Archives for April 2015

My first Airbnb experience

The first time I ever heard of Airbnb was after I started blogging, and it made me curious to find out a bit more about this service that has become so popular in the recent years. The idea was very appealing to me, and I even recommended it to other people before using it, even […]

Packing my Suitcase’s first year

Exactly 1 year ago I was publishing my first post on Packing my Suitcase. Back then I had no idea how much my life would change, and how serious this blog thing was going to become. One year has gone by. I have met wonderful people from all over the world, I have given advices […]

5 reasons why I love Stockholm

It is no secret that I love Stockholm, in fact, the second post of this blog was dedicated to the city. It was love at first sight, and I couldn’t hide it. The first time I visited the capital of Sweden I was impressed by what my eyes were seeing. Can a place like this […]

How I changed after moving to Germany

It has been over 3 years since I moved to Germany, the longest time I have lived in a country after my own. 3 years of constant learning, often out of my comfort zone, with struggles and merits, happy and sad days, but overall, the period I changed the most. A few months ago I […]

12 things to do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has been on my bucket list forever, even before I visited Stockholm back in 2011. I was always enchanted by the beautiful colourful buildings of the city, and curious to see what Kobenhavn – its name in Danish – has to offer. After a few attempts, this year I finally checked Copenhagen off my […]

What is in your hand luggage?

I have to confess: I love packing. What I don’t like is unpacking. Probably because going on a trip is much more exciting than returning from one. In any case, packing is an important step to start your trip with the right foot. There is no coming back if you forget to pack a certain […]