Exploring the Elements

I was invited by four amazing travel bloggers (Suzanne from The Travelbunny, Le and David from Wise Monkeys Abroad, Shikha from Why Waste Annual Leave and Nita from Spilling the beans) to take part on the travel photoblogging challenge proposed by Thomas Cook. The challenge is all about the four elements, […]

Choosing your Honeymoon Destination

Your honeymoon trip is probably the one you most waited for, and the one you will plan the most. It might be that you have always known where you would spend these romantic days, but it might also be that you are stuck among many wonderful options and you just […]

Travel Souvenirs

Are you passionate about travel souvenirs? Do you buy one in every trip you go? How many of them do you have at home? Well, as a traveler, I have collected many of them throughout the years. Most are back at home in Brazil, the ones from the past 4 […]

Valentine’s Day Special

Love is in the air! It is Valentine’s Day once again. Weather you are celebrating or not, you can’t deny the love around you, all the hearts, flowers, the red colour, the romance. Oh well, here on Packing my Suitcase we are certainly celebrating it! Not that we need a […]

10 Random Travel Facts

When traveling, we are constantly discovering new places, things, cultures, habits. Some are different, interesting or curious for many of us, and they tend to stick in our heads. Few years later we still find ourselves telling the same story over and over again to our friends and family. Ting, […]

The Best Photos of 2014

I could have chosen any topic for the first post of 2015, however I thought that there is no better way to start the year with a small collection of the Best Photos of 2014. It was not easy to make these choices; I admit that I struggled a bit, […]

The best moments of Packing my Suitcase in 2014

What a wonderful year 2014 has been. Many trips, new friends and experiences, unforgettable moments and places, memories made, great food, diving, Formula 1, lake, mountain, wine, big cities, gems, island, boat trips, photos, underwater photos, and the beginning of Packing my Suitcase. It was in April, precisely in San […]

My writing process

Some of you might have seen around some of our blogger friends posting about their writing process, by simply replying to a few interesting questions. Invited to take part on the Writer’s Blog Tour by the wonderful writer and mother Ting Dalton of My Travel Monkey some weeks ago, I […]