirschgarten – one of the famous Parks of Munich – when Germany was playing against Ghana. I believe there were over people this day, just for the game:

The World Cup in Munich, Germany. By Packing my Suitcase

And sure, I noticed some differences between the German and Brazilian way of enjoying the World Cup. First of all, in Brazil is basically a national holiday when our team in playing, especially this year. While in Germany, the maximum people can get is to go home from work a bit earlier. The Germans are also crazy about football, but their craziness is not like the Brazilian craziness type: we Brazilians are much more emotional and it doesn’t matter if you are woman, man, teenager, kid… we are all like one, cheering all for the same thing, because football is probably the one thing that is capable of uniting our people on the good and bad moments of our country.

Some things are of course the same: every TV commercial and brand’s advertisements has something to do with the World Cup; supermarkets and stores are packed with accessories to wear during the games; every cool and also not so cool bar is filled with people watching the games; cars and apartment’s balconies are decorated with country flags; people often ask others “what’s the score between country x and country y?”. But if you see people screaming on the streets with a yellow, blue, green and white flag, they are Brazilians… most probably after winning the game!

Last time (thank God we won!) I watched the game in a place called Cafe Munich. Brazilians were all over the place, dancing and singing along with the band that was playing all the famous songs from Brazil. And that is how it looked like:

 The World Cup in Munich, Germany. By Packing my Suitcase

 The World Cup in Munich, Germany. By Packing my Suitcase

So, if you are away from your country during this World Cup, I’m sure you will find – if you still haven’t – a nice place to watch the games and have fun! And in case you are in Munich, anywhere at the Leopoldstr. is a good idea; of course there are also the public viewings, mostly at the Olympic Park, but I haven’t been to one yet, maybe if Brazil makes to the final!

I realized that not being in Brazil for the World Cup ended up being much more fun than I was expecting. How cool is to be miles away and watch the games together with so many compatriots, while they are all screaming like crazy in other people’s country? I have to confess, it has been different and it has been fun… it feels like home, it feels like Brazil.

Are you spending the World Cup away from your home country? How is it like?

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