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Monday Escapes #15

A new week has begun and exciting news comes with it: last week Monday Escapes reached over 80 links! It was a record so far, and we have all of you to thank for that. This week the link up will be hosted by My Travel Monkey, so go ahead and get linking. Before we […]

Why traveling as a couple is not boring

People often get surprised when they ask me “with whom are you traveling?” and get the answer “with my husband”. They tend to say “only the two of you?” as if they think “how boring”. The truth is, there is no better travel companion for me than my husband, and I rather travel with him […]

Monday Escapes #14

Last week you all had the pleasure of linking up your posts over at Mummy Travels, and I am sure she was a lovely host. So, let’s start by thanking Cathy for hosting Monday Escapes #13 over at her blog. This week, the link up is being hosted here on Packing my Suitcase, and next […]

Hotels x Airbnb

Landromantik Wellness Hotel Oswald, Germany Throughout my travels, I have always stayed in hostels and hotels, friends’ house or a rented house. The first time I ever heard of Airbnb was only after I began writing Packing my Suitcase in April 2014. The idea of it was appealing from the start, but I didn’t really […]

Monday Escapes #13

What a wonderful week was #12, it was a pleasure hosting once again your links. I have to admit that my bucket list is endless, even worse now after reading all your posts. Thank you for sharing your travel stories with #MondayEscapes and let’s get started with week #13! This week will be a little […]

20 traditional things you must do in Brazil

Brazil is a huge country, larger than Europe. The cultural mix is unbelievable, going from African to German influence. Each region has it’s traditions, that being with regards to food, drinks, dance or parties, and they can be very different from the other. However, there are things that every Brazilian consider as traditional of the country, […]

Saving money while in Paris

That Paris is an expensive city, no doubt, no surprise. But unlike Geneva, there are tricks to enjoy your stay in the city of lights without throwing money in the air. All you need is to make a little research or just keep reading this post to get a few ideas. I have been to […]

Monday Escapes #12

We are very excited to start one more Monday with you, and it’s not just any Monday. Today, it has been 3 months since we started Monday Escapes and we couldn’t be happier with the success of this link up. Me and Ting over at My Travel Monkey would like to thank you all once […]

Diving in Marsa Alam x Sharm-El-Sheikh

If you are a diver or planning to becoming one and had no idea that Egypt is among the best places to dive in the world, you need to read this and this before scrolling down. On the other hand, if you already knew that and are reading this post because you needed help to […]