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Reviewed: Esquina Mocotó, São Paulo

If there is something I love doing on my first day in Brazil every time I go, it’s to eat the food I miss most of the time living here in Germany. On my recent visit to my home country, I made sure to try a place everyone is talking about in São Paulo, Esquina Mocotó, […]

The 4 seasons of the year in Munich

How amazing it is to see the leafs and the snow fall, to be able to enjoy a barbecue in the summer and contemplate the colourful flowers around the city. Every season, every year, nature finds a way to impress me. How lucky I am to live in a place where you can clearly see […]

Can you sleep on planes?

Source Flying hundreds of times never made me an expert on sleeping on planes. In fact, this is a serious problem that bothers me a lot on long haul flights, especially overnight. All I can do is take some naps of 5 minutes or so, and wake up scared thinking that the plane is falling […]

Monday Escapes #20

Monday Escapes #20 is on and we are very excited about reading your adventures and picking our favourites once again. At the moment I’m in Brazil and Ting is in Spain, but the link up is ready for one more week! Here is a little bit of Brazil for you…   And here are our […]

10 snacks the Germans love

Photo Credits At house parties, before or after dinner, while watching a football match, at the cinema or barbecue, the Germans as probably most of nationalities if not all, love a snack. Sweet, sour or salty, caloric or too much caloric, you pick. Some are incredibly addicting, others might sound and look strange, either way, […]

8 amazing spots to view Paris from above

View from the Centre Pompidou Whether you hate or love Paris, let’s agree on one thing: the city of love is gorgeous. On photos, in person, by the Seine, on the streets, on the parks, and of course, from above, the French capital will at least once in your lifetime take your breath away. There […]

Monday Escapes #19

After having some quality time to read all your posts, Monday Escapes is back and it’s #19 already! We hope that you all had fun reading each other’s posts, and that we had positive feedback regarding our decision on doing the link up fortnightly. Get ready to get linking again, this week is over at My […]